Plume dance, Bondi Beach 7:20am

Fiery Plumes

After a couple days of rest, the thumpin’ swells are back. What a good supply! Flanking the mighty chunks we’ve got howling offshores, creating really interesting plumes. Good shooting fodder. Sadly the swell is TOO big for Bondi Beach. It’s maxed out, closing out. You need to surf elsewhere. :: uge

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The clarity of Bondi before all the rain 23rd Feb 2017

Feb Vs March

We’ve been experiencing a very wet March. I bet you didn’t know that historically March actually is the wettest month of the year? Yesterday, remnants of ex-cyclone Debbie blew and dowsed the city for hours. Its looking 1,000 times better right now (10:40 am Friday). 5 things you need to know about the weather: Partly sunny and […]

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Bubba, rock hopping at Tamarama


Like Monday’s glory day, the winds kicked back to the beautifully grooming South-West. I reckon that’s the best wind for around here. It’s not only good for surfing conditions but also creates the best blues in the ocean. The swell is not a patch on Super-Monday, but it’s still pretty damn fun. Bondi looked ordinary but […]

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Dad's Army, returning from battle

Mellow Yellow

After last night’s storms lashed Sydney with heavy rain we’ve woken up to a junkie, quiet Bondi Beach. It’s onshore, mushy, random but who cares! There are waves that are breaking above head high. We haven’t had swell is ages so it was a pleasant sight. Love a bit of chunk to the bump. As […]

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I’m Back

Italy was awesome, thank you. Bondi ain’t too shabby either. I’m back. Just look out the window, what a day! Spring is here and the weather is spot on. Small waves around 1-2 foot – 1 wave came in bigger which is pictured above. It was SO good to see waves again. I missed them. […]

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NZ vs AU

When I left Queenstown it was snowing, right down at town level. Amazing. Only happens twice a year. When I arrived in Bondi the colours were going crazy in the morning sunrise. Rare. It’s like they were competing. Two very special places putting on their best. We had a great time in New Zealand last […]

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We’re on the brink of change as strong winds and swell are predicted. It was 1 foot and cold down the beach this morning. Should be 6 footers tomorrow and howling winds. Log riders were out enjoying a solo peak in the middle. Water is decently warm, but, that dash home in the wind chill […]

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It’s really calmed down a lot around here. The ocean has defaulted to it’s chilled state. Biggest wave I saw all morning was knee to waist high. It’s super clean and decent for a swim. This weekend a huge South swell is going to hit Sydney. I am talking 10 foot at magnets. Wind will […]

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5th nice morning in a row, especially at the beach. Even better when the sky is full of colour. Hope you got down there. Small swell, mostly from the south. Bit of fun to be had. Over the weekend the swell will switch back to a ENE direction. Maroubra Big Wave freak Mark Mathews returned […]

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