Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well – what a surprise to see you this morning. Didn’t think you were gonna come. The past few weeks you’ve dodged us…but you rocked up this morning, bigger than expected. You broke around 3 foot on sets at early morning Bondi. Shame you had nothing to break on – so you mostly closed out.
The early morning offshore helped you break clean, but it seems by lunchtime you’ve backed off…winds are now NE…and there is thin cloud over a sunny morning. hang around…
Tomorrow the swell direction will swing from East to more North East. My guess is that it will be slightly smaller too. Kinda hard to call at the mo.
Max 26 today. Humid. Cloudy. Tomorrow 26 again. Late Shower.
Pro Show – Goldy.If you’re up the goldy this Saturday (3rd March) 1pm – 9pm , head to the PRO SHOW outdoor music festival with guest appearances from Top 44 surfers (Quicky pro is about to begin). Where? 50m from the famous Gold Coast wave magnet, Duranbah Beach.
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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Late.Yeah I know – late one. But the morning was pretty damn grey’n’ugly – now it’s perfectly clear and sunny. If you were doing the bay swim this morning you would have company from 12 hypoactive dolphins. Haven’t seen that in a while.
Small clean waves on offer around the 2 foot bracket – ok, occasionally one bigger but lacking grunt as they trickle into the bay. Large crowd out enjoying the sunshine…
Swell direction is from the SE, winds from the NE, short period stuff (5.7) which shows how weak it is. You’ll need to surf a beach facing the source as it won’t bend into much…Low tide 1pm, high tide 7pm. No real improvement for days, so best come get it whilst there is something to surf.
Go outside ::uge

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Junk.Bit of a junkyard this morning with strong SE easterlies making mush of chest high waves. Barely anyone out…and with this overcast weather it’s not all that inviting. This wind will howl 30 knots today before swinging around to the NE tonight. You might get a mini wave tomorrow morning (2 foot+).
Max 25 degrees today. 4:30pm high tide. 11:45am low tide. First light at 6:15am. Cloudy day a head of us… if you’re super keen have a onshore grovel at a south facing beach. May improve if winds swing early.
Bowlarama.Big crowds on the weekend checking out bowlarama. Denmark rider Rune Glifberg pocketed the $3k prize money after taking out the comp on sat. 43 year old Lance Mountain took out the Masters division whilst Daniel Cardone took out best trick with a Frontside Flip on the corner. webby
Come on hui. How about a new thumpin’ swell – nothing great coming this week (again)::uge

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Calmness.Looking out the gallery windows I can see blanketing sunshine. Cleared up a lot from this morning’s greyness. It’s still. Dead calm. And if there was a 4 metre swell hittin’ town it would be pumping. But it’s knee high to a grasshopper. And unsurfable. With a predicted sticky 28 degrees, cut the working day short and go for a swim. Check the blue water off Tahiti in these shots (taken last year) – now that’s what I’m talking about – or how about that big fat Teahuppo tube. That’ll distract you. No photoshop dance work there. It’s that blue.
Crystal ball.Weekend will have small waves (around waist to a small man’s chest [beo]). it’s coming from the ENE with north winds until Sunday night. Couple of showers. Not a good surf weekend. Monday/Tuesday next week should have waves from the south with a new swell. But the flanking south wind will make it bumpy on Monday. Tuesday you might get an early morning offshore.
Easter in Mentawai IslandsFrom 30th March – 11th April 2007, 46 foot powercat Tengirri is setting sail for the Mentawai Islands and there are 3 spare spots. Keen? Approx $4k per head.
Gallery.In North Bondi, 98 Brighton Boulevard to be exact, lives the Aquabumps Photo Gallery where the cream of these photos live. Oh and they need homes. Some come by this weekend 10am to 4pm and have a look see. info

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Guess what? She’s flat again. Yup pancakes. So I am not going to bore you with 5 flat Bondi pics. Instead I’ve opted to shoot some of the familiar faces loitering around the joint. Perfect morning. Warm. Max 29 degrees today. Waves are dribblin’ knee choppers from the ENE with NNE winds all day. If you need something to look forward to… I am calling next Tuesday to have a few fun waves…until then, keep the crankiness under control.
Damon Eastaugh wins (again)
Last night 43 year old Margaret River charger and winemaker Damon Eastaugh wins the Oakley/ASL "Biggest Single Ride Award" (pocketing $20k) for his monster ride caught at a deepwater reef known as Cow Bombie near Margaret River on July 5 last year. His wave was estimated by award judges at between 48 and 52 feet in height (face). It’s without doubt the biggest wave ever ridden in Australasian waters in the sport’s history.

