Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bondee 7am – offshore, 4-5 foot, consistent, shutting downSwell is great – good size and consistently pumping lines into the bay…wind, yup, nice clean offshores, sunshine – perfect…banks? Nope. Most of what I witnessed this morning was closing out straight along mid to south Bondi. Sets were up around 4-5 foot solid, with the majority around 3ft. South Westerly winds will swing around to the south this afternoon and freshen. Max 20 degrees today – feels cooler than that. Great week for surfing…waves everyday pretty much and into the weekend. Somewhere else would be going off…High tide 3:25pm, Low tide 9:06am.

Aquabumps – Photo art exhibition – open tonight 6:30pm to 9pmWe’re opening late tonight for those who haven’t had a chance to see the Aquabumps exhibition at Underwater Australia Gallery 1 Edgecliff Road Woollahra Telephone 02 9387 6180. I’ll be down there if you want to talk photography, surfing or wonder who this weirdo is that keeps on sending emails to you everyday. Exhibition Preview
Surf looks like fun at the GLOBE WCT Fiji event today. Live footage online

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Monday, May 30, 2005

Bondi 7am – 4 – 5 foot, lots of water
Our predicted beefy southern swell arrived on Saturday night and continues
to pump size into Bondi this morning. Yesterday was a big day here in
Sydney. It’s smaller than yesterday, yet still up around 4-5 foot range.
Great conditions this morning with westerly winds and perfectly clear
skies. Loads of water moving, especially after clean up sets…so a protected
corner would be more suitable for a few fun ones. Swell will continue
to fade this week, leaving us with fun head (ish) high waves all week
and clean sunny offshores. There is heaps of south in this swell, so Bondi
should be picking up the best of it.
High tide: 14:21, Low tide 19:57, water temp 20 degrees,
land 21 degrees, Winds W 5-10 knots swinging southerly this arvo.
Aquabumps Photo-art exhibition – Open tomorrow
night late
Tomorrow night we’re opening the Aquabumps exhibition 6:30pm to
9pm so if you haven’t see the show already, please come down
and have a look. Underwater Australia Gallery – 1 Edgecliff Road Woollahra
(next door to the Uggie shop). Otherwise its open until 11th June Tuesday-Sunday
10am to 6pm. View

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Friday, 27 May 2005

Bondi 7am – coupla tasty head high waves suitable for gougingSwell is still here, slightly smaller than yesterday afternoon before a weekend of thunder chunks. Heaps of crew out this morning enjoying the multiple peaks on offer. Decent clean head high waves in the south with a semi tube section on the inside shallow bank. Winds offshore with a polar-chill… sun is shining and the water is still warm 20 degrees. Yeeeeoww. Tomorrow afternoon you’d better get the ski out for some towin’ action – south facing beaches are gonna cop some size honks.

Here be other stuff…
Bondi Bare Foot – Sunday 29th May 8amIts on again this year, the North Bondi SLSC’s Bondi soft sand running race. Two races, 4km or 8km for the hard core crew. Get down to North Bondi at 8am if you’re interested…more info
Lost At E Minor – an email newsletter which looks at & promotes emerging talent & news in art, illustration, photography and music. Subscribe
Monster Children Gallery Open – Last night MC opened their new gallery with Thomas Campbell and Alex Kopps showing the goods. Look like everything was sold…but def. worth a look. 20 Burton Street Darlinghurst. More info
Aquabumps Photo-art Exhibition – if you haven’t seen my first show, its open all weekend from 10am to 6pm. I’ll be loitering around the gallery tomorrow (if the surf not as good as expected) if you want to come down and talk it up. Underwater Australia Gallery, 1 Edgecliff Road Woollahra (Yup – next to the 100 year old Piano and ug boot shop at the major junction with Old South Head Road).

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bondi 7am – swell has arrived, shoulder high, fun!After last night’s southerly blow up we’ve been blessed with shoulder high (and bigger) waves this morning down at Bondi. It’s not perfect, but there were plenty of waves on offer for the large crowd sprawled along the beach. It’s a south swell, so any beach facing that way should be more than surfable today. Still a Little bit bumpy from last night agitation – it will settle. Water is still warm 20 degrees, but icy SW winds blowing in your face when exiting will make you feel alive.

