Fire water, North Bondi 6:30am

Glare Stare

Put ya sunnies on for this update as she is super glary…

Wow, the colours this morning were insane! The 6:30am hue eruption made up for the tiny 1 foot waves. I know you were down there to see it. I saw you…

I am still shock from yesterday’s Quiksilver Pro final between Gabs Medina and Joel Parkinson (watch). Did that really just happen? A Brazilian goofy footer beat our front side local boy Joel who was in top form, taking off behind the rock and all. Did that really just happen? I’ve watched the replay so many times…such a nail biter. I’ll never forget Sean Doherty saying to me a few years back – watch the Brazilians – they’re gonna hit pro surfing hard in a few years with all their young talent. Just take a look at the final day yesterday – nearly was an all Brazilian final.

I’ve looked into the crystal ball and you will be surfing from tomorrow onwards. A cyclone swell is trickling down from Queensland. Exciting times.


P.S. A mate of mine is selling this slick Bondi Pad.

My crystal ball says swell is on its way...hooray!

North Bondi

Poppy emerging from golden veins

Crazy skies huh?

Charlotte under the red curtain

The happy crew were out this morning

Small waves and a little crowded


Yesterday was an amazing beach day, hit it!

3 thoughts on “Glare Stare

  1. Yes tough for Joel, but how about a bit of congratulations to Stephanie!!! Not a word about it!! Come on she is a surfing champion and deserves the applause!!

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