Friday, April 28, 2006

Well someone flicked the swell machine up a couple of notches. Where the hell did this come from I hear you say? Dunno – just go ride it. South swell 3 metres out to sea, 6 foot waves breaking on southern exposed beaches. Early morning westerly offshores making it quite appetizing this morning. The wind will swing SE 10 -15 knots this arvo which will spoil things. So A.M is the go.

If you don’t mind a bit of punishment and are a strong paddler – South Bondi is for you. Loads of water moving and most sets shutting down – but its solid. North Bondi is working with a twin peak right in the corner. 12 guys out. Ben Buckler required diet pills with 6 foot+ fat chunks wrapping into the point. 2 guys out on big mals. Manly is probably the best pick with the SE winds later today….up near Queensie end should be good.
Water warm 23. Low tide 2:30pm, high tide 8:30am, max 24 degrees today. Tomorrow is going to be the goods – this fading swell should have enough weeties to pump a few out. Have a great weekend::uge

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Damn bumpy out there with a lot of water moving around. Bondi has bumps breaking around 4-5 foot with chilly offshores. The water is still warm, but the dash to the carpark isn’t so pleasant. Sadly you’d need to wear rubber.

Swell should be a notch smaller tomorrow and halve by Saturdee – so frothas, I’d surf whilst there’s swell to be had – even if it’s bit of a washing machine out there and pretty random. Northern beaches look better – DY or Manly should have a few fun ones.
Max 21 on land. Partly cloudy with a chance of a shower. South East winds later today (which will make conditions worse). High tide 07:30am, low tide 13:30. Sunny weather expected tomorrow. Later honky tonks, uge

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fair bit of swell around this morning – expect to catch waves breaking over your head with the odd larger bomb set. A nice lil’ setup in the south with a deluxe bank pushing wally lefts. South east winds will butcher the quality later today – so the early was the go. Only 20 degrees..brr…high tide 06:44 and low tide 12:57. This swell is fading over the next three days and coming back early to mid next week.

Fresh mullet and other fantasies9 April to 7 May – Dickerson Gallery 34 Queen Street Woollahra NSW. 02 9363 3358. This is an exhibition of photographs taken by photojournalist John Witzig in the decade from the mid-1960s – a period of great creativity and remarkable international influence for Australian surfing. Featured are some of the great surfers of this period – Nat Young, Bob McTavish and Wayne Lynch and some beautiful waves. More info

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Bondi 6:50am – micro weak stuff
I saw something moving around down there resembling
a wave – it was pretty tiny – and weak, bad combo I know. Bondi
was breaking around knee to waist high on this east swell (which
it ain’t best suited to). Winds were from the West and had a chill.
Much cooler day today after yesterday’s cracker – only 23 degrees,
with a fresh southerly change tonight bringing some swell for the
weekend. High tide 2:40pm, Low tide 8:40am. Click
to see what the waves were like on this day 1
year ago…
Any fans of Bondi Rescue that want
to catch up with the boys from the show – send an email ([email protected])
telling them in 30 words or less what you think of them (good bad,
ugly opinions desired), to get an invite to the wrap party shin-dig
– Regis Room (upstairs Beach Road Hotel,8pm this Saturday night
– 22nd April).
Tomorrow 10am to 1pm at Coogee Beach
they’re going to try and break the world record for a water bomb
fight – Live music, giveaways…all happening down dere. Register
with the Bomb Squad
(must do before 8pm tonight)
– Yep he’s done it again…In the finals defeating Joel
Parkinson with booming 8 to 10 foot Bells. Spectacular day yesterday…all
the big guns, occy, Parko, Slats, Fanning…
Oh yeah, that Aquabumps Gallery
is open this weekend 10am to 4pm (Sat/Sun), 98 Brighton Blvde North
Bond*age. Come have a look. Luego::uge

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Doesn’t feel like winter is just around the corner with dayz like
theze. Power deficient knee choppers were fizzling in the south
of Bond*age after a decent sunrise. Today’s probably best suited
to Mal riders and beginners. Swell is coming from the east, and
you won’t find much around the joint especially with an incoming
tide. Soak up this 29 degree day before we proceed into cooler weather
towards the end of the week.
Winds are currently NW, will swing NE later today.
6:30am low tide, 12:20pm high tide. Swell returns Thursday/Friday
after a cold front. Water is a salubrious 23…

Tonight Soul Riders North Bondi RSL are showing
Hal Jepsen’s all time masterpieces ‘Cosmic Children’
(1960’s) and ‘Super Session‘ (1970’s). Kickoff
is for 8pm and cost ya 5 bucks.