Talk of the town is the swell coming on the weekend. Yup…happy days ahead this weekend with a huge spike on Saturday arvo to solid 10 footers… yeeeooooww. Maybe go easy on the booze this weekend…Translation for Jamie Mann – 14 beers instead of standard 30.
Special day for lil’ godson Charlie, who turns 4 today and is on track for his Surfing World Champ title assault in 15 years time. Happy birthday Chuckster!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Bondi 7am – bigger than yesterday, still not big enoughSilky smooth surfaces with dribbly knee high waves in the middle of Bondi. Every 20 minutes the odd waist high set in the middle. Looks slightly bigger than yesterday… still better suited to the newbies. Sensational morning with a spectacular sunrise and great light for shooting. A 15 minute window of liquid gold.

Tonight’s predicted south change will hopefully rustle up something for us tomorrow… pray for swell. Max 22 today, high tide 9:10am, low tide 2:45pm.
Don’t forget to head down to North Bondi RSL tonight at 7:30pm for Thomas Campbell’s Sprout flick. Loads of crew coming (including Thomas and some of the stars from the film)…$10 entry.
Adios ::uge (south of the border)

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Bondi 7am – waist high, weak…beginner’s dayFiery skies this morning with a classic autumn sunrise. Pity the surf wasn’t up to scratch with tiny knee to waist high dribbles on Bondi. Good opportunity for the beginners to clock up some water time without the big crowds. It’s clean and winds are blowing chilly offshore (NW). 21 degrees today mainly fine with high cloud. Tomorrow afternoon a fresh afternoon south change will rock through stirring up some swell for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. High tide 8:30am, Low tide 2pm.

North Bondi RSL – Spout and Thomas Campbell7:30pm Wednesday 25th May, filmmaker Thomas Campbell is here from the US and is rockn’ down to the North Bondi RSL for a showing of his creative masterpiece surf flick Sprout. Tickets are only $10.
Aquabumps underwater exhibition is openYeah you know it; my first solo show of underwater photo-art is open for public viewing. All shots are from my favourite perspective underwater. The mounting technique used is unique with an epoxy resin finish making the images appear wet on the walls…show finishes on 11th June so please go have a look. 1 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra at the Underwater Gallery. See preview

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Monday, May 23, 2005

Bondi 7am – micro clean knee high bits…mal riders onlyHope you satisfied your wave quota last week because we’re lacking swell today – and is not going to improve for a few days. Super clean conditions under a fat high pressure system…sun is shining in perfectly clear skies and the offshore winds have a chill that bites…
For those that like specifics – waves knee high, winds SW 5 knots, Max 22 degrees, High tide 7:30am Low tide 1:20pm, water 19…fine weather all week.Mild Sydney winters rock…
Thomas Campbell and Sprout at North Bondi RSLSpecial night at North Bondi RSL this Wednesday 25th May, Soul Riders surf movie fest are showing SPROUT and Thomas the film maker is coming down for a few. Not to be missed. He’s in town to open his new exhibition at Monster Children’s new gallery this week. Also coming down is legends Tom Wegener, Dane Peterson + Belinda Baggs who star in Sprout…
Go FreshGet quality fruit and veg home delivered by local surfer Sam Davies and his business Go Fresh…50% discount on seasonal boxes to new members, just enter discount code AQUA when checking out on his website.

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Bondi 8am – 4ft-5ft yup…working quite nicelyFew good waves around this morning – getting wet ain’t a bad option. Sun’s out too… This week’s solid south-south-easterly swell continues to pump joy into our beaches – it’s a fair bit smaller than yesterday, yet more in control. Bondi has finally cleaned itself up with the gentle offshore breezes producing quality lefts in the south – only a couple of guys out, as the bigger sets will keep you paddling in circles. Options galore today, so spread yourselves up and down the coast…northern beaches would be firing up about now…Manly (Nth Steyne), Bower etc…yeha. High tide 5am, Low tide 11:20am, SW winds with a max of 20.

