Friday, April 29, 2005

Bondi 7am – c’mon hui, throw us some chunx this way…Another special morning. Gentle offshores. Sunshine. Waves – non-existent. Fix dings, repair leaking taps, watch Sprout DVD and talk it up in the car park. Lake Bondi had the odd ankle biter rockn’ in for mal crowd in the middle. South change eminent this arvo, which may supply us with waist-chest high bumps tomoz. Nothing really too exciting. What tha…30 degrees today, west to north west winds freshening ahead of a gusty southerly afternoon change. Much cooler 21 degrees tomorrow with SW winds becoming fine…Sunday mostly fine 23.

SEVEN, a Photographic exhibition by Jason IeraceSeven diverse photographic portraits based on Manly’s eclectic mix. The show is being held at SPACEJUNK (Manly) from May 6th to May 31st. Check it.
RUMPUS at the good ol’ EASTERN – Friday 29th April, 9pm-3am This Friday at RUMPUS, residents Jules Beaumont and Nick Law will be joined by Tony Tone in the Ruby Lounge to keep the eclectic dance floor beats flowing to full effect. SOULSHAKER in the Classic Bar with Peter Glass, Robin Knight and guest will be maintaining the soulful and funky sounds

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bondi 7am – pancakes – come get em’ whilst da hotPerfect day for everything but surfing. Bondi’s pancake heaven with wussy, foamin’ ripples finding their way to the shores. Ideal conditions for the newbies…with a 27 degree max today, perfect sunshine, arvo NE winds…a swim is probably a good option. Confucius say weekend looka like some fun shoulder high stuff at south facing beaches. Monday goods too…

Winner of the Yoga + Surfing Retreat comp is…Eliza…will be in touch today…thanks to all that entered and Samudra for putting up the prize.

SPROUT soundtrack on sale now…If you haven’t seen the surf movie Sprout yet…I suggest getting a copy – personal fav. Shot nearing entirely on 16mm, Sprout takes us on a journey through all the possible devices to ride our rogue ocean bumps. Eggs, Fishes Long boards through to modern short boards. The soundtrack is now available and hasn’t left my car stezza since insertion. Its mello…just like the movie…BUY A COPY ONLINE

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bondi 7am – beginners dayReckon the old hair-do has bigger waves dis morning. Bondi was struggling to produce the goods with only knee-high beginner specials on offer in the middle. Need to surf more east exposed beaches to capture the most of this tricklin’ swell – where I’d expect waist high waves. Clean glassy conditions early with 10-20 knots of North Easter blowin’ later today. Cracker sunrise…the horizon fireball brought stoke to many early birds. High tide 10:14 Low tide 15:48, 25 degrees today and mostly sunny.

Tell your friends about AquabumpsSo you’ve been getting these emails for years now…enjoy the pics, comps, special deals, odd party…now I need a favor… need to get some of your friend’s email addresses off you so I can send them an invitation to join the Aquabumps mob. CLICK HERE. In the process you may win 7 days of yoga and surfing at Samudra retreats up at Byron next month (worth $1600! Dang!). You can enter as many people as you like…so just keep on piling them into this form…(the more crew, the greater the chance of winning)
Hope to see you tonight at North Bondi RSL for the Soul Riders surf flicks @ 7:30pm.
Designer Furniture Sale – Mojo PacificIt’s on again…Mojo Pacific are having their annual giant sale of indoor and outdoor primo furniture. First time that the outdoor furniture has been on offer in their sales…When: Thursday 28th April – Sunday 1st May 9am – 6pm all days except Thursday 28th 12noon – 8pm. Where: Mentmore Film Studios 5-13 Mentmore Ave Rosebery. For more information

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bondi 7am – clean, small, bit lackin’ but surfable mutesClean small waist high numbers rolling into the bay lackin’ grunt. 09:24am high tide promoting fullness on the odd left hander in the southern end. You’re probably wondering how it is that today’s first shot is of Mick, Bondi’s power munga, bustin’ out a dirty front side grab rail aerial in such lackin’ conditions. (And landed it perfectly). Good question really…f-r-e-a-k…If you work it out let me know.

