Early fog, 1st light, burnt orange

The Steamroom

It’s been a steamy 24 hours in Sydney. Very muggy, and sticky. Today we woke to a thick layer of fog, blanketing most beaches. The water is fresh, and as I type this it’s just started to rain. If you didn’t get down the beach for a swim earlier, your window has now shut. Rain […]

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Birds flying south, Maroubra


A special kind of morning with an abundance of sunshine, gentle offshores and a small chugging nor-east swell. I decided to roam the local neighbourhood, looking for untrodden territory for Aquabumps. I found myself loitering around the Coogee – Maroubra region. Like Bondi, Coogee’s coastal walks were choccas as the WFH revolution continues. Nobody seems […]

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Home. Looking at this, a lotta people live here!


It looks like we’ll hit the quota of 120 millimetres of rain today! Oh man, it’s bucketing down. Think of the good side – the Bondi Parking Cops won’t be patrolling, the garden is loving it and I’ve put my car out on the street for a free wash. The downside – I just can’t […]

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Marie Lebourgeois


After a hot night sometimes it’s tough dragging yourself down the beach in the morning. You’re half asleep, meandering down to the water’s edge – then Boom! Once you’re underwater you feel like a million bucks. Studies show that a swim in cool water can give you mental clarity. (Yes, I do believe it needs […]

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Da Cube, Maroubra


Felt very cold this morning. Much colder than other June mornings. My phone was calling it 7 degrees, but sitting on a wet rock, shooting, before sunrise it felt much colder. Fingers went numb. It was good to see the swell is hanging around. I saw 3-4 footers this morning, clean too! Gotta love this […]

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Bondi Beach on the weekend, standing room only!


The weekend was the 1st big one for the season – hot, muggy, crowded with northerly winds – just perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon on our beloved coastline. A lot of wintery bleached white bods on the beach, hunting their first dose of a base tan. Waves – not really happening today or on […]

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Drive thru

I drove from Maroubra to Bondi this morning hunting waves and light. Even though there is plenty of swell there wasn’t really anything breaking well. Didn’t see anyone get a good wave. A brief spark of colour at sunrise got things going, but rain and grey now dominate the landscape. A good day to be […]

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Over & Above

As I write this daily post the clouds have arrived and our fantastic run of beach weather has come to an end. It’s gone all stormy…rain will hit very soon. Bunker in as the storm will be in town until Thursday. To celebrate the weekend of glorious weather I went up in the sky to […]

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