Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Yesterday’s gusty North easterlies kicked up some wind swell. It’s only managing 2-3 foot at easterly exposed beaches though… Interval between waves is short, creating really weak conditions suitable for the power groms – and not much else (wind chop). Winds are still northerly this morning and will howl north east later on today. Sensational maximum temperature of 23 degrees today…how good.

Surf forecast for this week is predominantly E/NE swells…not much grunt nor size…should be a little bigger this arvo.
Looking at the swell charts…there is a lot of activity on the other side of Australia. Margaret River is scoring solid 10-12 foot this week….
The good news is it looks like swell is going to be heading up to Indonesia for the next Aquabumps tour which starts this weekend (1-15 Sept). Thanks to Telstra (especially Marc Tan, Simon Longes and Reiny Gajewski), Aquabumps reports will be broadcasted via Satellite connection from a 120 foot schooner, Bintang, drifting 100 Km’s off the coast of Sumatra.
Have a great day…Later, *Uge

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Swell has settled in nicely producing more rideable waves this morning
(4 foot). It’s slightly smaller than yesterday, yet cleaner
and lining up better. The banks at Bondi are patchy, so the best
bet is to go for a drive and find a south facing beach with banks
or a chunk of reef. Weekend looks fun with head high waves at most
south facing beaches (sat – S/SE winds, Sun – E/NE winds). Low tide
at 6:48am, High tide 1:27pm. Light offshore winds tending southeasterly
in the afternoon today. Perfectly sunny day with a top of 19 degrees.

Massive clearance sale finishes this Sunday. Check out their outdoor
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our coastal environment. 47 Tilford St Zetland ph 83991416, 10am-5pm
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On this Saturday 27th August down at Bondi. It’s 10 year anniversary.
South should be great for it…so check out the local shredders.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bondi 7am – meaty 4-5 foot, multiple peaks, bit shiftyHola. Our generous ESE swell continues today. Sets around 5 foot at Bondi, some bigger. Still looks very shifty to me. Peak here, peak there…closeout here there. Bit of a lucky dip really. If a pocket protrudes… belt it before the inevitable Bondi fattness.

About 60 guys out this morning spread across the whole bay. Plenty of waves to go round. This mornings offshore SW will swing SE this afternoon. I reckon today is the pick of the days for the week, I’d chuck a couple boards in the car and head out of town in search of something less wonky.
Fine. Mostly sunny. Max 20 degrees.This swell will decline tomorrow – just a tad …so surfable conditions will hold out until Sunday. (mostly around 2-3 foot).
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

We’ve got size but not quality. Swell seems somewhat confused this morning…bits and pieces flying in from all around. Loads of crew taking off and stackin’ it after being bucked off. Swells are close together…so I would let it settle for a while. Wave height – head high +, Low tide 5:30am, High tide 11:44am, Max 19 degrees on the land, freezing SW winds currently which will swing around this after and blow from the SE.

Swell will peak tomorrow and start the decline into Friday. Let’s hope the sand is moving with this turbulence.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bondi 6:35am – 3-4 footers, fattie out the backWe’re back in action…swells kicked up overnight and south facing beaches will be lighting of with this fresh batch (well compared to yesterday’s flatness). It will continue to increase in size today and get up around 5-6 foot later tonight. Winds are currently frosty offshores (SW) around 15 knots. This swell will hang around until Thursday and there are plenty of waves around. Now all we need is some sand bank renovations and we’ll score. 15 guys out the back in the south corner picking off some fat chunks. Inside bank had a few sucky ones. High tide: 10.56am Low tide: 4.59pm Water and land same temp today – 18 degrees.

Soulriders Film Night is on tomorrow night (24th August) at North Bondi RSL 7:30pm. Cost $5 for two movies. Film 1 – Singlefin:Yellow (Jason Baffa), Film 2 – Longer (JBrother). Contact [email protected] for more or ph: 61-(2)-9300-9532
Designer Furniture Sale – Indoor and Outdoor – now onMojo Pacific is moving and they’re having a clearance sale beforehand. Pick up some great designer indoor and outdoor furniture. Aquabumps subscribers receive 10% discount off all their outdoor range. 47 Tilford St Zetland ph 83991416, 10am-5pm Daily till Sunday 28th August. website

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Today is a day to be working…hard…(its flat as it gets – currently unsurfable). Try and squeeze in a weeks work in today if can. (For someone like Wal that will only take around 1 hour) Reason being – it’s a great week for surfing (despite what you see at the mo). About time I hear you all say. After 10 day flat spell, we’ve finally been sent some chunks. Fun starts tomorrow afternoon with a new East swell, whilst a south swell builds in the background. Wednesday/Thursday looking good with strong south swell. Biggest day Thursday me thinks.