Oakley giveaway.
The winners of the new Oakley frames – David Copley for the blokes and Katherine Johnson for chix. Nice one. Answer to yesterday’s Q; The Last winner of Oakley’s big wave award was Damon Eastaugh at Cow (like this year)…Doug Young won the paddle in award previously which was also acceptable.
Easter in Mentawai Islands – spare spots
From 30th March – 11th April 2007, 46 foot powercat Tengirri is setting sail for the Mentawai Islands and there are 3 spare spots. Keen? Approx $4k per head.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

swimmercam special edition.
Ahhh yes. What to do when there isn’t a wave in sight… Skate the bowl?… Reorder the bookshelf into colour segments. How about a swimmercam special? In my last audience survey majority voted that swimmercam was as great viewing importance to the 76% male readership. So here you have it, today’s morning swimmers lapping up the salubrious weather. And before 5,000 girls email in and request male swimmercams – well I’ll see what my assistant Ness can scratch up for next week. Oh, and loads of girls ask me why they’re not on swimmercam – hell, just swim at south Bondi at 7am tomorrow!
who’s coming tonight?
The Oakley/ASL Big Wave awards are on tonight at the Bondi Pavilion. Yep. I’ve got 2 invites to the big event and 2 pairs of Oakley frames to give away today. Just email me last year’s winner, and the location of where the big chunk was surfed.
PRIZE VALUES – 1 pair for the girls (Oakley Scripts valued at $269.95) and 1 for the guys (Oakley Eyepatch valued at $159.95).
playground weekender
So you need a weekend out of town eh. Well maybe this will hit the spot. Playground weekend March 9, 10 and 11. Basically a huge crew are heading to Del Rio Resort, Wiseman’s Ferry (on the Hawkesbury River , NSW) – its 1.5 hours outta sydney where you can pitch a tent, hire a houseboat or bring your motor home. 3 days of mad live music. Tickets are on sale now at Mocean Restaurant in Bondi, 34 Campbell parade, 9300 9888 or call 0403 832 450 for a special rate of $140 for Aquabumps subscribers.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bigger waves in my bath tub this morning. Pass the sauce. Go swimming. Water is warm and it’s cookin’ in the jungle…
Size ain’t everything. So they say….
But tomorrow night at the Oakley/ASL Big Wave awards its all about SIZE. Surfers of Australia and NZ have been baited with $30k to ride the biggest chunks from June and February… Surfing off the remote locations of Papatowai, NZ and Cowaramup Bay near Margaret River in south-west Western Australia, surfers like Daniel Kereopa, brothers Jake and Paul Paterson, and previous Awards winner Damon Eastaugh broke all records, with some entered rides estimated at over 13 metres. The Awards winners – biggest ride, biggest paddle-in ride, and best overall performance – will be announced at a special presentation evening at the Bondi Pavilion on Wednesday February 21.
Get outside today. Its 27 degrees::uge

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Monday, February 19, 2007

1-800 SHRINKTALK.Time to hop back on the couch and talk to the shrink… We’re in for a week of flatness. I’m talking 1 foot madness for at least 5 days. Today had waist high dribbles, but she requires diet pills as the 9:30am high tide starts to pork it up. Twenty7 degrees of joy today though. Hit the beach – its swim time ::uge

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Friday, February 16, 2007

threesome.3 days of consistent east swell. How lucky we’ve been. I’ve heard stories from the north side of real quality waves. East facing beaches have had up to 5 footers this week. It’s been fun while it lasted. Really. Especially with the salubrious warm water and sunshine. But today’s the last day of swell. It’s me not you. Tomorrow we’re all over. Finito.
Bondi still had small fun rideable waves this morning (not bad considering it’s facing the wrong way to the swell source). 2-3 foot. Bit weird though. Wobbly, weak and inconsistent. Damn big rip in the south had me on my toes. Currently NE winds 7-9 knots. 8am high tide, 2:50pm low tide. It’s currently 26 degrees and sunny. Clouds will form and bring humidity and chance of a shower.
half.Tomorrow the waves will halve. 2 foot with occasional 3 foot set. Sunday is a beach day with 26 and fine (but no waves)…come to the Aquabumps Gallery 10am to 4pm all weekend.
balance moves.Bit stiff from 3 days of surfing? Should you be so lucky. A new Yoga and Pilates studio has opened up in Bondi at 72A Hall Street. Contact Balance Moves Stuio on 9300 9444. Charlotte Dodson (ex Darma Sharla) is doing yoga sessions that will get the flex back in those turns… ::uge

