Hot concrete, Clovelly


When it rains it pours. So many smiling faces in the rain. Byron has scored 272mm in the past 24 hours, that’s nearly a half-century record. Bryon town is flooding. At 12pm today in Sydney we’ve had 110mm since it started yesterday. There’s plenty more to come as 400mm is predicted over the new few […]

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Family swim, Clovelly

Sans Sand

A beach without sand (sans sand) is Clovelly Beach! Clovelly is a narrow bay situated North of Coogee. It was actually called Little Coogee until 1913.  During The Great Depression, Randwick Council filled it up with concrete to make it more accessible for swimmers – and – provide work for the unemployed in dire economic times. If […]

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Home. Looking at this, a lotta people live here!


It looks like we’ll hit the quota of 120 millimetres of rain today! Oh man, it’s bucketing down. Think of the good side – the Bondi Parking Cops won’t be patrolling, the garden is loving it and I’ve put my car out on the street for a free wash. The downside – I just can’t […]

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Grayson Hinrichs, frontside blow tail with tweak


It was so good to have a few waves this morning. Sets were up around head-high and it was clean and offshore very early. We’ve got a destructive southerly in town now, and it looks like the leftover NE swell has dropped a few gears – so if you didn’t paddle out early, it looks […]

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Don't like sand? We have a beach for you. Clovelly

The Concrete Beach

Yesterday was a superb beach day. Not too hot, not cold. Spent a bit of time shooting down at Clovelly yesterday, our local concrete beach. If you don’t like sand or waves at your beach, Cloey is for you. Why so much concrete? During The Great Depression, Randwick Council instituted a scheme to keep unemployed […]

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Rough smooth - Cloey

Bullet points

What-a-day! Magic. Deluxe. Exquisite. Waves – nah. 6 things random things about your ‘hood: After years and years of rumours, Justin Hemmes of Merivale has officially purchased the Royal Hotel in Bondi (Cnr of Bondi Road and Denham). He paid nearly 30 mil for the joint – the deal is done. The Royal has been there since 1904 and […]

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The surf was a little disappointing this morning. I thought it was going to be a lot better with some new swell. It wasn’t. Isn’t. Dribbly knee to waist high waves flopped on a South bank…looking kinda of messy with a little wind around. The weather on the other hand is top notch – 10 […]

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Colours of Bondi

Hello 2013. This will be the 14th year that Aquabumps has been operating. How about them apples? To kick this year off we were blessed with a magic beach day. Hot, crowded, sharky and waveless @ Bondi. Just how I like it for my chopper shoots. I was up there in the sky looking for […]

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Flat + Flat

Today is a combination of flat light and flat surf. Don’t be fooled by my first image where a guy is hot doggin’ down the line on a long board. He got lucky. I wish I had a dollar for every person that has requested shots of Clovelly in my Bondi Gallery. I’d be rich […]

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