One Place Left! Join a group of Tama locals on a 10 day trip to the Mentawai Islands (Indoneisa) sailing September 17th 2005. Sail on the Barrenjoey, 10 years experience in the Mentawis, one place left. Contact Andrew Harris. Mob: 0402 436 078

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Nothing to surf today. Great sunrise which I think I caught the tail end of. Put the boards away for the next 3 days. Can’t see any swell until next Tuesday. It is going to be 25 degrees today though, summer is coming. Light to moderate north to northwest winds freshening a little during the afternoon.

Thanks for the 10,000 emails requesting joggercam, bikini cam & swimmer cam. It is winter remember…but summer is around the corner.
[Waste time submitting answers to Aquabumps questionnaires even though there is no hint of a prize when I should be working. If they fire me you’ve scored a new assistant.]
[Go skiing]
[encourage your girlfriend to call in sick and stay in bed]
[Hang sh*t on uge, drink beer, have a baby, buy presents for your girlfriend] Prego Ness
[Listen to JJJ at lunchtime, this dude was talking about photographing the surf @ Bondi on Monday] – he sounds cool.
[Book a ticket to Indo!!!] – now ya talking my language. 2 weeks to go.

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Yeah there’s a little bump rockin’ into the bay – a small one, like knee to waist high. Lines are broken and wonky, in need of some power, but you can get the odd one in the middle worth a splash. It will drop off this afternoon with north east winds expected. Swell is coming from the south, so hit a south facing beach to surf anything that moves, before she goes flat…really micro. High tides: 5.59am & 6.09pm. Low tides: 0.06am & 11.29am. Even though there’s no swell coming…I bring good news…

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

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Monday, August 15, 2005

After 3 days of decent waves… its now dropping off rapidly. I
would reckon the odd chest high set out at Bondi (7am) will be the
best wave you’ll see for most of this week. If you didn’t get a
chance to sneak one in this morning – those boards will remain in
the garage until the next swell – perhaps next w/end. High tides:
3.33am & 4.04pm, Low tides: 9.13am & 11.05pm. Fine, high
cloud. Fresh to strong northwest winds ahead of a late westerly
change. Max 22. More east in the swell today…small interval chop

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Fridee, August 12, 2005

Bondi 7am – head high sets, manky banksWe’re back on…aaaiiiiii. Bondee has picked up overnight now holding head high sets. Two distinctive peaks, right in the south and left in the middle. Banks are pretty average, not really supporting any quality. Fine sunny day. Moderate south to southwest winds…chilly 17 degrees. Damn cold last night. High tides: 0.09am & 12.59pm, Low tides: 6.25am & 7.12pm. Go easy on the sauce tonight – tomorrow is looking sweet as. This south swell will pick up this afternoon leading into tomorrow. It’s going to be extra chilly – mega sealed suit the go and uggies. Go nuts.

Surfection Mosman still has a wettie sale on at the moment. Some great deals going down (like 50% off)..see Julian, tell him you’re from Aquabumps. 522 Military Road Mosman…
Later, ::Ugio ps – major server outage last night (site down)..explosion in server room.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bondi 7am – ankle to knee high,
Yeeeaah…but naaa…Swell has come up today – a whole 12 inches.
So instead of flatness, we’ve got little ripples. Forget surfing
– hit the snow. How cold is it? This chunk of air from Antarctica
is freezing our corner of Australia. Victoria has some of the heaviest
snow falls since 1951. Even snowing on some beaches along Great
Ocean Road! Max 15 today, Fresh to strong west to southwest winds,
moderating later.
Swell in Sydney will come up tomorrow afternoon and
Saturday is looking like some joy. Dust of the steamer – you’re
gonna need it.

Exhibition 12th – 16th August
The ‘Wonder’ exhibition and subsequent auction, to be held at Australia
Council for the Arts, will showcase a number of Australian Iconic
and Emerging Artists and Photographers, who have donated pieces
that express their ‘Wonder’. 100% of the money raised from the Art
auction will go directly to the Girls On Top Cause for 2005 – Gudrun
Sperrer’s Amazon Animal Orphanage. AUCTION – TUESDAY 16TH AUGUST,
Australia Council for the Arts, 372 Elizabeth St. Surry Hills. 6pm-9pm.