Tomorrow its going to drop in size again, but with fun small waves and sweet offshore breezes.
Aquabumps Underwater Exhibition is OpenYou’re probably all aware that my exhibition of underwater shots is now open and will run until 11th June. It’s open 10am to 6pm this weekend at Underwater Australia Gallery 1 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra (at the intersection with Old South Head Road – yup near that piano shop). Telephone 9387 6180 – See exhibition preview online.
Have a great weekend..I’m heading up to the goldie…::uge

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Now ya torkin…swells up folks. Had a look around Cronulla and found a few off the point that looked like fun. Mostly 6-8 foot solid with some cracker sets – loads of paddling against a strong current – a great day for a tow. SSW winds currently hacking through Sydney at 10-20 knots causing havoc at exposed breaks, so hit those southern protected corners. Northern beaches would have plenty on offer – Manly probably smokin’…Bondi would be a mass of foam and lethal currents – forget that…get in the car, grab a decent sized board and bake it.
Water is a cooler 19, land max 19 as well. High tide 4:30pm, Low tide 10am. Bit of east in this beefy swell…(ESE 4-5m). Um. Tomorrow…bring it orn.
Kelly Slater wins the Billabong Pro in Tahiti with 2 perfect 10’s! (that’s 20 points out of possible 20!). Some rate it the best competition surfing of all time…more
Last night the Aquabumps underwater photo-art show opened at Underwater Australia Gallery in Woollahra. It will run until 11th June, so come on down and have a look around. Open Tues – Sundee 10am to 6pm. Special thanks to Richard from the gallery, Principal sponsor Kell & Rigby, Reschke Wines for last nights good drop, George for all his resin works, Ness, Jamie, Mad dog & Nicky.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bondi 7am – wild and wooly. 10-12 foot faces on sets. Totally blown outLoads of sizey messed up chunks around this morning. Overnight increase is now producing 12 foot faces out the back of Bondi. Not really surfable. You’d be duckin’ and weaving through a few rogue foam balls whilst droppin’ into some hell bumpy faces. Manly again is the go, protected from this howling SE wind and in more control. Thursday and Friday starting to shape up into good surf days when these howling onshores retreat – swell will be smaller but lining up better.

Frequent showers today, 18 degrees, South east winds,high tide 15:40pm, low tide 09:19am.
Seeya, ::uge

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Monday, May 16, 2005

Plenty of swell mashin’ our coastline at da moment. Large rollin’ fattie-bom-ba sets breaking right across the bay (10-12 foot faces). Not much fun surfing with howling SE onshore winds creating a mass of white foam omo style. Not much lining up – might get the odd wave in the northern corner of Bondi or you need to hit a south protected corner…places that you don’t normally check…better still head over to Manly…sweet as on the weekend and out of the wind.
Start mid this week, runs for a month…be sure to come check out my favourite underwater shots at Underwater Australia Gallery, 1 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra Telephone – 9387 6180 or visit www.underwateraustralia.com.au

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Friday, May 13, 2005

Wot only one measly picture from today? Yup. When I checked it at 8am it wasn’t looking that inviting with howling onshores messy up over head high chunx. One lone wolf in the middle picked off 1 wave in 15 minutes… nonetheless we’ve got some swell, just need surface quality. High tide 11:50am, low tide 5pm. Max 20 degrees with grey skies. Had to run some old gold shots seeing the lack of content this morning. Tomorrow should improve with lighter winds…so me thinks fun to be had over the next 3 days. yeeha.