Wind is currently NW, will sing NE, smaller tomorrow, and not looking special for the rest of the week. Good weather Wed/Thurs with rain and south change on Friday.
Soul Riders Surf Film Festival ReturnsTomomrrow night – OPENING NIGHT @ North Bondi RSL – WEDNESDAY April 27th | 7:30pm $5 for the Double Premiere showing ‘Seasons‘ and ‘Drive Thru South America‘. Come down, eat food, drink beer and watch 2 brand spankin’ surf flicks for the grand total admission of 5 bucks.
Tell your friends about Aquabumps…and could score!You could win a 7 day Yoga + Surfing retreat up at Byron Bay on the 8th May to 14th May with Samudra (travel not included). To enter, you need to refer as many people as you can to Aquabumps. Every person you nominate will receive 1 SINGLE SAMPLE email inviting into the Aquabumps arena. They can then decide for themselves if they want to join the other 12,000 really smart, good looking, creative people on this list.

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Friday, April 22, 2005

The Bra 7am – very tasty, clean, head highTo compare today to ice-cream, it would be cookie cream commotion for sure. Ain’t no vanilla….Sensational clear skies, gentle NW offshores and quite a bit of east in this nicely formed swell. You can still get away with a springy or boardies with 22 degree water temps…and The Bra had a few suck-u-lent little pipes. Bondi wasn’t really doing it…closing out and smaller. NE winds will kick in later with a 12:49 low tide. Now is the pick.

Few little waves around for this weekend. Monday afternoon is the best day with a building South swell. Sunny 24 today, partly sunny 24 tomorrow, Few showers sundee 22, Fine and crankin’ on Monday 24.
PTY LTD at the EASTERN tonight for special ANZAC RUMPUSThis Friday local Brissy boys PTY LTD will be playing live and funking it up with Rumpus DJ’s Nick Law and Jules Beaumont in the Ruby Lounge for the special ANZAC RUMPUS long weekend. The PTY LTD sound is a blend of reinvented funky house music that constantly evolves, blending old skool with nu skool to full effect that’s creating an upsurge internationally and around Australia. Check them out at

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Bondi 7am – shoulder high, clean with offshoresFew clean shoulder high chunks arriving at Bondi this morning. An early offshore breeze provided a chance for the ocean to settle, but the 5:53am high tide promoted chubbiness and some disruptive backwash. Beach was empty…winds will come up from the south east later deteriorating the surfable conditions this morning. Southern protected corners will be the go this afternoon. Weather is overcast, few showers and 22 degrees. Similar tomoz.
Attention all medical doctors!Boy have I got an offer for you. If you’re a doctor, and love surfing, this will be a dream…2 weeks on the INDIES TRADER III which is like…um…the most luxurious charter boat doing the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia (floating four seasons). Sweet as. Normally costs a hell of a lot of mulla. June 14th -24th June 2005 is the tour dates. You just pay for your air ticket to Padang! Legitimate enquires only please. Contact Us with your details, background etc.
ALOHA surfboard + Bumps Print winner!Thanks everyone that completed the Aquabumps Survey. Some really interesting info has come out of it. 97% of you look at Aquabumps for the photos (shucks). 33% of you are aged 26-30. 67% work in the CBD. 76% male…enuf ramblio…and the winner of the new ALOHA surfboard + Mega Aquabumps print (Drawn in front of bumps official adjudicators) – DARCY WRIGHT! Big thanks to Aloha!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Bondi 7:45am – ugly grey morning, messy waist highHiya. Peeping through the curtain at 6am this morning wasn’t doing it for me…dark grey overcast skies, rain, and onshore winds mincing up waist to shoulder high waves. Good morning to catch up on a few extra zz’s. Bondi has a small optimistic mob out…gettin’ the odd one. Winds will freshen from the SE this afternoon 15-20 knots. High tide 17:53 Low tide 11:41, max 22 today with a shower or two. Just like the Simpson’s, decided to re-run some fav shots. (well, kinda only got to take 1 shot this morning in between showers).

