Light and water doing magic, Bondi 7am


Currently we are all sitting around waiting for this much talked about cyclone swell which is drifting down the coast. It should slowly arrive today and peak on Sunday. Oh boy I hope she blossoms into the boomer that is forecasted or there will be some grumpy humans. I can safely say Sunday is going to be packed – everywhere!

Bondi was crazy busy this morning. I’m talking lethal busy. Was hard to find any space at all. The waves are 1 foot and the water is clear…such inviting conditions to go for a swim.

Help rebuild the Philippines. A good friend of mine has started a tool drive for the Philippines called “Tools for Tacloban”. Super Typhoon Hayian devastated the Leyte Province of the Philippines in late 2013. Government estimates state that 14.1 million people were affected by the storm and 4.1 million remain displaced. With the wet season coming Philippines Communitere is running a drive to collect people’s unwanted tools, as well as donations, to be sent to Tacloban to assist with the rebuilding process. Donate

Have a great weekend.

Bondi girls

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Angus Maclean, underwater highlight

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Underwater bed head

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