Lifeguard Matt Colquhoun ran 32 laps on Bondi soft
sand last year, and 34 laps this year – both times without any training.
Just to prove he could do it. A lap is 970 metres – eeck go figure.
Bondi Soft Sand Classic is 30th April. The 16km event has been canned
but 4km and 10km still open
to entries.

The Rip Curl Pro is currently running down at Bells (round 3 &
4 today). Swell has come up (3-5 foot) – watch
it live
(that is if you’re having a slack day at work
and ya boss can’t see your screen – hit LIVE tab). Few big guns
out there today, Steds, Pancho Sullivan, Bruce Irons, Slater, AI
Enough already. Have a good
day. uge

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

If knee high wind chop is your thing then today is cranking. It’s pretty much unsurfable…so best do something else today. Next swell is due on Sunday and should supply us for a few days. It’s not going to be a monster swell – but something decent – 6footers.

The Aquabumps Gallery, will be shut for most of Easter break – all apart from April 15th Saturday 10am – 4pm. So if you haven’t dropped in already – come down and have a look. 98 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi.
The Bondi Barefoot is on Sunday 30th April. They’re running 3 distances 4km, 10km or mental 16km. Seriously, who can run 16kms on soft sand? Check North Bondi SLSC website.
Have a good Easter break. Hope you score a few on Sundee. Later, Uge

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We’ve drained our booming weekend’s south swell dry. There’s no more pump in the bump this morning – ankle biters breaking on the shores. Spectacular morning though – I don’t think it gets any better with a classy sunrise and perfectly sunny day (max 30 fat ones). To top it off the water is a deluxe 22 degrees as well. Go swim.

Looks like we’re going to score more than just Easter eggs this Sunday…something popped up on the swell charts…and could be another thumper – ding – round 4. Service the ski. 6 – 8 foot on Sunday, how sweet life can be…uge
PS – George ‘Eugene’ Verco born 8:10am today. Nice one Crabsticks! Now I’ll have two whippers droppin’ in on me in a few years time.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What can I say? Perfect conditions. Crystal green water, gentle offshores and a little waist to chest high number working on a new southern end bank. I’ll put money on it that it won’t hang around for long – as this tired swell dwindles into oblivion. For the frothn’ unruly pack of 20 on it for the early, there was fun to be had – despite the team-wave theory being exploited and devilish loose boards. Mighty fine twenty 7 degrees today with a Nor-east wind later. By the time you read this it will be a foot smaller…still perfect for a dip.

Tomorrow will be micro, and the 1st half of Easter looks pretty small as well. boo. Pray for swell.luego::uge

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Monday, April 10, 2006

The monsters swells returned to Sydney over the weekend – and everyone is talking about it. Not as big as the beefcakes of 2 weeks ago – but still very solid. Yesterday Wedding Cake Island, Coogee, was the tow hot spot with hundreds of onlookers as a few skis whipped their buddies into water mountains. Ben Buckler Point, North bondi, supplied fat burgers for a few joy riders whilst the infamously long wave, Box Head reaped the benefits of a full south swell. There is talk of Mick Lowe charging a south coast, 4 times head high, triple suck yesterday…it’s all been happening…

So it’s calmed down now (surf and the hype)… Bondi is breaking around 5-6 foot with sets up around 8 foot. The sun is still shining and the winds are NE. A bit of a hunt around and I’m sure you’ll find something…as Bondi is totally closing out. Loads of sand’s been moved over the weekend – so it’s bit of a lucky dip.
Tomorrow we will see a further decrease in swell height…she’s on the decline. Grab it whilst you can.
Don’t forget to register to the world’s biggest water bomb fight. Register Here
Also, John Witzig opened is new exhibition "Fresh Mullet" at the Dickerson gallery (34 Queen Street Woollahra) yesterday. Classic shots…check em out
Later, Uge

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Friday, April 07, 2006

She’s arrived…early in fact…and she’s real pruuuddy. She’s a perfect height; she’s got nice lines, very consistent, smooth and she’s packing some heat. 4 foot sets, SW offshores and sunshine make for a good day out in the water. 1 important ingredient missing down at Bondi – sand banks – it’s straight as. Bake it out of town.

