Ross Jones Pool, Coogee

Flat Earth.

It’s flat az. It’s a lake. It’s so flat you could mistakenly think that you just woke up in The Med. It’s rare to see our ocean this flat and energyless. Surfing – ha!Swimming – ah-huh! It was a glorious spring morning with a chill in the air. The west winds always bite deep. Those […]

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Icebergs had a lotta water moving in the pool today


Sydney is feeling semi-normal as we open up a bit more. A delightful weekend of spring weather and a thundering south swell that arrived on Sunday morning and continues today. It is fools gold out there; you probably ran down with your board thinking you’re going to score some four-footers…if you like close outs and surfing straight, […]

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Beach wagon


Another grey, rainy, onshore start to today. The beaches were busy earlier before the rain hit. There’s a tiny mushball waist to shoulder high wave with a handful of optimistic surfers hunting – it looked very average. Need those onshores to stop before you score anything decent to ride. Hopefully, tomorrow we will see some cleansing […]

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What an impressive start to the day!


The light was impressive this morning, what a sky! A nice escape to a kinda gloomy day around Sydney. Chin up! Waves were on tune also, head high, multiple banks…lots of fun to be had. The swell is fading for the rest of the week, so I’d suggest some covidsafe exercise! Go for a paddle. […]

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Rain puddles


Congratulations, you’ve made it past 12 images to the riveting editorial that Aquabumps is famous for – typos, bad grammar and all! My high school English teacher used to read my daily rant – rolling his eyes constantly I bet. Are you still on here Mr. Whitla? I wasn’t the best student, more interested in […]

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Photographic evidence that Darren occasionally goes right. Rare, but he does


The fields are empty and rogue waves are going unridden. A storm is in town and it’s not very inviting down the beach. After a subtle sunrise colour event, it returned to greys, rain and cold. A great day to be productive at work (inside). Wait for it all to calm down a bit…I reckon. […]

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It's all about perspective. Bondi Beach 7am


I live by a simple rule – touch nature at least once a day. Feet in the sand, snooze on the grass or swim at sunrise. It’s all good. Makes you feel unreal all day, setting you up – just right. Now go do it. A brand new swell has arrived, alleluia, and it’s looking […]

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Mad Liv, diving for Crays

Bondi ØɄ₮Break

We’ve woken to BONDI BONDI BONDI all over the news. Bondi outbreak, Bondi cluster, Bondi hotspot. On the tele they’re interviewing people on the beach how they feel about The Rona running rampant around our beloved beach. Hell, even my accountant cancelled his meeting with me in Bondi Beach today! So, from what I can […]

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About as intense as the colours can get at Bondi. June 8, 2021 6:45am


Put your sunnies on to look at this post; it’s intense! I even knocked back some of the colours as they melted my camera sensors. It’s was pretty incredible. Worth getting up early for… The colour bloom lasted longer than usual – 20 minutes, enough time for you to sip ya coffee and pull your […]

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Party time, Dolphin style, South Bondi 7:45am

Dolphin Mania

These photos from sunrise could break the internet…what a special kinda morning as the Annual Dolphin Convention gathers at South Bondi. Every direction I looked, I could see dolphins frolicking amongst the surfers. Rarely do you see so many for so long! Remember these shots from Tamarama last year, as we were locking down for […]

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Water is still warm - get in! Bondi 7:40am


A pretty stock standard morning down at Bondi. I’ve seen plenty like this, subtle colours at sunrise, slight onshore, 2-foot waves and a busy beach full of exercise maniacs. After writing approximately 6,000 of these posts, sometimes I get a bit stumped. Today is one of those days! The next time you’ll find waves is […]

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Playing chicken with Zoey

Ladies Day

The girls were out in force this morning. Why wouldn’t you be – it’s an incredible day, with ultra-warm water and a magnificent sunrise to boot! Today is the first day of Autumn, and it’s gonna creep up the to early thirties – so if you’re working from home, like most of Australia, take a […]

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One way to wake up, a splash at Icebergs


I was just about to write “An abundance of sunshine this morning – how good – as the forecast was for rain rain rain” – and then, it poured. Bucketed. Only for a minute. Enough for you to rethink your outdoor plan for today. It’s going to be a fickle week, mostly wet and onshore. […]

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