Tuesday, February 28, 2006

This morning’s improved conditions revealed waist
– sometimes shoulder high fatty bumps at Bondi this morning. The
early morning high tide (9:20am) porked out any decent chunk – the
4 o’clock low tide diet pills required. Approximately 40 guys spread
along the length of the beach enjoying a decent sunrise and relatively
still conditions. Winds are light and will blow north east this
afternoon. You’ll get a wave, enough to trim and perhaps hook a
little hack, but don’t get too excited. Fine day. Sunny max 26.
Water is still warm 23 degrees – and not too many Blueys hanging
Quicky pro has started round 1 today with 3-4 foot
snapper. If you’re looking for a distraction at work – Watch
it live now
– there some fun little peaks. Towards
the end of the week is LOOKING HOT with 6 footers predicted for
the comp. WCT surfers will be hackin’ it apart.
Have a good day. ::Uge

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Monday, February 27, 2006

New swell from the south has kicked in…But so has the onshore SE winds from last nights storm (spectacular lightning show). This morning Bondi was pretty butchered with this wind. Only a few frothas out optimistically seeking random peaks – not much coming thru. Very full morning tides (High tide 08:27), Low tide 15:04. Let’s just say – it’s been better. This swell should hang in there for a few days, so wait for the wind to die down and there may be some small waves to muck around on.

Bowl-a-rama came to Bondi skatepark on Saturday. Big names such as Tony Alva, Omar Hassan and Keegan Sauder put on a show. Thanks to Karl Page for pics.
Last chance to enjoy the hot summer movie nights at Bondi Openair Cinema this week.. Tonight catch cult surf documentary Riding Giants, on Tuesday summer hit comedy Russian Dolls, on Wednesday Memoirs of a Geisha, and on Thursday there is the big season finale with the Australian Premiere of Tristan & Isolde. DJs and live musicians kick-off each night. Aquabumps readers can win one of 10 Double Passes to the final night premiere of steamy medieval love story Tristan & Isolde. Just email your details
Congratulations Ivonne Ranisch who won the $1600 Byron Bay Samudra Yoga + Surf Retreat. If you would like to check out other Yoga+Surf Retreats around the globe go to www.samudra.com.au
Big week up the coast…Quicky Pro starts 28th Feb at Snapper Rocks…
Later, ::Uge

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Have to say it’s better than yesterday,
but still not good enough. The swell was lining up slightly better
but still breaking around knee to shoulder high with a freak head
high set that Robin caught. Bumps are currently coming from the
east. Fine day with heaps of sunshine and a tasty 27 degrees. Moderate
East to North East winds with not much change until Sunday’s
southerly change – bringing swell for Monday. Today’s
tides: high 18:31 low 12:36. Still heaps of blueys around in 23
degree water.
Crazee Benny (with the mad afro) down at Six
Ounce Boardroom
is kicking off his once in a Blue
Moon sale this weekend. He’s got some sweet rides and good
deals going. 144-148 Glenayr Ave Bondi – talk it up, Benny 9300
Today is your last chance to enter the Samudra
YOGA+SURF retreat up at Byron Bay (worth
$1600!). Click on the fat button below to work out what to do and
get busy. If you want to find out about other Samudra YOGA-+SURF
retreats around the globe check
this out

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

It’s pretty bad. Actually real bad…knee high crumbly bumps littered with blueys and onshore. I’m not really painting a great picture – she ain’t pretty. Weather doesn’t look too bad, partly cloudy with 25 degrees and east to south east winds. I don’t even recommend swimming unless you like the tickle of a bluey wrapped around your leg. Remedy tip – mega hot shower after being stung.

Not much happening in the surf department until next week (new swell Monday) – unless you’re up the far north coast this weekend where you might get some action.
Not the best conditions for shooting this morning so I had to dig out some old experimental shots.
Don’t forget you can win a Samudra Yoga + Surfing Retreat next month just by telling your friends about this website. Competition will end tomorrow afternoon – so best get onto it.

