Pretty aggressive new "No Surfboards" signs


!@#$$%%@!## What? No Aquabumps photos for a whole week? Are you OK? Breath…breath. You probably already figured… I took a few days off last week to hang with my frothing groms. All back to normal now, phew. This morning Bondi was cloudy, calm and with waist-high surf. Very quiet morning as I think most of […]

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Icebergs launch


Today is a celebration of the immaculate conditions underneath the waves. Super warm water. Impeccable water clarity. Blaring morning sunshine. Today is not a celebration of incredible waves! It’s tiny, but swell coming tonight. Hang in there. :: uge

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CP taking the log for a spin


Ok, we’re back on regular programming today. The sun is out, the waves have returned, and it’s a sensational beach morning. Two sandbanks were putting out waist to shoulder high waves this morning. We’ve still had dregs from that NE swell, but a new SE swell seems to be filling in, which suits Bondi Beach’s orientation. […]

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Early, very.


Sydney’s a good joint to live in. There are not too many places in the world that have such liveable and surfable conditions – most days. This morning was very enticing. Hope you got down there. The show began with a colour spray at 5:30 am. In the brine we had 1-2 footers peeling. It […]

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Escaping the shorey pounding


Bondi has tiny surf but big ticks in every other department…no wind, warm water, sunshine. 28 degrees today, that’s a beach day. Brand new NE swell inbound and should arrive tonight folks. Have a great Easter, we’re are closed tomorrow on Good Friday, but open Easter Saturday, Sunday and Monday! Hard working mob aren’t we? […]

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The most photographed skeg of Annina


The ladies of Bondi were out in force this morning dominating the peak. It’s always a fun (noisier) vibe when the girls are out. They do love their team waves! Good sharers. A band spanking new south swell has arrived in town, and Bondi loves it. I was surprised to see set waves in the […]

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Set a drift, Bondi beach 7am this morning


It was a massive weekend in Bondi for waves, sun, crowds, antics and activations.  Waves – all weekend we had super fun waves, but the swell has gone baby gone now. Sun – yesterday was a cracker beach day, hope you got some. Felt like peak summer heat. Crowds/Antics – my gosh, Bondi was a […]

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Bondi - it's one helluva busy place


Today’s all about the lefts. Our new sand bank set up seems to suit the lefts…nice little wedge close to shore. Awesome golden morning light. Today’s photos are all shot with just two setups (I get asked a lot what gear I use). For fast action surfing shots – Canon EOS 1dX Mark II with […]

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Andrew, mal session


It’s surfable but definitely not pumping. It could get better as this brand new NE swell builds during the day. The wind, however, is going to howl 25-30 knots at 5pm today. Hide the Sulo bins, strap on the bbq cover – she’s gonna blow! Finally, after the recent swell drought, I have some nourishing […]

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Backwash, BOOM!

Backwash Riot

Top morning. One of those special ones where the air and water were sooooooo warm, you just can’t get out. If you came down, you would know what I mean. Waves. yes! Plenty of swell but Bondi was mainly closing out. Sets were head high. The backwash was full-on, water surging up onto a shallow sand […]

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Weird mix of hot and cold made for foggy conditions this morning down at Bondi Beach. Some nice colours at sunrise. The water felt frosty! Small waves, best for large surf craft. Quite a lot of people down there this morning. Later :: uge

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Things are changing. The morning fog was a good sign for change where cool air meets hot air. It’s a humid 31 today and then a cool 21 tomorrow. Dark clouds are congregating and I can here the tingling of rain on my gallery tin roof. We’re in for some indoor time – punch the work […]

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Today I think I found the bluest water in the world. I can now stop searching. Write this one down…AITUTAKI LAGOON in the Cook Islands. Take a 45 minute flight from Rarotonga and you will come across one of the most idyllic places on earth. Its paradise. The water temp is around 23-24…the air is […]

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