::Friday, 27 February 2004

It’s big. The ocean is totally
out of control with monster chunks all over the place. Some waves were
around the 12ft – 15ft face mark. Very few places holding the swell. Only
saw a few guys out at North Bondi catching scraps. Be careful if you’re
heading out, there is loads of water moving and you can feel the clean
up sets pounding whilst you’re on the land – so don’t cop one on the head
or you’ll permanently part your hair.
Surfing in the harbour
I hear even the harbour is breaking! What da? Yep, Nielsen Park, Vaucluse
is clean 2 – 3ft. (Check pic). Large crowds to contend with. I must admit,
it’s an awesome spectacle surfing with the harbour bridge as a backdrop.
My call – check out the Bower (if you’re a hell man), North
Bondi, South Manly or Neilson park. Swell will continue to slightly drop
off overnight so if the ocean calms down, then the swell lines up, there
will be a few to score tomorrow. Moowhahaha!
Tonight is the final night of the Bondi open Air cinema.
STEP INTO LIQUID is showing and it’s going to be a cracker.
Buy your tickets online at www.bondiopenair.com.au
– it’s an all-weather venue so I suggest a jacket (or a cardigan if you
one of the Page girls).

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::Thursday, 26 February 2004

Thursday, 26 February 2004
Surf today is out of control. If you’re planning
a surf, best hang onto your board tight, it will probably blow out of
your hands before hitting the water. I didn’t see anyone out at Bondi,
Bronte or Tama. My estimate is 6-8 foot at exposed beaches. Massive chunks
flying all over the place in multiple directions with a gale force onshore
wind. Massive waves smashing against the cliffs throwing spray 20+ metres
in the air. Today the wind will continue to howl, before slightly easing
tomorrow and probably producing something surfable on Saturday. Is this
winter? Hope not…
Kite surfing at Bondi banned
Recently Waverly council has banned Kite surfing
at beaches within Waverly council. Even though today if you were out there,
you’d probably end up in the Blue mountains if you launched of a wave…a
few of the local boyz are disappointed. If you are not happy with this,
call Richard 0412 688 986 as he is organising a petition against this
new rule.

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::Monday, 23 February 2004

It was a dark grey morning down at Bondi. Clouds
were so thick that it sort of felt like night time. Hardly any light to
take photos, which is why they are all blurry (especially through a 500mm).
Swell has been like a yoyo, up down, up down. Today it’s down. Waves are
around 2 feet and with decent shape at 7am. So it’s ok-ish, surfable if
you’re keen…only at south facing beaches. Onshore SE winds were
starting to blow at 7:30am, and will continue to make a mess of things.
Cool day with a top of 23 degrees and this week looks like we’re in for
rain until Thursday. There is a huge swell on Wednesday, peaking on Thursday
with howling onshore winds. So all those hell men, storm riders, there
is something brewing – too big for most.
If you were down at Tama yesterday, you would have witnessed
the unusual spectacle of Soph’s
great race
. Starting from Bondi, 23 contestants on all manner of craft,
pool ponies, sea kayaks, surfboards, and blow up sharks made their way
around to Tamarama in testy conditions. See group shot below. Happy Birthday

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::Friday, 20 February 2004

It’s arrived. Finally the first decent swell
for months. We predicted this days ago…These bumps have travelled a
fair distance cleaning themselves on their journey to the east coast of
Australia – the interval is large, swell is solid and consistent, there
is no wind, sun is shining – need more…yep…sand banks would be good.
Finally a solid ground swell is in town; however its closing out Bondi
and Tama as there ain’t much for it to break on. Bondi had waves around
the 4ft – 6 ft range but it was quite straight. (Today’s photos probably
don’t show the size well – had to rush).
So many places would have waves today; the large gaps
between swells making it bend into those little pockets. I am hoping this
will spread the crowds over the hundreds of breaks along our piece of
coastline, and those twitchn’ man grommies will be finally satisfied.

Swell will peak this afternoon and back off overnight
leaving us fun (3ft) waves this weekend. Tides High 09:10, low 15:47,
high 21:45. Water 23 degrees, max 32 degrees on the land. Winds going
to blow NE this afternoon so now is best. Get wet and take the big board.
Bondi Openair Cinema (www.bondiopenair.com.au)
announced its final night special "Step into Liquid"
for Friday 27th of February. Tickets to the
new surf cult hit are selling quickly and there will be door prizes on
the night.
"Finding Nemo" is showing
tonight at 8pm. Email 2 names to [email protected]
to win one of 20 Single Passes.