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February 22, 2006

What’s the surf doing? Not much. The swell has
dropped a couple of gears and is dribbling in from the east. South
facing Bond-age ain’t privy to such energy breaking only around
da knee caps. Exposed beaches should pull waist to shoulder high
with a decent SW early offshore. Winds will swing East – perhaps
South East this arvo whilst the skies clear and we head towards
26 degrees. Water is a lush 23 degrees and clear. The afternoon
high tide (15:57) will put some fatness on your chop and hide the
bumps; before the morning low tide (10:14) will bring out the best.

Big night at the North Bondi RSL tonight
as Soul Riders features Andrew Kidman’s Glass Love
surf flick. Kidman and other well known faces – Neil Purchase
Jnr and Pico will be lurking before the screening – even
pumping out some live choons before the movie starts. Starts 7:00pm
$15 entry.
Some of you scored Jack Johnson stuff
from our giveaway. Congrats. Andrew Pearse takes
out the major prize whilst Luke Branagan, Tahiti
Sascha, Alex Burridge, James L & Ian Cariaga
win the new album.(winners should have an email from me)
Whilst we’re on a roll giving stuff away – how
about a $1600 Samudra Yoga + Surf Retreat (gotta
go on March 26th to 1st April 2006) up at Byron Bay?
Yep, all you have to do is tell
your friends about Aquabumps
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and on Friday 24th Feb we’ll draw a winner (announcing the following
week). Do us a favor – no dud emails please – bad Karma and we check
stuff out. Ya mates will get 1 email inviting them to join Aquabumps
– and if they join our list – you’ve got a ticket in the draw for
every conversion. Easy. Tip – paste your email addresses carefully
– no spaces etc.

Later, ::Uge

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Swell machine has pumped up a couple of notches
– and the wind came with it bashin’ quality out of any
moving morning chunk. Waves are around 2-3 foot (odd bigger one),
onshore sloppy jalopy. It’s surfable, but random – so
only keen frotha’s will enjoy. The sun is shining as we’re
going to hit 24 degrees today. Water is warm – watch those
damn blueys – loads of crew walking around with red-dotted
tattoos. High tide 14:30, Low tide 20:16
Tomorrow should be similar if not smaller. East/South
East winds will be a pest – possibility of light winds early.
Tonight Bondi
Openair Cinema
is running a screening of cult underwater
classic The Big Blue, on Wednesday the Australian
premiere Dead Men’s Shoes, Thursday – snowboard
documentary First Descent, and Broken Flowers
on Friday. DJs and live musicians kick-off each night. Aquabumps
members can win one of 10 Double Passes to First Descent.
Just email your details to [email protected].
Tomorrow night (Wed 21) GLASS LOVE
is showing at the North Bondi RSL at 8pm. Neil
Purchase Jnr, Andrew Kidman and Pico will be rockin up tomoz performing
a live acoustic set before the film screening.
Have good day ::Uge

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Highly sought-after golden light sparked up this morning, making shooting a pleasure. A trickling NE swell currently flirts with us – offering knee to waist high waves at exposed beaches such as the Bra. Super clean conditions, with gentle NW winds and deluxe 23 degree water. Waves are surfable, but they’re not packing much. Winds will swing NE this afternoon as we head towards a crispy 31 degrees on the land. High tide 11:30 Low tide 17:50.