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

My mother has flown into town for a surprise visit. The hot rod won’t start – will work from home today. I woke up and thought it was Sunday. I quit. Bird flu. My mates thought it would be funny to tie me to a pole in the cross in my undies. I quit. All good reasons to tell your boss that ya not coming in today – cause its a good day not to be working…
We’ve got east swell, clean waves around 3 – 4 foot at exposed beaches. Sushine-a-plenty as it cooks up to mild 25 degrees. Not a cloud in the sky. Water is blue, warm and worthy of a boardy session. Light north east winds all day…7:15am high tide 2:08pm low tide, 8pm high tide. Enough said. Somewhere is going off…not really Bondi as it faces the wrong way. I would get out of town…something facing east.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

late.Yeah yeah I know. A late report. But have you had a look out the window. Who wants to be sitting behind a computer when it’s perfectly sunny and solid clean 4 foot? Normally I get accused of making the surf look much better than it really is. But today’s the other way around. Not happy with my shots…it’s good… EAST SWELL, waves are 4-5 foot at east exposed beaches. Winds were perfectly offshore earlier (SSW) and are gently swinging to the NE this afternoon. 7:15pm high tide 12:40pm low tide. I like it. Tomorrow is very similar, perhaps a tad smaller. Deluxe 25 degrees right now. enjoy…
radiowavesIf you think you rip – how about this 1 foot guy controlled via remote control. View Video
Happy Valentines Girls::uge (yoo-ooj)

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

bump.Lots of fat bump in the chunk today. Yesterday’s onshore winds brought 4-5 footers this morning early, but the ocean is still very unsettled. As the day progresses conditions will improve as the 10 knots of ESE will fade to 4 knots. Low tide 12:30, High tide 18:15. Warm water 21 degrees, max 23 degrees on the land, first light at 6am, weather clearing for tomorrow and waves should improve with lighter winds.
dynamite surfing.Flat spells are frustrating but this is taking it to a new level. Get ya mate to throw a few sticks of dynamite in the local river to create a 2 foot peak? What tha? View Video
hubba hubba.Good waves tomorrow but you’ll be missing out seeing its Valentine’s day (it’s always good on those dayz). It’s your one chance to clock up massive brownie points. A six pack and surf vids ain’t gonna cut it this year mutes. Now all you need is a hot pressie to smooth things over. May I suggest a framed Aquabumps print from $180 – $250 (open until 7:30pm tonight) and she’ll love you long time. Or how about something to get her into the mood of things – download a steamy podcast story from, and girls, we like surfboards – lots of them, or how about new FCS fins PC-3’s rock, Hurricanes Ribs with a bib, surf trips to Mentawai (girls if you go for any of these options – there should be more of you)

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Good ole 2 foot onshore Bondi. I’m back in the land of reality and the boards are deeply wedged into their covers…It’s a non-event this morning with barely a decent wave in sight (all onshore bumps). Sun is out but I’m told that will come to an end when the weather Gods prepare for our wet weekend. Perfect to come see the Aquabumps Gallery. (c’mon – had to).
The current 15 knots of southerly will swing more SE by the afternoon. Swell will drop slightly tomorrow before producing a few 3 footers for Sunday (from the east this time) after she blows NE all Saturday arvo. If that’s all too hard to understand forget tomorrow, Sunday looks better at east exposed beaches.

and the $75k Nickel board.
I like boards. I have many. But would I buy a $75,000 nickel plated board? Australia’s best design export, Marc Newson has created a metal tow board with legend shaper Dick Brewer – and it’s all apart of his new show at the Gagosian Gallery, New York. But the big question – how does she ride? Well just ask world renowned tow maniac Garrett McNarama after a sess at Chopes. Check out the footage (some hot inside tube sequences). Did I mention Marc’s a Aquabumps subscriber in London.

