Sydney’s a good joint to live in. There are not too many places in the world that have such liveable and surfable conditions – most days.

This morning was very enticing. Hope you got down there. The show began with a colour spray at 5:30 am.

In the brine we had 1-2 footers peeling. It was pretty full and fat, surfable mainly on thicker surf vehicles. Tomorrow looks bigger/better.

Earlier in the week a couple of mates, Nitro and Mykonos were chased out of the water at Bondi by, what they called, a monster-sized shark. We all gave them “yeah right¬†fellas”. Then the surf school witnessed the big boy slide past North Bondi, and the lifeguards shut the beach. End of story. Then yesterday they found a 4.6-metre white shark stuck in the Maroubra nets.¬†Read ABC

Have a good day.

:: uge

Saturday's Surf - Morgan Collett is in town from NYC


Morgan Collett, Icebergs runner


Always stoked, Charlotte Piho


A very happy Poppy Wise


Laps, Icebergs


Charlotte Piho, pedal to the metal


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