To save time… all images are shot on a Canon 10D digital SLR…yes I do have a water housing…it’s custom built. Read the FAQ’s if you still want to know more.
Gonna be bigger tomoz.
Aquabumps Survey closes 8pm todayToday is your last chance to complete the Aquabumps survey which will put you in the running to win a new ALOHA surfboard and a giant Aquabumps photographic print of your choice…winner announced tomorrow.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bondi 7am – pretty average. Weak wind swell closing out
Splish splashin’ around the south end in search of something semi-decent…not much on offer with a locally generated east wind swell fondling our coastline…sets up around shoulder high, mostly shuttin’ down on a relatively shallow bank. Quite a few crew out enjoying our late summer weather, loose boards all-round the place…last night’s south change ruffled up the surface quality. Summary, average. Only if keen…Thursday next decent day.
Bali Villa Available
$1000 a week for Aquabumps readers (sleeps 6)…villa in Canggu…for rent from Australia couple. See pics or email
[email protected]
Pure Yoga and Surf Retreats – Samudra
Combining Yoga with surf trips to get the most of your body, Samudra are running retreats globally…There’s one up at Bryon coming up, click here for more information.

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Bondi 7am – shoulder high sets, clean, closing out or fat
Sorry for the late report today (no wasn’t surfing all morning -mowahahaha). Summery morning with clean waves down at Bondee this morning. Clear skies and reasonably clean conditions pushy the odd shoulder high set in the southern corner. Def. surfable. Bigger sets seem to close out straight or blow-out into fattie burgers – perhaps more water on it would be healthier. Every now and then a fast wally one would poke up…northerly winds, south change tonight. High tide 16:30 low tide 10:18. Swell is easing tomorrow.
Shark Attack at Bronte
Talk of the town over the weekend was surfer Simon Letch’s shark attack at Bronte around 6am on Saturday. First reports 3 metres…tiger…then 2 metres…bronzey…now 1.5m….Simon’s ok, just his new board had a bit of a nibble… Simon’s pretty laid back about the whole ordeal as I saw him paddle out Bronte again this morning. We were quite oblivious to it all at Tama on the right that morning…
Wal’s out
It’s a good time to go surfing at the moment. Your wave quota will increase ten fold seeing infamous wave hog Wal is officially out of the water due to a busted up foot. The injury obtained whilst break-dancing at The Eastern on Satruday night…sober…obviously.
What a cracker day (max 31! Yeha!). Pencils down…head to the beach.

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Friday, April 15, 2005

Bondi 7am – weak small waves…
Hate to say it…but it was pretty lame this morning. Waves were breaking mostly around waist high down at Bondi…couple larger sets but nothin’ that would make you froth. Good day for beginners as it’s soft as… Overcast skies have broken our classic summer run as we head to a maximum of 23 degrees today. Swell is going to come up overnight with a new southern weather pattern. Looks like the onshore winds are tagging along with it…so surface quality shall be poor unless we are lucky with an early SW offshore tomorrow…high tide 13:10 low tide 07:14, water still warm 22 degrees. You take it ezy.

JOHN WITZIG – Surf Icons Photographic exhibition
There’s a cool photographic exhibition on at the Dickerson Gallery by John Witzig. John got lucky when some of his friends got famous. He was hanging around surfing in Australia with the right people at the right time. His misspent youth found him involved with surfing magazines – writing, editing, designing and taking photographs. John has been the editor of Surf International and founded Tracks Mag in 1970 with mates…He’s got some classic shots…Exhibition: Monday 4 April 2005 – Sunday 1 May 2005, Dickerson Gallery 34 Queen Street Woollahra, Phone: +61 2 9363 3358

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hola Ninos, what a spectacular day! You’ve gotta love this time of year, water is still warm (22), clear skies, and Bondi switches into winter mode…tourism dies down, mornings are relatively chilled…yes, you might even start to find the odd car park.
The waves were super clean with early NW offshore breezes. Smaller than yesterday… This swell is producing a few waist to shoulder high waves down at Bondi. Small crew enjoying the odd left in the south. The water is deeeeeeeluxe. Heavenly in fact. So damn clear…a lunchtime swim not a bad call. Get wet. High tide 12:10pm Low tide 5:30pm, crackin’ 26 degrees on land! Smaller tomorrow…with size improvment on Saturday.
RUMPUS at The Eastern, Friday 15th AprilThis Friday at RUMPUS we’ve got an evening of full flavoured funky dance floor gems brought to you by the king of the hands in the air tunes, superstar DJ GOODWILL at the Ruby lounge. He’ll be joining the Wonderland boyz crankin’ it up once again…
SPECIAL ANZAC Rumpus at The Eastern, Friday 22nd AprilSpecial guests PTY LTD from Brisvegas have been invited to RUMPUS for the start of the long weekend. PTY LTD have supported the likes of Moloko, Jay J Hernandez, Latrice Barnett and played amongst others…
:: End Transmission::

