Water is still warm - get in! Bondi 7:40am


A pretty stock standard morning down at Bondi. I’ve seen plenty like this, subtle colours at sunrise, slight onshore, 2-foot waves and a busy beach full of exercise maniacs. After writing approximately 6,000 of these posts, sometimes I get a bit stumped. Today is one of those days! The next time you’ll find waves is […]

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Another amazing morning, Bondi beach


It was forecast to be small, but we were treated with a new solid SE groundswell. I saw waves well over head high on sets at sunrise. It’s still very straight, but hey, it’s breaking… It was a busy Bondi morning with everybody into their regular morning rituals. I’m always amazed at how many people […]

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New Caledonia Movie


That’s a wrap on our New Caledonia trip, I’m back in Bondi today. If you’re chasing blue water, damn, it’s Fluro blue in New Caledonia. I thought that colour water only existed in the Maldives. New Cal is much closer (2hrs40mins to be exact)! Watch this video summary of our time there… Watch New Cal […]

Daz, throwing out some heat this morning

Autumn Golds

A pleasant surprise to see a swell increase this morning. I saw waves up to around the chest high, with the odd head high set. A huge early crew out scrambling for anything moving (standard). The seaweed is still dominating the left into the southern corner. The average maximum temperature for June in Sydney is […]

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Foaming at the mouth, Bondi Icebergs

Rock Hopping

I’m back from The Rock. It was always going to be a quick trip. Love that joint Hawaii, but love it more when the conditions are firing. Can’t score every time. Bondi had waves this morning, some four footers out there. The shallow bank at South Bondi was pounding and heaps of close outs. Not […]

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Nuggets for Breakfast, Bondi

modus operandi

Ok…back to my Bondi M.O after a few weeks of road trips, frothing groms and a reprieve from social media/shooting – feeling fresh and ready to take on 2019! It was a treat to capture Bondi today in 22-degree water – that’s about as warm as it will get. Feb is typically the warmest water of […]

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Bondi junkyard with whackable random sections

Grey Suits

Yesterday Bondi Beach was closed due to multiple shark sightings (a big one apparently). A few of the local boys exited the water – screaming! Wow. Also, there was a rescue yesterday at North Bondi with a man in distress. Hence 3 emergency helicopters in the bay after lunch. All action down here yesterday. All […]

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Flat light

Normally I’m not into flat, bland light – but seeing we’ve had a mostly cloudless year with stark contrasty light – it’s a refreshing change! Waves: odd grovel weak peak. Go swimming Weather: its cleared and a cracker – booya. In Aquabumps Gallery we’ve got our all-new Winter Edit 2018 hanging. All images shot on my many […]

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Watch a 1 minute tour of Orpheus Island

Return to the South

I’ve returned to the south hopefully in sync with a new SE swell which is overdue. This morning was showing promise of a 2-3 foot set, but the 6:40 am high tide was concealing any decent bumps. Wait for lower tides and I reckon there will be something. Clear skies. Colder in the water (or […]

Disco jiving under the lip


It’s been quite an amazing week for surf…and Bondi has some great little banks. The swell is smaller today but there is still a head high wave out there. Suns out too. If you’re shackled to your office cubicle, don’t worry, there is a new swell coming tonight. You’ll get some. Plenty of options. I […]

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Face painting, Bondi by Phil Gallagher

Autumn Flavours

What a day. A day to be treasured. Grooming offshore breezes lined up 2-4 footers down at Bondi. It was a cold one on land, first time I’ve worn a steamer in 2018 but the water was surprising bath-like. Go get some. Thanks to all the readers that came to the Aperture Photographic Conference on the […]

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I see the light, Bondi


On paper today had all the makings of a great surf day for Bondi. At first dawn inspection, it looked great. But the reality was something else. I blame the high tide of 5:33 am which put heaps of backwash and wonk into it. Most waves shut down, but there are still plenty of overhead […]

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Perth Standlick finding mini ramps at Bondi this morning

Two to Three

There is a little wave on, it’s only 2-3 foot…but very junkie and tide affected (fat). It was a 6:30 am high tide so I imagine it will improve at the tide draws out. The water is still very warm whilst the autumn air temps are slipping down. The Aquabumps Gallery Bondi is closed on […]

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