Grey Suits

Yesterday Bondi Beach was closed due to multiple shark sightings (a big one apparently). A few of the local boys exited the water – screaming! Wow.

Also, there was a rescue yesterday at North Bondi with a man in distress. Hence 3 emergency helicopters in the bay after lunch.

All action down here yesterday. All back to normal this morning (no sharks). Onshore, grey, cold and rough head high peaks. I reckon as this SE wind fades into tonight we’ll get some fun ones – late. Maybe. We hope.

Aquabumps Christmas Orders are in full swing, if you’re reading this overseas and want something – sure thing! But allow 3-4 weeks to custom make and ship our artworks. We ship daily to UK and USA at the moment. Otherwise, if you’re local, the Bondi Aquabumps Gallery is open 10 am to 6 pm every day, I will be on the gallery floor for some of tomorrow if you need help selecting artworks. Telephone 02 9130 7788 with any questions or hit our website and live chat (there’s a whole gang of us on there waiting to answer any questions) Here’s a collection of my faves.

Ciao : : uge

Finn Little and his forever changing outfits


Daz, short cut


Rain coming! Grab a brolly


Bisho - in the rough and not a hair out of place


One Wave - post Royal Visit. Still pumping along


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