Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I like it. It ain’t pretty, but it’s more than surfable with some meaty pockets on offer. Maybe it’s the fact that sets are well over head high, maybe it’s because there’s barely anyone out there on this overcast, slight onshore morning. Regardless, last nights refreshing cold change brought waves worthy of a hack. Bondi loves the south swells – and operates well under slight onshore push. Just saw a set around 5 foot as I write this. High tide 10:22, Low tide 03:54, max 25 degrees today with SSE winds. E – NE winds tomorrow & hot 31 degrees. If the swells hangs in there perhaps a sickie tomoz.

The Bondi Openair Cinema is back this summer tonight featuring the Samsung (ASMF4) Australian Surf Movie Festival, the Chronicles of Narnia on Wednesday, cult thriller The Magician on Thursday & Wedding Crashers on Friday. Each night kicks-off with live music/DJ tunes on the Bondi Pavilion lawns. Aquabumps subscribers can win one of 20 Double Passes for a film of their choice (subject to availability). Just email your details and movie preference to [email protected]. Have fun ::ugio

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Monday, January 30, 2006

The perfect beach weather continues into a new week (how good was the weekend. How good), but the swell is lacking . You won’t find much breaking over your knee caps at Bondi today. This swell is too waussy and coming from the East, not suiting our south facing Bond-age. East facing beaches should show more size…With a thumping 29 degree day ahead of us I’d run the gauntlet on the baking footpath for a dip. Actually stuff the dip spend the whole day down there should you be so lucky.
Tomorrow clouds will enter the picture after a late south change today. Weather fines up again on Wednesday whilst the swell disappears until late Tuesday/Wednesday where we might have something surfable.
Have a good day,::Uge

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The howling winds of yesterday have generated some swell overnight. I would like to get excited about it…but really I could only witness max. head high sloppy Bondi in between rain squalls this morning. Not much grunt in these bad boys and the southerlies ain’t doing it any favors. Tomorrow is predicted to be little bit bigger before slowly declining over the bonus long weekend. 12pm low tide, 17:39 high tide, drizzly day with a wintery 23 degrees on the land.

The sun will shine tomorrow (26), Friday (29), Saturday (29) and Sunday. The surf will be best on Thursday with head high south swell and NE winds. Friday smaller. Saturday smaller. Think you get the drift. So it’s not going to be going off over the Australia day mini-break, but you’ll get wet, and score some rays. Pack the car, get a good book (yes I can read), take the fun boards and rock up to a remote beach for a few waves in ya boardies.
Have fun. Later, Uge

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Shocking morning for surfing. In fact not ideal conditions for much at all as the wind ripped through Bondi shreddin’ the surf and flickin’ sand in the eyes. Damn camera nearly blew out of my hands. It’s unsurfable 6 inches at 7am – and yup people are still out there trying to catch a few in great optimism. The good news is that this wind will stir up some waves for the afternoon. Somehow I don’t think this howling South-south Easterly is going to back off though – so its going to be very av. Winds swing North on Thursday – perhaps the light at the end of the tunnel. Tomorrow still onshore E/SE winds.

Random stuff: The Great Thong Challenge, Australia Day 11am 26th Jan @ Coogee Beach. World Record attempt – longest line of people on air beds in the water (blow-up thongs) in conjunction with the Coogee Arts Festival. Register your participation
Most of today’s pics are courtesy of STAB MAG – latest issue in ya local newso now. Later, U-g-e

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Hola. Micro east swell dribbling into Bondi – knee to waist high. Very weak and best suited to the beginners. The glorious weekend’s weather continues – for the lucky ones it’s a beach day. Otherwise crank the work out as the tail end of this week has more swell than the start. Max 30 degrees, NE winds, fine.

Few technical problems last week which should be ironed out now. Apologies for the intermittent email reports. Have a great week. Adios, Ugios

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Well…bit of an anticlimax this morning. Thought it was going to be bigger and cleaner with offshore winds – but there is still an element of junkiness about it (and I’m not torkin about *Ness passed out in the park again) – wonky closeout faces on shallow south end banks. Now that I’ve lowered your expectation there was the odd head high set of twin banks in the south that would present a little lip worth boffing, and even the odd sucky tube if you play your cards right…but you’d have to be a patient man say Confucius. It will improve with incoming tide (midday high) and as the ocean settles.

