Another immaculately sunny day here in Sydney.

How good is it?

The beach was packed early. Probably one of the busiest 6am’s I’ve seen. Humans littered the beach from South to North. Boot camp, Re-boot camp, soft sanders, swimmers, surfers, kids, mums, dads the lot!

There was a tidy little right hander at 1st ramp. It’s only small today, waist to chest high, clean and weak. The forecast is showing some cyclone swell this weekend. Now that is exciting. Long period 6-8 foot stuff on its way…thank you Huey and those intense lows off Queensland. Surfing knee to waist high is driving me mad!

The Quiky Pro is on live now! Finals may run and complete the comp.

:: uge

Nils, laid back and soaking up the sun

Carri, checking out the sunrise


Charlotte climbing over

Vera, wrestling underwater

Julia, wave No. 45 for the morning

Mickey Malouf, tapping out

5 thoughts on “Clean

  1. Wow! Such stunning underwater shots, Uge! Maybe the small swell is not all that bad – your photo angles are really cool these days.

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