If you’ve got a lazy Iridium Satellite Phone and Data kit lying
around, I’d be keen to borrow it for 2 weeks (early Sept) on my
next Indonesian expedition so I can send bumps reports from very
remote areas. Contact

Tonight at Powerhouse Museum hear Nell Schofield
(Puberty Blues) chat with three experts, including Nick
Morley of Mambo Graphics, about turning surf culture into
design success. Powerhouse Museum 500 Harris Street, Ultimo 11th
August at 6pm. More

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bondi 6:50am – pancakarellaBad News :: Swell has done a runner and left us with zip. Bondi was pretty much flat with dribbly bits�in the southern corner. 4 very keen surfers waiting in optimism for the freaky sets…wakeboarding is the better option today. Hide tide�11:30am, low tide 5:21pm, Fresh northwest winds turning colder, westerly in the afternoon. Max 18.

Good News :: Tomorrow is a new day…bringing a new south swell. Friday should be good and Saturday looking very tasty. yeeoow
Soul Riders – North Bondi RSL tonight, 7:30pm 10th JulySuper special premiere of Neoproto’s newly released snowboarding flim ‘Everyday Something’ is showing. Think buried snowmobiles, nutball rail action, 4 storey bomb drops, switch hand plants & straight-up some of the burliest urban sliding ever! Second film on the night is the all time classic ‘Saturation’ – $5 for the double, just rock up and pay at the door.
To save time, I’m now shooting on the Canon 1D MKII body with 400mm f2.8, 50-500mm sigma, 15mm fisheye &17mm-40mm f2.8. I sure do have a water housing for me 10D, getting one for me 1D. <insert mega sponsors here> If you see me busking around Bondi with my banjo, its because I dropped a small fortune on camera gear.
Itchy feet – I am hitting the road again soon and need some help with a global internet connection via satellite. Want to send bumps reports from some pretty remote areas of Indonesia. If you eat this stuff for breakfast, throw me a bone…Have a great day :: Uge

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Bondi 7am – waist to shoulder high, crowdedDeterioration in swell size overnight is now only managing to produce waves around waist to shoulder high down at Bondi. The southern bank was grid lock with big numbers sniffin’ the odd sucking right – mostly closeouts. A morning of sunshine, cold sand and chilly waters. Max 20 degrees today with northwest winds freshening this afternoon. High tide 10:50am, Low tide 4:36am.

This week looks smaller than expected with our trickling south swell. I reckon rest up as Friday/Saturday, which are looking pretty sweet. Swell will start to build on Friday and should produce 5/6 foot solid. So scrap that scungy wax off and lay down a fresh batch for the weekend.
New camera rocks. It so does. At 8.5 frames per second I won’t miss a thing. adios,::ugios

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Monday, August 08, 2005

Bondi 7am – head high, occasionally bigger sets, offshore windsFew waves to be found this morning at south facing magnets. Bondi had a few sets over head high. Inconsistent banks degraded decent peaks into fatness. A right in the southern corner was partially working,not much more than a take off and one turn wonder in most cases. It was breaking pretty far out – then dissolving slightly into a deep spot – good for a muck about. The sunshine continues, as we work up to a 21 degree maximum and a high tide of 10:14am. The Low tide of 3:54am might improve things.

Winds will be moderate south westerlies, tending north east this afternoon. Fine weather for most of the week, whilst the swell should hang in there producing waves around shoulder high for most of this week at Bondi.
Today is a momentous occasion… I’ve finally upgraded the old camera (Canon 10D) to a Canon 1D MkII. The new beast is a serious weapon – fastest digi SLR they say with 8.5 frames per second in 40 frame bursts. 45 point auto focus rocks as well…she don’t come cheap though…about double the cost of a 20D (plus a bit). Now I’ve just got to work out how to work the thing…

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Friday, August 05, 2005

North Narra 7am, shoulder high sets, bit messy but very beltableDamn know when it’s snowing up there on dem mountains…brrr.brrr. The early SW offshore today cuts straight through you like a chilly knife. Trigger finger nearly fell off. Still sunny, but only max 16 today. Swell has come up as predicted and you’ll score waves around shoulder to head high at Bondi this morning. I found some real fun ones at North Narra with a small demolition crew mutilating what pockets were available. Still messy, but the odd set wave had some succulent rightness.

