After a hot night sometimes it’s tough dragging yourself down the beach in the morning. You’re half asleep, meandering down to the water’s edge – then Boom! Once you’re underwater you feel like a million bucks. Studies show that a swim in cool water can give you mental clarity. (Yes, I do believe it needs to be an ice bath to fully take effect) but a morning swim works for me!

If you’re keen on a wave, there’s a little dribble 1-2 foot at Bondi. It’s best suited for beginners, kids and overenthusiastic man grommets. (we have plenty of those in Bondi).

South winds are about to roar and we should have some more swell tomorrow. Expect rain today.

7 weeks until Christmas. If you’d like artwork from us, here are some small gift ideas from us.

Adios :: uge

Incredible skies!


Let rip!


Patrick Franklin, grew up on the same block as me


Henry and his new 4'8"


Mahon Pool at sunset. Perfect for a hot night


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