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bondi 7am – head high sets, is okaah.Overnight increase in size has generated some fluffy head high chunks this morning down at Bondi. Looked quite fatty-boom-ba, but reasonably fun with a few on the left hand bank in the south and the occasional less frequent right peeling off the Icebergs bank. Morning crew enjoying the remainder of the warm water season, still surfable in boardies…light winds this morning predicted to swing NE this afternoon 10-15 knots. Maximum of 24 degrees with some sunshine…

Caught up with Ben Matson from Swellnet this morning. Being the master surf forecaster, in between Spanish omelette mouthfuls at the Kiosk, Ben gave me his surf forecast for the next few days: good waves today (2′-4′) at south facing beaches generated from a large swell down south in Tas/Vic (big Shipsterns yesterday 15-18 foot faces), dropping tomorrow (1′-2′), Friday improving in the afternoon (2-4′)…and a few decent ones on Saturday. (3′-4′)

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bondi 7am – book a holiday to indo Fresh S-S-easterlies dicing up the knee high wind dribbles down Bondi this morning. Not really much to ride at all…(despite the one wave I saw Robin on). Good day to clean off scabby old wax, fix dings from the weekends bingle, buy a new Aquabumps tee (now ya torkin’), windsurf, rearrange the furniture in your apartment – or for the majority – work.

Cooler land temp of 23 degrees today, water remains 22 degrees. High tides around 10:30am and low tide at 4pm….
Villa in Bali for RentFor about the past 6 months our breaks have been relatively ‘drop-in’ free…Reason being Tim Beo (aka The Hobit) has moved to Bali . If you’re heading up to Bali and want to feel at home with a Hobit dropin, they’ve got a villa for lease near Canggu…It’s up for rent from May 7th to June 9th . View website
GOGOFROGAnother friend has also started a unique 3d website builder – GOGOFROG. It’s free!

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Bondi 6am – super clean minis
One could be convinced we’re bang in da middle of summer with a weekend like that. ROol noice. Few clean lil’ numbers rockn’ into Bondee early this morning… its only around waist high…but with 22 degree warm water, no wind, and a inferno sunrise – best lap it up. We’re heading to a max of 27 degrees today with a few showers developing this afternoon amidst a mild south change. The swell is coming from the east…and doesn’t look like it’s going to crank this week. We’ve had some good waves lately…hope you fulfilled your quota.
Bumps is crankin’ all around the place at the moment. Last month 160,000 unique visitors. Well who would thought…
Our buddies at surf culture are in search of a new BUM (Business Unit Manager) to be the big daddy and take the reins of their new 3-level mega store in Bondi Junga. If you’re a red hot retailer who wants to share in the profits of their hard work then click here to read more…

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Friday, April 08, 2005

Bondi 7am – nice morning, clean waves chest high inconsistentFun little waves around this morning. 7:50am high tide was getting the better of it creating fatness. Left in the south end was working on sets – fair bit of waiting around though…glorious morning, surprisingly after a massive down pour last night. Maximum of 24 degrees and mainly fine. Yeeeeha! Winds will swing NE this afternoon and the swell will start to get a bit more east direction in it. Cracker weekend coming up…no summer ain’t over yet!

Loads of stuff happening this weekend if you’re out an about.FRIDAY NIGHT RUMPUS AT THE EASTERNTonight RUMPUS is on again at the Eastern in Bondi Junction. Wonderland DJ’s Nick and Sara are back on the decks cranking up the RUBY LOUNGE. Great bar, check it out if you haven’t already.
RUMPUS/THE EASTERN MembershipsIf you haven’t received your membership card in the mail yet, thanks for your patience, we’ve been blown away by the response, expect to receive them in the next few days. If you would like to apply for a membership to RUMPUS/THE EASTERN that entitles you to: guaranteed entry, no queuing and no cover charge, please send your name and address to [email protected] MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS CLOSE SOON!
FOUR SEASONS AND BOTANICS at Beach Road Hotel SundayNew surf film ‘Four Seasons’ by Ryan Kenny will previewing at the Beach Road on Sunday at 6pm, followed by some tunes by BOTANICS at 8pm. Admission free!
BONDI BOARD RIDERS – season startsThe first board rider’s event for this year is on this Sunday 8am at South Bondi. Registration night is at the Beach Road Hotel tonight Friday 8th. $25 to join. Contact Ben at [email protected]