This swell will crank. Tomorrow afternoon will show a massive increase in size; whilst Sunday should provide joy for hell men tow maniacs. The big question – is it going to bigger than BIG TUESDAY. My call, nup, but close. Expect 10 -12 foot solid, south winds. Not a good weekend to see if you can climb the cliffs of Ben Buckler…
Yesterday we experienced some technical glitches, hence you probably didn’t get a report. Should all be sorted now. Tip – add this email address to you address book to ensure safe delivery in the future.
X-Box 360 Water Balloon Challenge – April 22 Coogee BeachBalloons are multipurpose objects. You can tie knots in them to resemble alien dogs, fix them to your front gate on a Sunday to see if it draws a crowd, suck helium out of them to make you sound like big Mikey J…or once in Bangkok I saw… (actually never mind) …but there’s nothing better than fill’n em full of water and ditching them at ya mates. On April 22, between 10am – 1pm down at Coogee Beach, they’re planning the worlds biggest water bomb fight. In 2005 the Spaniards stole the world record with 2,677 punks throwing 50,855 water bombs. You need to register online by clicking here
Later, uge

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Howling chilly offshores have beaten the swell flat overnight. At 6:30am there wasn’t much to ride at all, however it seems to have come up slightly since then – from 1 inch up to waist high (?). Still think you should fugehtiboutit.

The crystal ball sees more big mutha chunks on their way. Tomorrow will kick off the festival with 2-3ft, then 3-5ft on Saturday, then 6ft + Sunday and climbing (wot 9ft+?)…. ya…now that’s exciting.
X-Box 360 Water Balloon Challenge – April 22 Coogee BeachBalloons are good for many things. You can tie knots in them to resemble alien dogs, fix them to your front gate on a Sunday to see if it draws a crowd, suck helium out of them to make you sound like big Mikey Jacko…but there’s nothing better than fill’n em full of water and ditching them at each other. On April 22, between 10am – 1pm down at Coogee Beach, they’re planning the worlds biggest water bomb fight. In 2005 the Spaniards stole the world record with 2,677 punks throwing 50,855 water bombs. You need to register online by clicking here
Later, ::Uge

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This time of year is just perfect. Water is still warm, the air is clean and lengthy periods of no wind. Monday’s booming swell has now subsided. That didn’t deter 10,000 frothas out at Bondi this morning enjoying the salubrious weather and fighting for waist high waves (10 per wave). It’s a day for the beginners…and the sun is crankin’ – so enjoy it.

Perfectly Fat 30 degrees today. Skinny 22 tomorrow and windy. Freshening west to north west winds. High tide 2:28 pm low tide 7:36pm
Soul Riders – Weds April 5th. Nth Bondi RSLFilm 1. Crystal Voyager (circa 1972). An absolute cult classic featuring the amazing story of heavyweight surf pioneer George Greenough with music by Pink Floyd. Second film on the night is Nat Young’s ‘The History of Australian Surfing’ (1915-80s). Kickoff is for 8pm. Five Fat ones to attend due at the door.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

You can always tell there are a few waves around
when the car park is full before sunrise – hootin’ mad frothas dangling
out of car windows with roofs packed of surfable contraptions. She’s
clean, She’s much smaller than yesterday, around head high – enticing…ya…but
quite straight on the early morning low tide. (low 7:18am) A fuller
tide would give you 3 seconds before close out, instead of the standard
Bondi 2 seconds. (High tide 13:11).
Today we bake to a decent 27 degrees, light
to moderate west to northwest winds and afternoon seabreezes. Some
crazy early morning cloud cover before being mostly fine day. Oh
and did I mention some beefcake swells for the weekend? Ya. Off
the hook. Again.
Here is a online
with additional shots from this mornings sess.
If you are in any of these shots I will sell the hi res file to
you for $50. This deal only for these shots today. Email me image
name and your telephone number – contact
– later..uge

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Monday, April 03, 2006

The gods have delivered once again – a
succulent concoction of chunky south swell with some gentle offshore
winds…add a bit of sunshine….throw in some warm water and weekday
minimal crowd factor – how good.
South facing Bondi was captivating the most of this
swell – however the banks weren’t holding up producing
mostly close outs this morning. Solid double head high sets (with
occasional bay clean up sets). Experienced surfers only. Saw a beginner
get swept over the rocks in the south, reminiscent of Jay Neely’s
date with the twins last week where he saw God.
High tide 12:08 Low tide 06:14. Tomorrow the
swell will halve but the winds will remind northerly pattern.
Adios, ::Uge

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