Icebergs morning rituals, this morning 6:15am


An excellent supply of fresh southerly lines was creeping into the bay at sunrise. Fortunately, the sun was out, a bonus, as we look to be slipping into our third La Nina wet season. Winds are currently from the East, 6 knots. Surface quality seems to be holding up. This afternoon this swell will peak, […]

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Gold plated South Bondi and the girls getting into it


The rain has been on and off all morning, the winds are twenty knots of dead south, and the water is a cool 18. The head-high surf looked pretty junkie and uninviting – but empty. Very few people down the beach as the forecast was for rain. A great day to be productive! :: uge

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Good weather and kites = very busy Bondi!

Festival of the winds

Bondi was in full swing on the weekend with the annual “Festival of the winds” and clear skies – it was crazy! It has been years since Bondi has been that busy due to our Covid problem – so good to see the traffic jams again (never thought I would say that). The local businesses […]

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Big sets, but not much joy

Summer Winds

Can you feel that? Yep – north winds and solid SSE swells….feels like spring to me! Such a warm morning to return to Sydney – everyone’s been telling me how cold it has been. Bondi had waves in the 3-4 foot vicinity. North winds are welcome here, and North Bondi looks very inviting for a […]

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Bronte Board Meeting at sunrise today

6’s to 9’s

I’m loving today. Those dull, grey, rainy mornings (6’s) are now exquisite sunny, calm, clean sessions (9’s). The whole week looks decent. The central bank at Bondi had a wave this morning, but it’s fat, so you’ll need a high litreage in your surf vehicles. A big bunch of frothers feasting happily on the 2-foot […]

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Thanks to Tonga, we have these beautiful sunrises at the moment


The sunrises and sunsets have been quite exquisite lately, don’t you agree? The skies are cloud-free, but aerosols in the atmosphere, 25 kilometres up are putting on a healthy “glow-show”. No, you haven’t been imagining it…it’s real. The aerosols originate from the plume of gas and ash that was ejected when the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai […]

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Hello good looking! Empty hollows of Bondi


Pretty quiet Sydney autumn morning – not a Demogorgon or rift in sight. So I guess you’ll have to settle with this dimension. The waves have come up and breaking around 4 foot (but incredibly straight). Bondi was frustrating with little opportunity – for what should be a cranking morning. Very chilly morning with stiff […]

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A little afternoon visit to the city this week

City + Waves

Unbelievably it’s pouring with rain, again. The kind of rain you normally only see in the tropics – it’s torrential. Let’s just hope those saturated low areas don’t get inundated. 6:00am Bondi Carpark I saw small 1-2 footers with a constant easterly onshore. It was very junkie. One of my kids surfed it and said […]

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Me mate Kirk from Cronulla, blowing up in the right spot of light


Now we’re talking – finally, those glamour autumn days where everything is just right. The water is a comfortable 23, winds zero, sunshine is a 12 outa 10 and the waves were shoulder to head high on sets! Bingo! A huge crowd frothing over the early autumn delights – a bit too busy for my […]

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Bronte lines, 7:30am this morning


The ocean is clean again! No more gagging on the pooey browns from recent floodwaters – I see mighty-fine blue-greens once again. The sunshine was blanketing the beaches as the swell produced head high peaks. Gentle winds, currently 7 knots from the north. High tide midday, low was 6am. Lots of people up early this […]

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Mullumbimby is flooded, hope everyone is ok

Northern Rivers Relief

You’ve probably seen the devastation of the NSW Northern Rivers and Queensland floods – incredibly sad times and our hearts goes out to everyone up there. Thousands of people are displaced from their homes as towns go under. The footage of Lismore is unfathomable – 14.2 metres! Fortunately, the sun is now out up north […]

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Shorey curls, Bondi


After a very grey start, we now have clearer skies (10am) and howling onshore/cross-shore winds. It’s 25 knots of southerly! The swell has dropped a lot, and there’s a very lame grovel at Bondi on the nearing high tide (I wouldn’t get getting too excited about it). About three people are surfing it on the […]

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North Bondi Boat Ramp, a hive of dogs, bakers and boats


In stark contrast to yesterday, Sydney is now soaked with rain. Since sunrise, we’ve been lashed with constant showers and now 22 knots of SSE onshore winds. The beach is deserted, and everybody is back to school/work. The Beach party is over! Oh boy, it’s been busy on our beaches lately – here are some pics […]

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