Forecast for the weekend is quite healthy – nothing big, this south swell will swing around to the east, the sun will shine, you’ll surf head high max at exposed beaches and the winds will be the NW (a.m)NE(p.m) combo. Nice and crispy 29 degrees and 31 degrees respectively. Perfect summer’s weekend. Pack the car.
Hows today’s 11 year old Oscar power grom…the confident lil’ whipper rocks up to me whilst shooting and says " oi youuse guys from Stab Mag"…"yer lil’ fella,lets see if you’ll make the cover for next issue…"
Enough ramble. You’d probably need to get back to work now seeing we’ve just had a holiday and supposed to be refreshed. Later, Uge

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

night you could hear the swell picking up overnight as you sleep
– always a comforting sound. Have to say, I expected more size this
morning. Onshore SE winds butchering quality early as b-o-n-d-a-g-e
breaks around chest to head high. Yeah it’s surfable. Yeah.
But it’s not going to be the best session of the year. It’s
gonna get better with a jump in swell height overnight (4-5ft tomoz)
and favorable north winds tomorrow. Cross ya fingers.
day with showers, moderate east to south east winds fresh at times.
North east winds tonight. Maximum of a dismal 22 degrees today (the
water is warmer than the land at 23). High tide 12:02, Low tide
Manly Warringah Leagues Club with live music from TOKENVIEW. For
info and tickets click

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


The Bad News – Kinda ugly morning with thick overcast skies and nuisance onshore winds destroying the quality small waves of yesterday. Boondye had a few waist to shoulder high waves rockin’ in, mostly messy but still surfable for the frothas. No light this morning – hence the slow shutter flys and black + whites. High tide is at 11:26, 18:03 low tide, water is still warm 23 with a much cooler day of 24 degrees on the land.
The Good News – These onshore winds are whipping up some swell. Thursday (may be still onshore with east winds)/Friday (North winds – yay) and Saturday (North winds yay) look like there is some fun to be had.
There are some great exhibitions around town at the moment:Magicians of the Sea 13 Jan to 25 Jan – Australia Centre for Photography, 257 Oxford Street Paddington NSW, 02 9332 1455. This exhibition curated by Pierre Chevalier features images from BOB COOPER, ALBERT FALZON, GEORGE GREENOUGH, DICK HOOLE, ANDREW KIDMAN, BILL PFEIFER, SCOTT REDFORD, MONTY WEBBER, JOHN WITZIG. A photographic surfing odyssey plunging into Post fifties surfculture. More info
Bondi: A biography, 18 December 2005 – April 2006, Museum of Sydney Cnr Phillip and Bridge Streets, Sydney. Bondi: A biography tells the story of this famous Sydney suburb – the people, ideas and institutions that have shaped it – and how Australia and the world came to love it. More info
Surfing Heritage – black white – 17th Jan – 29th Jan, Bondi Pavilion Gallery. Steve Cooney’s collection of 35 mm black and white photos were taken during the 70s. Mostly unpublished, they concentrate on surfing industry or surfing lifestyle characters from an era when documentation of the sport was minimal.Also included in this exhibition will be a personal selection of photographs from renowned surf photographer, Jon Frank.
Tonight the Samsung Australian Surf Movie Festival comes to North Bondi RSL with live music from TOKENVIEW. For info and tickets click here.

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Hola ni os. Your daily fix is back. Happy New Year and I hope your break was well surfed/well feed/well relaxed. Time to crank up the detox.

What a great start to this year with a decent south swell feeding into good old Boondye. Plenty of waves, barely anyone out, gentle offshore breezes, around head high plus on sets. I like.
Bondi last night was quite spectacular – a late dramatic swell increase saw sets around 6-8 foot solid. How good was that. Pity we all had too many at the new Nick’s beach bar in celebration of Maddogie’s extra digit.
To the point – water is a toastie 23 degrees, land max 26 degrees with occasional showers and thunderstorms, very humid, light south east winds tending north easterly and freshening, high tide 10:16, low tide 16:55.
Tonight the Samsung Australian Surf Movie Festival comes to North Bondi RSL with live music from TOKENVIEW. For info and tickets click here. There is another show at the North Bondi Rissole on Wednesday night if you can’t make it tonight.
Have a great day/week/year. Some cool stuff happening with Aquabumps this year. You’ll see. Moowwhahaaahah.Adiso, Ugios

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