Nils, back for Eurotour

Chaotic North

I risked my life venturing North of the tower this morning with the Wildlings. It’s Australia’s most dangerous surf location – the treacherous North Bondi – a spot where absolutely anything can happen. Riders go right on lefts, 10 Wildlings per wave, loose (10ft) boards in every direction – I’m on amazon now looking for […]

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The Pilg, slicing the open face


Welcome to a new week and the beginning of winter. It was a cold, clear morning down at Bondi with small, weak limping waist to chest high waves (inconsistent). We’re looking at sunny weather for today and tomorrow, rain from Wednesday. The water is still kinda warm hovering around 19.5 degrees. I’ve finally gone to […]

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The Italian, edging in

Get Wet

Finally a morning without rain. Well, kinda. Sorta. It was weird, I was shooting a glorious sunrise, but it was still spitting. As I type out this riveting editorial, I can see sunshine dance through the skylight of AB-HQ. Party time! It’s been a good week of NE swell and many have filled their wave […]

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Nils just hanging in there


After days and days of swell, it’s gone small. Shows over. We’ve all had such a good time out there recently, the shoulders are sore and the work is piling up. Of course, Bondi is still surfable with chest-high sets limping into the bay. Winds are currently 12 knots from the north and the swell […]

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Rob Norman, nose rides

Monday Bumps

Mondays are always so much quieter down the beach. Even though it was a perfect morning, there weren’t many people about. Swell looks more NE than from the South, and there’s a high tide dribble chugging into Bondi at sunrise. Logs, mini-mals, foamies would be the weapon of choice. Leave the short boards at home. […]

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Blown! Rain coming today. Get wet right now


It’s gonna rain soon. If you haven’t been down for a swim/surf you’re running out of time. It’s going to rain for a couple of days and hopefully fill our dams. At sunrise the skies were clear, by 9am it’s greyed over. Tiny swell still producing a few fun little waves for the frothers. Wednesday […]

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Outback, Bondi Beach

Morning Salt

Good morning. It really was a good morning down the beach, earlier, but cloudy now. A small shorey had some pockets on it – I’d surf it – but there was a big crowd up early. Yesterdays shortlived 3-4 footers have faded, as we wait for the next swell  – due tonight. (yes, bonus!) My mate […]

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Unusual clouds and light this morning at Bondi Beach


A very hot muggy morning in Sydney – 22 degrees at sunrise. Cloudy at first, then started to clear with some very unusual light/cloud combinations. Beach was packed early. Always is on these hot ones. Expect 29 degrees today. Waves – yep, there’s some. It looked full on a higher tide. Should improve on the […]

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Early, very.


Sydney’s a good joint to live in. There are not too many places in the world that have such liveable and surfable conditions – most days. This morning was very enticing. Hope you got down there. The show began with a colour spray at 5:30 am. In the brine we had 1-2 footers peeling. It […]

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Autumn golden light, Bondi Beach this morning


What great conditions we have in town at the moment. Pretty much offshore winds all day long. We could do with a bit more swell though. Fortunately tomorrow the swell will leap up into the surfable to good range. Be patient and get some work done today. It’s 1 month out for the Bondi SurfAid […]

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The Life Of Pablo

You’re probably reading this email whilst queuing up for Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo pop-up shop opening in Bondi Pacifico…no? Oh. Hundreds of others are. It’s a global thing. 21 pop up stories launching all at once. What else do you need to know… : The Colour Run is on this Sunday at Centennial […]

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Another immaculately sunny day here in Sydney. How good is it? The beach was packed early. Probably one of the busiest 6am’s I’ve seen. Humans littered the beach from South to North. Boot camp, Re-boot camp, soft sanders, swimmers, surfers, kids, mums, dads the lot! There was a tidy little right hander at 1st ramp. […]

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