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Waves were lookin’ tidy dis morning, which is why I passed the camera over to renowned Sydney photographer Martin Mischkulnig to capture his point of view on our early morning Bondi activities. Here is what he came up with…Kombi is gold.
Waves …yep, we’ve got a few hitting our chunk of the coast. Clean head high inconsistent sets rockin’ into Bondi. Decent left with a semi chubby wall at 7am. Fun to be had, just had to wait for the sets and get one without Wal droppin’ in on ya (rare). This south swell should hold up for a couple of days before a new east swell on da weekend. Winds will blow south easterly this afternoon…high tide 7am low tide 1:20pm. Seeya, ::Uge
PS – To Andrew G from Realsurf…Only a wettie for me dis morn’. Mowhahah!

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Its morning, I’d expected the same junkyard as the past couple of days under these grey skies. The south swell continues to pump into our shores; however an overnight offshore breeze has dressed up our head high sets into clean cut lines worthy of sliding. It looked inviting around 7am (or earlier) with a fullish tide. The shore break in the south providing a gauntlet of unpredictable tubing lips for a small gathering.
High tide 18:46 Low tide 12:40, 23 degrees on land, Light westerly winds tending light to Moderate east to southeasterly.
New Surf Film Four Seasons by Ryan KennySupported by Australian Surfing Life magazine, Four Seasons is an epic production from Ryan Kenny which looks through the eyes of each surfer, giving a real insight into their personality, lifestyle and surfing prowess. More
You’re invited to the Beach Road hotel Bondi this Sunday night (10th April – 6pm) for a sneak preview of the new film, which will be followed by a session at 8pm by the BOTANICS. Should be a great night. Hope to see you there. Admission if FREE. Ciao, ::Ugio

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Bondi 7am – meaty onshore mushy chunksHow good was the weather on the weekend? Psycho Sydney switched into south storm mode this week with onshore SE winds and a meaty south swell. Most waves were wind affected this morning, creating uninviting conditions. You’d surf something around head high today on a south facing beach like Bondi…only the odd man out at 7am…waited 30 minutes to find a wave with someone standing on it…with no success. Guess that says something. Pretty borza pics today…yawn…need light…High tide 17:59 Low tide 11:54 am. Max 21 degrees today.

Return of SnowbumpsAfter an awesome snow season last year, gained some excellent traction. This year Mad Dog is planning some bigger and better stuff for you powder monkeys. To get things crankin’ he’s keen to find some photographers based in the NSW, Victorian and NZ slopes. If you are a talented shooter based in the snow this season and hungry for some exposure, or possibly know of someone that would be suitable… then email some shots to [email protected].
The Beast – the monthly magazine for Sydney’s beaches of the east has released its April edition… Cool colourful mag full of photos, articles, interviews, reviews, local news and sport, trivia…pick one up around the local traps.
Seeya, ::Uge

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Bondi 7am – Plenty of swell. Clean. 2-3 metre facesExcuses to get out work today:"Must’ve eaten some bad chicken at dinner last night…there’s some explosive toilet action…think I need to have a lie down""I’m working from home today…got big proposal to get through…and my mobile is outta range at home – bugger""Being April fools, my mates thought it would funny to tie me to a street pole last night with Gaffa tape – gonna have trouble making it in today – I’m now a hairless mute in pain""Just ducking out for an early lunch" (back in 5 hours)And if you’ve got a understanding boss "it’s pumpin’ – catchya mondeeee"

What a cracker morning. Perfect weather, clean consistent lines, light offshore breezes and mega warm water. Bondi was suffering from lowtideitis (low 7:20am) closing out most waves straight on the shallow banks…bit more water and bingo, you’d get something fun (high tide 13:18). I reckon loads of places would be showing a clean whackable pocket… Winds will swing NE later. If you can’t get outta work…no stress, prediction is waves and good weather all weekend.
Hope to see you at the Eastern tonight, the wonderland boyz doing their RUMPUS shindig in the Rubby lounge. Heard last week it was crankin’…

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