Big crowds, big closeouts

1 Big Closeout

This morning, the 8 am low tide was very unkind to surfers (and even swimmers). At Ramp 2, the lack of water created one helluva rip; do not swim there! There were clean shoulder-to-head high waves, but it was one massive closeout. You’d barely get to your feet before being clobbered. I saw many get […]

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Not much light, 6:30am Bondi Beach today


After a warm night in Sydney (26 degrees @ midnight) we’ve woken to showers, greydom and 1-2 footers. The surf wasn’t too exciting; the incoming tide could bring more size. We have 19 knots of southerly, and the tide is still rising until 11:40 am. It looks very mushy. The beach was pretty quiet, many […]

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Jetty, all fired up this morning. Bondi 7:15am

Back in the hood!

Bondi’s an intense joint, so I love stepping away from it for a few weeks over the summer. I put the cameras & phones away and then focus on my forehand grinds (and family time). As of today – I AM BACK. Fresh eyes on a familiar subject, crazy Bondi. My 25th year. What a […]

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Friday's at North Bondi

Happy holidays

It’s great to see the sunshine and swell hitting Bondi this morning. Waves are large but breaking quite straight. I scored it 3 out of 10 – towards the middle looked the best. Christmas is an interesting time of year; all the Bondi locals disappear, and global tourism takes over. So many of my friends […]

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Hopefully the bad weather clears and we get back to this


It’s a very unimpressive day outside in Sydney. Rain dominates the landscape; weirdly, I’m wearing a jumper in summer. The beach looked deserted with small waves under a southerly siege. Unfortunately, Christmas Day looks to be similar to today’s weather setup. I’ve shot a lot recently, and here are some recent images that have not […]

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Fraser-D getting nasally, Mid-Bondi bank, 6:40am

Friday Swims

It is heating up and only getting hotter. You’ve all heard tomorrow is going to be a steamy 39. These warm mornings are conducive to ocean interaction – and Bondi is the capital of that! Swimming, surfing or lazing on the beach – it was all happening down at Bondi from first light. It’s only […]

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At Bondi, there's so many different groups


Twenty-two knots of southerly diminished your hopes for an early surf. It’s one of those rare Bondi days that it’s UN-surfable. After a warm 23-degree night, there was plenty of activity at sunrise – regardless of the surf conditions. There are groups of people doing stuff everywhere! It will be offshore tomorrow morning; that sounds […]

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Is J.O.B in town?

The Skanky Port

A port is a part of my water housing that allows me to shoot in the brine. You have different ports to match your lenses. Over the years, I’ve shot with dozens of lenses whilst swimming. Today, I swam out with an old port from the back of the cupboard, and it had all kinds […]

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Early highlights, 5:40am, Bondi

Sky Curtain

Monday is the most peaceful morning in Bondi. It was also a dark morning, which kept many in bed. (Not to mention, it’s silly season. Chrissy parties are slowing down the early risers.) A thin curtain of cloud filled the sky, open on the horizon, so light illuminated upwards. It was spectacular for a short […]

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Flyboy, Bondi 7am.

Silly Season

I’ve seen a lot at Bondi. For a beach that’s only 900 metres long – stuff goes down, and mainly this time of year, it gets nuts. #sillyseason So many people tell/ask me – it’s more nuts this year? Nah, I don’t reckon we just forget because of the break for COVID. It’s always been […]

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"The Paul" in black


It started dark and stormy, but now it is a gloriously warm, sunny day (28). Hit the beach! The NE winds are howling (22 knots), which is OK at Bondi because we can seek protection inside the coat of Benny Buckler. There’s head high surf, peaky (looks low interval and weak). Don’t have huge expectations. […]

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Speed lines, Bondi 7am

Grom Fodder

The groms rated today a 2 out of 10 but still paddled out. I love their positive attitudes. They always come in saying “got barrelled”, even when it’s barely breaking. So good. I saw waves break around head-high with onshore junk. East winds are no good around here. It’s going to rain over the next […]

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Door to door on my street - the man hunt - yesterday

Bondi Manhunt

Never a dull moment around Bondi. Yesterday arvo, whilst cooking my famous Beef Boganoff (Fusion edition), the police surrounded our houses along the street. I thought it must be the alluring scent of my culinary genius bellowing onto the road (again)—like when you wander past Belle’s chicken. MMMmmmmm. The POLAIR helicopter then parked directly above […]

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