Won’t improve tomorrow – can go loose tonight with peace of mind – twang. Sunday positive signs of more grunt.
Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for….who wins the new board from DHD/Billabong’s Jack McCoy Surf Film festival? Out of 750 entries in a bucket, Official Aquabumps Adjudicator "Cakey" (from 3 eggs cafe next door) has drawn Phillip Hall as the winner! Nice work. TREY is the name of Parko’s Dog. Stoked Phil will be collecting his prize off Parko at tonight’s show at the Cremorne Orpheum. If you haven’t seen this years festival or want to meet Parko – better get along to tonight’s session. But Tix
Bondi Board riders Interclub challenge is on tomorrow 7:30am @ South Bond-age – meet on the grassy hill next to the skate ramp. Everyone is welcome. Tomorrow is the start of the season, so new comers time to sign up. Tomorrows comp is a team’s challenge (Snr. + Jnr combo). Contact Ian Knucklehead Wallace for more info.
PS – I will announce the JackJ winner on Monday.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

I would love to say it’s crankin, drop work, hit the coast. But no such luck. It’s micro and muggy and it doesn’t look like its going to change until the weekend. We’ve got a 27 degree day ahead of us with NE winds. Could be the odd thunderstorm to top it off. High tide 10:57 Low tide 17:20. Yawn. Pray for swell.

The fruits of being an Aquabumps reader – FREE STUFF. You know you want it. To celebrate Jack Johnson’s new album launch, I’ve got 5 copies to giveaway and a major prize consisting of a JackJ hoodie, Back catalogue and DVD. Just answer this easy question: Q: Name the White Stripes cover Jack performs on the new album "Sing-a-longs and lullabies for the film Curious George" Enter Giveaway
Don’t forget you’ve got until 9am tomorrow to enter the Billabong Jack McCoy Surf Film festival DHD surfboard giveaway. Just name Joel Parkinson’s dog starring McCoy’s new film "Free As A Dog". Enter Comp Now. If you haven’t seen the new festival, last days. Buy tix
If you didn’t already know, Sonia & Marty�from Bondi Kiosk are�packing their bags for Dubai. Sonny wanted to thank all of her customers for years of support at the Kiosk.
GLASS LOVE is showing tonight at Bondi Open Air Cinema. Bux tix
Happy 60th Birthday Neil Fox. Mwwwhahah.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Nothing exciting happening down the beach this morning – nothing
except for a classy sunrise which has been lacking of late. Waves
have dramatically dropped and knee high dribbles is about all you’d
score. Glassy conditions with little or no wind early, which will
blow NE this afternoon. Only 26 degrees with cloudy periods and
a few showers. Surf looks pretty average for the next few days-do
something else. Small stuff with northerly winds. Low tide 16:50,
High tide 10:25
Now if you didn’t score a board for Valentines from
your girlie (after eating romantic ribs and watching surf flicks),
here is your chance. Yep, we’re giving away a brand spankin’
new DHD surfboard over the next couple of days. You just
have to answer
one simple question
to go in the barrel (draw barrel
that is). Joel Parkinson, the star of Jack McCoy’s
new surf flick “Free As A Dog”, will be presenting
the board to the winner on stage this Friday night at the Cremorne
Orpheum (before the film session). You can only enter once. The
Billabong Jack McCoy Surf Film Festival is in its final days, so
if you haven’t seen the festival – buy
tickets now

Bondi Rescue – tonight on Channel
10 at 8pm is the first of a 6 part series on our professional
Bondi lifeguards (beachies in Blue). These boys do 2,500
rescues a year. That’s more than any beach in the world – be sure
to watch the first episode tonight…

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Greetings. The swell is now coming from the south and Bond-age is picking up the best of it. The annoying east wind is making it sloppy though – hard to hide from this wind direction, so you won’t find any cleanliness today. Couple of sets around 3 foot. Mega rip in the south end kept me busy swimming for 1.5 hr with very little gold to show for it. A cool day (24) with morning cloud before fining up dis arvo. Sun would be nice…dark morning.