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The expected south swell arrived, perhaps smaller than anticipated…but it should build as the day progresses. Nuisance s-easterly onshore winds were early and mutilating surface quality, and it’s only going to get worse with expected freshening winds dis arvo. So, you’d have to be keen…couple of random ones, but nothing much to yeeeeha about. High tide 11am, Low tide 16:16. Cloudy day with a few showers, 22 max. Boo. Forecast…Saturday should be ok…wait for winds to settle.
Yep, got my act together (kinda – with help) and having a show at Underwater Australia Gallery. Starts mid next week. All shots taken underwater…come down and have a look…Later::Yoo-oj
Credit: Handwriting today is Buzo Ness’s.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bondi 7am – cleanliness is next to godlinessFirst impressions weren’t too flash. It was really clean stuff though – silk. Superb morning light. Today’s anticipated south swell appeared inadequate. Hanging on the rail for half an hour or so and some decent rights were breaking off da Bergs corner. The pick of the sets over head high. Only problem being larger sets were shutting down straight. Swell is building; I would expect an afternoon of decent chunks, unfortunately with SE winds (go those protected corners). South change kicks in later on Thursdee. High tide 10:12 Low tide 15:36, Max 23 degrees…beefy chunks tomoz.
United Galleries’ exciting New Exhibition at Bondi Pavilion starts tonight, featuring works by Paul Green …certainly one worth seeing.
For those of you that entered last week’s competition to "Win $10K worth of Art", good luck and for those who missed out, QUICK last chance…click below.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Da bra 7am – small sucky peaksAfternoon bumps…I know…late. Couple nice lil’ sneaky ones breaking close to the shore at da Bra this morning. Nothing much over waist high…quite a few out enjoying smooth surface quality and pretty rad sunrise. Bondi would have the odd mini chunk, so you can surf, morning better than arvo, but it’s nothing skip work for. The good news is that tomorrow is a new day with a new south swell. This should supply us with some worthy chunks into da weekend. Tormenting SE winds will accompany this swell…so protected corners the go.

Aquabumps Photographic Exhibition 18th May – 11th JuneIt’s been a long time coming…yes…finally I’m having my first solo photographic exhibition at Underwater Australia Gallery – 1 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra (just at the back of Bondi). Opening 18th May, all photos are from my favourite perspective – underwater. You can preview the images on the gallery website www.underwateraustralia.com.au. Please come down and have a look when it opens mid next week….huge thanks to exhibition principal sponsor Kell & Rigby.

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Bondi 7am – clean waist high, picturesqueThis month’s micro conditions continue today with waist high waves at Bon-dye. Clean conditions under a gentle offshore breeze as winter’s chill kicks in. Few little waves in the south and on the middle bank, mostly closing out or fat. NW winds this morning which will swing to the NE this afternoon. Looks like it will get up around 23 degrees…nice. Little bit of east in this swell, so east swell magnets should be attracting more size. Low tide 14:26 High tide 08:46

Forecast – signs of something happening mid week so best crank the work out now…

Bondi Business Opportunity – hair salon right on the beachIf you’re a hairdresser looking for new location and fresh start, you’re in luck. Shop 18, 110 Ramsgate Avenue Bondi is available. (Right next door to Bondi Kiosk). Previously FUZZ hair salon, this spot has ocean views, 35 square metres of space, all ready to open for business including cool fitout. Walk in an start cutting. Great opportunity for $550 per week. Call 0414 944 331

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Friday, May 06, 2005

Bondi 6:30am – small small smallYou can surf. It will push. Don’t expect to be butchering big open faces though. Bumps are knee high at Bondi. Bit of east direction in this swell, so beaches facing that way will be bigger. Southern weather pattern will arrive this afternoon bringing strong SE’s and increase in size but not quality. 06:34am High tide not doing it any favours dis mornin’ to the minibumps. Low tide 12:42. Only 21 degrees today on land…

Bondi Board riders cancelled this Sunday due to Mother’s Day…
Winners of Sprout CD’s – Ian Flatt, Sarah Boersen, Jo cooper, Craig Cummins, Nathan Oldfield and Christine Jahn
RUMPUS at the EASTERN on tonightIt’s on again this Friday night with SoulShakers Robin Knight, Peter Glass and Melbourne’s finest soulman Dean Holcombe. 7pm until late. Plus all the fun of the RUMPUS dj’s as usual from 9pm in the Ruby Lounge.
Have great weekend – adios, ugios

