Blown out type of morning! Bondi

Summer Blast

Last night’s howling Northerlies have kicked up some wind swell. It’s not pumping, but surfable. Bondi doesn’t favour this swell direction and tends to break more in the middle than the magnetic south end. I imagine exposed beaches today would have some joy like Manly, Maroubra, Tama, Whaley etc. If you like my images you […]

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Rough smooth - Cloey

Bullet points

What-a-day! Magic. Deluxe. Exquisite. Waves – nah. 6 things random things about your ‘hood: After years and years of rumours, Justin Hemmes of Merivale has officially purchased the Royal Hotel in Bondi (Cnr of Bondi Road and Denham). He paid nearly 30 mil for the joint – the deal is done. The Royal has been there since 1904 and […]

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Beau Walker ripping the lip off a South Bondi bowl

Turbo Lefts

The planets finally lined up and the surf has come to the party. Bondi had some super fun waves and a massive morning crowd. Very difficult to snag a wave sans shoulder huggers. Light winds, 3 footers and a warm day ahead. Enjoy it, as tomorrow is cold and 19. The swell is fading fast, I […]

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Wowser, yesterday at Bondi was rammed


Well, that was a biggie. Yesterday was the perfect storm down at Bondi – Sculptures, 31 degrees and a Sunday. Huge crowd madness. Watch my little video if you don’t believe me. Today Bondi is pieced back together and all back to normal. Waves – 1 footers, not even. Winds are NNW (good for Bondi) but […]

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Ah yesterday, wasn't that a treat. Bondi Beach around 2pm


It is still surfable just not pleasurable. Take the mal for a spin as it’s dropped another gear overnight. Knee high waves were common, waist high sets rare. Clouds have crammed in over the bay and rain continues to threaten. Expect a few thunderstorms and rain overnight. It’s happening. The Bondi Single Fin Contest is […]

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1st light peelers, Bondi Beach


Fantastic morning down the beach with plenty of sunshine, 2-3 footers and clean surfaces. The skies are cloudless and the water temp. has bumped back up (say 19-20?). I hope you got down there for a piece of the action. There was a fire blaze on Hall Street Bondi Beach last night. My sources tell […]

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1st sparks, Bondi.


Nothing like jumpin’ in the ocean to wake you up after travel. Especially when the northerlies have been blowing in Sydney and the water temps have plummeted to a cool 16.5 degrees. Yes, I know my Kiwi cuzies, 16.5 is a summer’s day for you guys, but over here in Sydney, that’s cool. Waves? yeah…a surfable […]

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You think you're local beach is busy, come surf ours


Yesterday ended up being quite a special day down the beach with awesome colours. Don’t believe me? Watch this 1 min fly around Bondi…you’ll see. (around 30,000 have already watched this video our on social channels!) Not much happening down the beach this morning surfwise – 1footish. Sunshine was out earlier, clouding over now. A cooler […]

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Plume dance, Bondi Beach 7:20am

Fiery Plumes

After a couple days of rest, the thumpin’ swells are back. What a good supply! Flanking the mighty chunks we’ve got howling offshores, creating really interesting plumes. Good shooting fodder. Sadly the swell is TOO big for Bondi Beach. It’s maxed out, closing out. You need to surf elsewhere. :: uge

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