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::Thursday, 19 February 2004

Sorry for the late report – you know how it
is. Even though there was no surf, it was pretty awesome down the beach
this morning. Decided to take a trip down to Maroubra
to see what happening down there – which wasn’t a lot on the surf front.
Got some great piccies of the local groms bobbing around the place in
the silky smooth conditions. A haze on the horizon created some cool pink
skies around 6:30am. Waves were around 1 – 1.5 ft at
the Bra, no wind at 6:30am and Bondi was slightly larger (2ft
and fat). Predominantly a beginners day (or if you’re a frothn’
man grommet that surfs anything). Tides – High 08:23, Low 15:06, high
21:03 Water temperature 23 degrees. Swell is picking up tomorrow afternoon
and should hang around for quite a few days. Its about time…
Bondi Boardriders Party + PRESENTATION NIGHT
Bondi Boardriders presentation night and party is on
this Saturday night at the Beach Road Hotel
(our recently attached key sponsor). DJs Paddy and Pops are playing and
there will be prizes from Electric sunnies, DC shoes and Excel wetsuits.
Entry is free and all are welcome to get amongst it.
So whether you’re in the club or not, if you surf at Bondi get down there.
If you’re a new surfer to the area and want to meet
local crew, come down and ‘drop in’… it may alleviate some future ‘drop
ins’ in the surf. Bad joke I know. Prizes will be given for cadets, juniors,
and opens. Under 18s will be allowed in the beer garden with adult supervision.
For more info contact Krack Surf and Skate on 9130 6349,
or email [email protected]

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::Wednesday, 18 February 2004

Swell has declined overnight producing waves
of 2 – 3 ft this morning. It is still surfable at Bondi but very fat,
bumpy and crowded. Great for the beginners in the middle or north Bondi.
Hope you got waves yesterday as there was plenty around. Wind is currently
blowing from the SE and is going to howl this arvo before backing off.
My advice, call in sick on Friday and go surfing. There is definitely
something stirring at the end of this week. Wot? 2 swells in one week
– now that’s more than we’ve had all summer. moooowhwhahaha! Looks
like its hanging around for the weekend too. Yeha! Today’s tides Low 14:21,
High 20:17
28 Days Later is showing at
the Bondi Open Air cinema tonight. Go to their website to book your tickets
Kill Bill is on tomorrow night.
Jack McCoy’s ‘Surfshorts’ short film festival WINNERS
Here’s the top five movies from Jack McCoy ‘Surfshorts’
short film festival competition. They’re a crack up…check them out by
going to Coastwatch’s webpage:http://coastalwatch.com/top5bluehorizon.asp

PS – Happy 40th Neil Fox for

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::Tuesday, 17 February 2004

Now ya torkin’ – we’ve got good waves this morning.
Bondi was slightly onshore at 7am with bumpy 3 – 5 foot waves. It was
quite busy but consistent. Winds will be NE for the rest of the day, so
best get out there before this swell declines into tomorrow. Enough swell
to justify a drive out of town…loads of south facing beaches will
be working (somewhere on the north shore would be the goods). Tomorrow
will be back to small stuff, so get your fix from this one day wonder
swell. Low tide 13:29 High tide 19:24.

JOSS STONE – 16 yr old soul diva
If you’re into Soul music, you’ve got to get
your hands on Joss Stone’s new CD that was released yesterday
called "The Soul Sessions". Even though she’s
16, white and from Devon, Joss Stone is being hailed in America as a new
soul diva.
Have a listen by clicking on these track names:
The Chokin’ Kind
or Fell
In Love With A Boy

TAMARAMA PARK Redevlopment
Waverley Council has just started preparing
a plan of management for Tamarama park, which includes the park, beach
and gully. There is a meeting tonight to discuss ideas. Tuesday 17 February
at 7.30pm in the Beach Room, 3rd Floor, Waverley Council. Head down there
if you want your say.

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::Friday, 13 February 2004

Last night we had waves, this morning gone-ski…overnight
the swell has dropped and the wind is blowing onshore from the south.
Bondi had weak 2 footers (sometimes 2.5 footers) rolling in. Light to
moderate south to southeast winds, freshening on the coast in the afternoon.
Erm…not to crash hot for a surf. High tide 14:16 Low 20:20 – my
call, next Monday/Tuesday looks ok at this early stage.
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Bondi Open Air Cinema
Tonight the new cult classic "Y
tu Mama tambien" is showing at the Bondi Open Air cinema.
We’re giving away 10 double passes to Aquabumps members. All you have
to do it email [email protected]
with two names for the passes and you will be informed later today by
email if you’re a winner. For more info www.bondiopenair.com.au

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