She’s gonna blow this afternoon with howling south/south westerlies 25 knots. So a morning session is the best time. This fresh wind will stir up the swell, so add a couple of feet later in the day. The early tomorrow should have a few.
Ben Lucas, down at Six Ounce Board Store is offering a free board cover and leggie with any keel fin fish board purchased over the next week. Great deal…head to 2/144-148 Glenayr Ave Bondi and talk it up with Ben. Telephone 9300 8339.

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Palm Beach 6:30am – waist high, messyRocked up, boards in the car, anticipation that the overnight weather change has promoted some swell activity (even just a little). Its been a while, boards itchn’…no such luck…a warm NW wind was blowing this morning (which will howl later today) and manky E/SE micro swell. Palmy had waves around waist high – but it was merely wind chop suitable for mini-mees. Spectacular sunrise for the early birds. A firey one…

The swell will come up this afternoon under a cloudy sky. How big? 2 maybe 3 footers at south facing magnets. Tomorrow is much bigger (4+ foot) but she’s gonna be messy with fresh S/SW winds. Peaks in size tomorrow before declining into Saturday. Saturday morning could be fun if the winds remain light.
If you missed yesterday’s mention, Jonny Frank, the master of water shooting is exhibiting at 71 percent Water Ocean Gallery, 97a Gerrale Street, Cronulla, 2230 NSW Telephone Matt Clarke 0411 703 179. Preview

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bondi 7am … near flat…Our little flat patch continues to today. Yawn. It’s really lacking today. Bureau of Meteorology are forecasting a south change tomorrow with fresh winds which will generate some swell for us. Yeeoow. About time. Thursday arvo it will pick up. Some decent south swell on Friday and Saturday this week so best pump out the work today…

Enjoy today’s weather before the south change … forecast 23 degrees, low tide 12:43am, High tide 7:21am. NW winds @ 10 knots this morning and picking up this arvo…
SiteSea, an ocean inspired photographic exhibition held at Tamarama SLSC every year (early November) is looking for some support from an organization. Sitesea requires an organization within the design or advertising arena to help put the exhibition on this year. The event is a community based event to raise money for surf awareness and the Tama surf club. Contact Us to get involved.
JON FRANK – photo exhibition now onThe grand master of ocean photography, Jon Frank is having an exhibition in Cronulla. Frankie got me into surf/ocean photography many years ago after a trip to Samoa…he da man. View preview

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bondi 6:40am – waist high, weak and cleanThe swell did come up a little overnight…not enough though. The south end of Bondee had a few waist high fat waves on offer. 5 guys out (mostly groms)… not much happening today…unless you are the 50 kilo, 15 year old Perth super grom who revels in these conditions on a surfboard that resembles a potato crisp.

Salubrious weather today – max 22. Tomorrow 23 degrees! Cloud building Wednesday afternoon with a south change on Thursday. This week looks micro until Friday where the south swell machine returns hopefully producing fun for the weekend’s session. Today’s tides : high 6:40am, low 12:00pm. Variable winds now, NE later today.
Once again apologies for those that couldn’t get into Mad Hatters on Saturday night. Here are some snaps from the party

Shark spotted at Tamarama yesterday (only Wobbegong), whilst Owen Wilson and Isla Fisher go for a dip…more
Have a great day…

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Monday, August 01, 2005

Absolutely micro conditions this morning. Pretty much flat. You’ll struggle to find anything surfable. Perfect morning – sunshine, no wind, glassy conditions. The weather at the moment is incredible – this is winter? Max 21 degrees, Light northwest to northeast winds. High tide 5:50am, low tide 11:10am.

Late today we are expecting an increase in swell size. Well it can’t really get any smaller than this. The swell is coming from the south, and with a short period, meaning if you’re not on a south facing beach (e.g. Bondi, Curly) – it will probably still appear to be flat. Tomorrow should be surfable under variable wind conditions and around waist to chest high if we’re lucky. (still small – probably suit the beginners). Pray for swell.
Great night on Saturday night. Apologies to the few people that couldn’t get into Ruby Rabbit on the night.
Retail Space Available – Coogee BeachA unique opportunity has become available to share prime retail space with Australia’s Largest and most established Diving School, Pro Dive in Coogee Located in the heart of Coogee, Pro Dive has been in existence since 1967. Contact Scot or Robin Williams on (02)9665 6333 for more details.

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