Tomorrow is going to be much cleaner, but unfortunately lil’ smaller with NE winds. Still should be some fun around the place. Bit more swell building on Friday for the weekend.
Happy Valentines to all the lovely ladies on this list. (all 8000 of you). You’re looking great today. No really. Chix if you really want to impress your fella tonight, take him to Bondi’s Hurricanes for romantic ribs (wearing the bib)…drink beer…then head down to Randwick Ritz for the Billabong Jack McCoy Surf Film festival which is on tonight (8pm buy tickets now). That would be a high point scoring night and permanently position you into low-maintenance-chick-hood.
Have fun. Adios, Ugios (south de border)

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Hello. Today’s small NE swell ain’t doin’it at
Bondi. Best check out something more exposed to the NE direction
(e.g. Bra, Whaley,). Bondi was only pulling knee cappers best suited
for a swim or 8 year old groms (e.g. Frothn’ Beo). Sensational sunny
morning, warm water, heading to a top of 26 degrees today. South
East winds will boom mid morning disrupting paradise, pushing cloud
cover and bringing rain for tomorrow. So make the most of it early.

Hopefully this strong southerly will kick start some
swell for tomorrow. Yep, it seems so later tomorrow.

Lots of stuff happening around town – here is a summary.
Billabong/Jack McCoy’s new surf film festival
is hitting the eastern suburbs tomorrow night (Feb14 at
the Randwick Ritz, 8pm). This year he’s featuring his latest
masterpiece “Free As A Dog” Tickets
are available thru Tickertek.
If this car’s rockin’;, don’t come knockin’ – For
the deviants, Ness Campagnaro & Dr
A S Longalinga has been working on a book for those who
don’t mind getting it on in their cars. Launched last week, Car-Ma
Sutra – Glovebox Guide for Lovers. Sold instore at selected
outlets Australia wide.
Local Lad Adam Gibson has been working
on a poetry book called BONDI. “Adam writes from
the heart, from the street, about the place that moves him most.
Ripper real words that are well worth checking out." – Peter
Garrett, MP (Midnight Oil) – check
out his website

Local band JADA have launched
a new album kicking it off with a party at the North Bondi RSL last
night (fortunately no flames last night). Check
em out
. New album is on sale now at
good records stores.
Later, ::Uge

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Was going to write a witty(ish) detailed report – but it’s too late in the day for that. So here is the 5 sec report. There are waves. They’re decent size (3-4 foot). But it’s totally shutting down straight. We need better sand banks. Suns out. Hot 31 today. Clouds coming. NE winds. Swell is fading. Strong south change eminent (like Monday night). So strap down the Barbie cover. Later, uge

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

After yesterdays howling southerlies we’ve got waves this morning down at Bondi. Its rating decent on the grunt-ometer with waves breaking 4 foot with larger sets (perhaps 5ft). Only one problem – it was mainly shutting down at 7:30am and looking a bit random. In saying that I did see the odd boffable section with loads of crew out on the sniff. Swell is from the south – so surf beach facing that way. East north East winds. Max 25 degrees on the land. The blueys are out in force so expect a bit of tickle. Tomorrow smaller, cleaner (NE winds with another late south change)

Soul Riders kicks off tonight with Taylor Steele’s prolific ‘Campaign II‘… 8pm kick off @ North Bondi RSL & 5 clams on the door as usual.
Gotta run today…later, Uge
PS – my email was bouncing yesterday. Please resend if you were trying to get in touch with me.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

How about that psycho south change last night. This morning you’d probably found your SULO bin blown down the street with its contents spewed out all over your neighbors lawn (now they know you eat S.P.A.M). There is a lot of chunk in the bump today. Swell has picked up dramatically and Bondi is pulling 4-5 foot solid with a couple of sets larger, but…its hell onshore with 30 knot S-Easterly butchering any hint of surface quality. The swell will continue to increase in size as the day progresses whilst we have a much cooler 23 degree day on the land. Couple of storm riders out at North Bondi trying to pick off the odd set. Looked bumpy. Those eyes would be burning red post sess and there�is a �fait bit of paddling to stay in the one place.