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Bondi 7am – knee(ish) high dribbly
Few technical problems around town this morning – big internet outage…Dum
de dum. No surf. Nada. Ripple-mania. Nice morning…loads of activity
on the beach. Looks like a few training for the bare foot soft sand classic
being held by North Bondi SLSC May 29.
Glassy conditions this morning. Sun was shining and large
chunx of clouds looming on the horizon. Expect a slight increase in swell
later today, and tomorrow a south change should kick up something. Onshore
winds will follow…but at least it won’t be flat. 5:44am high tide, 12am
low tide
Canon Australia Contacts
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WIN A SPROUT soundtrack CD
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perfect for the cruze down da coast this weekend. If you feel you’re worthy
of winning a copy, just answer this simple question – name another surf
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to enter.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bondi 7am – ankle bitersIn some parts of the world its 8 foot solid and tubing off it’s noooona today. There’s even lip launching jet skis narrowly missing Teahupoo warriors (more). But it’s all quiet on the surfing front at downtown Bondi. Soft ankle biters will struggle to give you any push this morning. An optimistic handful stared at the horizon in search of the freak set. You’d have to be patient. Chill factor this morning…hate to admit it…but winter is playing with our temperature dials as Bondee flicks into quiet mode. Specifics, 4:50am high tide, 11.21 low tide, sunny 23 degrees, Light northwest to Northeast winds dis arvo. Seeing its nearly flat, tomorrow has to be bigger…

Story on Bumps in the Perth’s papers this week…nice. View
Thought that art portfolios were only for the mega-wealthy? Not any more�- artworks are the new shares – start yours today with the help and advice of United Galleries to collect art now and for the future. Click below to find out more. Registering also enters you into a draw to win a $10k worth of art.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bondi 7am – shoulder high, inconsistent and closing out mostlyLate report today…yep…I know (whack over knuckles). Really late. Bondi was super clean earlier this morning with shoulder high waves breaking in the southern corner. Large early crowd enjoying the morning sunshine and glassy conditions. Sets were around 5-10 minutes apart, and when they rocked up they were mostly closing out straight. 10:30am low tide and 4:50pm high tide. Heading towards 23 degrees with cooler 21 degrees water. Time to drag the rubber out of the garage – chill factor kickn’ in slightly.

Unleash the BEASTThe BEAST (beaches of the east magazine) has just released is latest edition. It’s free so grab a copy from just about anywhere in the eastern beaches…pub, shops, hotels etc.
Bondi Board Riders Comp postponed this SundayNo comp this Sunday as you should be spending quality time with ya ma on Mother’s day. Knowing our luck it will be 4 foot glassy and piping…
Seeya, ::u-g-i-o

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Monday, May 02, 2005

Bondi 7am – onshore messy shoulder high.It’s pretty messy with early south-easter winds mincing up shoulder high chunx. 3 guys out in the south not really scoring any joy…so not a bad one to sleep in, especially with the morning drizzle and grey skies. Cool maximum of 20 degrees today and partly cloudy. Swell will decrease over the next 3 days…geez been a while since some decent conditions. Think there would be some grumpy man grommets around the place with surplus energy…

Palm Beach SLSC fundraiser season closing party – 6th MayThis Friday night Plan-B (the Bourbon – 24 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross) will be hosting the Palmie SLSC end of season bash. Josh Mullins (DJ from Field Day 2005) will be playing all night. Tickets can be purchased for $15 prepaid via credit card (Ph 9974 1288) or $20 on the door on the night. Doors open at 8pm and drinks are free till 10pm. Theme: "Rescue me". View Flyer
Let Lucy Live – Grey Nurse Shark ConservationThanks heaps to all who came along to the Let Lucy movie event in March which nearly filled the cinema. Now we’re trying to get heaps of signatures to make the Govt aware that we do give a ratz to Let Lucy Live. If you want to make a difference please log onto www.letlucylive.org.au, and spend just 2 mins to fill out the ‘e-lobby’ form, oh and please pass this on to others who care too.
Seeya, ::Uge

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