Tomorrow is a different story with a E/NE wind pattern and sunshine after some morning cloud – could be a wave on. Forget the foam balls of today, unless you can check protection like Manly.
The Bondi Openair Cinema is running this week a Charlie & the Chocolate Factory children charity night in support of Barnardos on Wednesday, Casablanca with a live performance by jazz pianist Zoe on Thursday, an exclusive preview screening of upcoming hit Goal on Friday, and hip house music anime Daft Punk Interstella on Saturday. Most nights sell out, so best to get your tickets online. Aquabumps members can win one of 10 Double Passes. Just email your details and movie preference to [email protected]
Later, ::Uge

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Hola Chuiqiuitas/chicos que tal? Mighty fine start to the week with a cracker sunrise and silky smooth surfaces down Boondhi way. Main ingredient lacking – swell.

Small knee to waist high dribbly bits broke in the southern corner, best suited to the novices. It’s not really worth a surf – not unless you’re frothn’ or just want to enjoy the heavenly 25 degree water currently in town. High tide 16:03, low tide 10:20.
The sun will bake Sydney to a crispy 30 degrees…the winds will be moderate from the North East before a strong overnight south change that will cool us down and bring swell for tomorrow afternoon (decent sized stuff – about time). Wednesday is looking mighty fine surfwise with NE winds and waves over head high ++, tomorrow looks to be onshore and junkie but much bigger in the arvo.
Great light for shooting today. About time.
Adios, ::Ugios Rodriguez (South de border)

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Hi. Early morning rain delayed the morning’s shots so its lunchtime bumps. Bond-age looking okish in the middle of the bay with a few wonky burgerish peaks. Slight onshore winds amongst chest high sets. Nice little left in the middle with a beltable inside shorey. Nothing to race down here for. Only 25 degrees today with moderate south to southeast winds. (Will swing more easterly later in the day). 12:50 high tide, 19:12 low tide, warm water with 23 degrees. Might score a few bigger ones tomorrow. Weather looks pretty av over the weekend apart from Sunday afternoon when this greyness clears up.

Quite a few people email in wondering what I look like. So today is the day – shot of me shooting in my new stripe shirt. Come say g’day if you see me around the traps.
There is a Koby Abberton benefit night at AJC Randwick Racecourse on the 11th Feb (Sat) at 7pm. Contact Wayne Cleveland 0404 904 664 for tickets or email [email protected] – tickets $150 which include dinner and drinks.
Later, ~uge

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The swell slips another gear – leaving waist high scraps amongst morning mist down at Bondi. There is plenty of North East in the swell origin, so Bondi isn’t favorable. East facing beaches might have freaky sets up around shoulder high – especially on the lower tides. High tide 12:00 Low tide 18:29. But what’s on everyone’s mind today is this sweltering heat. She’s gonna bake it today – super fat 35 degrees, and sticky. A cooling south change will hit later today, but until that happens I know where I’d rather be – what time does the state library open? Surf forecast – something on Sundee…maybe Sat. That’s all folks.

Summer in Bondi is always humorous. Today’s spectacle – a back packer passed out cold on the sand after a bender. The serenity of 3000 soft sand joggers, bootie camps, frothn’ surfers, the green tractor & rake, jetskis, dogs barking and a violent morning sun wasn’t enough to wake this honk from his coma.
Go swim. Is good. Uge

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hola. After some decent waves yesterday the south swell machine has backed off allowing a smaller, weaker east swell to massage our shores. Bondi was breaking pretty small, waist to shoulder high and quite straight – surfable, playful – not mega. Great weather conditions with an early morning offshore (north winds) and some late morning sunshine (misty and cloudy at sunrise). The day will cook into fat 30 degrees whilst the winds swing to the standard NE and freshen. Low tide is at 17:45 and high tide is 11:10. Perfect beach day. Join the masses on Bondi.

I get a lot of email (it’s good – don’t get me wrong), there are about 17,000 of you reading my daily dribbles. I get a lot of email requests for more swimmercam / joggercam (understatement), especially those currently freezing in Europe. So today it’s double dose of swimmer cam. Before all the girls email in saying unfair. I know. I know. wheres the blokes – working on it. Have a great day, adios, ::ugios

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