3 year old rabbits.
Those Philthy creeps down at Ruby Rabbit are celebrating their 3rd birthday on all 3 floors starting at 8pm. No not 4 floors…just 3 floors…but hey we’re not in Singapore.
Enough distraction. Aquabumps Gallery open Saturday/Sunday 10am to 4pm. Come::uge

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Menda.This morning I sat in a lil’ beach side warung waiting for the tide to come in. Next to me was a guy called Ketut (pretty popular name over here – meet 12 a day – means the forth child). Turns out it’s the legendary Ketut Menda, Bali’s former top surfer. Ketut aged 42 now is an all-round nice guy, owns Bali Barrel Surf shop in Kuta and helps teach surfing amongst the locals (e.g. shredder Pepen). The local talent these dayz is pretty incredible…they rip…

Msg.After a few mouthfuls of MSG riddled Mee Goreng I spotted a spitting leftie down the beach. Water looked pretty skanky and it broke pretty fast but no one on it… 10 minutes later a bigger set rocked in (pictured above). Think I’ll stick to the rights thanks…
Yesterday I got a heap of emails. Loads requesting the location of the black sand beach I’ve been surfing (well that’s not gonna happen – some things are best kept secret) and a few others saying they really want Aquabumps broadcast from Bondi again. Well this is the last Bali special and back to 0.5 foot Bondi tomorrow. Yeha.
Bondi.It’s tiny over there today. And there is absolutely nothing coming.end.
Later, uge

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tubes.Nothing beats a good tube. It’ll make your day. Especially whilst surfing in your boardies with 15 of your closest mates. When you reach a point that you can’t paddle any more (spaghetti arms) you’ll do the dash across 100 degree black volcanic sand for a massage/jaffle/sprite – all for under 5 bucks. Think it was 40 degrees up here in Bali yesterday – I’m cooked!

Just checked the charts and Bondi looks diabolical with 1 foot dribbles. Weather should improve as you head towards a mild 25 degrees. Winds will swing to the NE later today. All in all – its a work day in Sydney. Forget surfing…
You probably don’t want to hear it – but its good up here at the moment and the tide just went spot on for a sneaky little tubing right. dang. Gotta run ::uge
ps.Back soon. Promise. If you don’t know I’m setting up a gallery up here in Bali.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

pagi. A friend up here reckons you don’t have to do a driving test in Bali. You just rock up to the station in the chumped wagon and pay 20 bones. Gotta say the Indonesians drive pretty damn well for no regulation. But hey, you don’t really get to drive faster than 20 clicks.

balibumps.Finally we’ve got some swell up here in Bali. 3-4 foot and the pesty winds of last week have subsided. Fun day. One of the best so far. But it’s damn hot. Like scorchin’ 38 degrees. The run across the black volcanic beaches is now a frantic dash to save your soles…not many guys out. Happy dayz, not coming home.
dead fish.Every four years Bali gets a red tide. It’s happening right now. Basically the stinky lineup is full of dead fish (saw a dead dog in the water as well). The unofficial explanation from a marine biologist up here is that its fertilizer and chemical run off from the land. This runoff creates an abnormal algae bloom which soaks up all the oxygen in the water…killing all the fish. But hey that’s warung talk, so they may be using grenades again whilst fishing.
bondage.Looks like you’ve had a few waves on Sat, bit average on Sunday and this week looks small and undesirable. Did I mention Garuda flies directly to Bali a few times a week? Cause the next couple days up here are gonna smoke. sheeeow::uge

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Hola. Sorry about the lack of daily reports. Yep, still in Bali and at this time of year the surf is a bit fickle. You’ve gotta surf the east coast (mainly rights yeha!) but most breaks are hundreds of metres offshore making it hard to get photos – swimming with a camera ain’t that easy with these vicious currents. 2-3 foot today at most exposed breaks and the wind has held off so far. It’s real hot with 36 degrees making a dip the crystal clear water not a bad option.

The surf looks quite good back in Sydney. Better than here for a change. I’d expect 4 footers from the south (e.g. Curly, Bondi, Avalon). Apparently there is a heap of NE wind on it making it bumpy/manky. Spies in Bondi say its closing out straight. But surely if you had a decent sniff around you’d find a wave. Dooit. Should get better this arvo. High tide 9:20a.m, low 4pm. Max temp. 25 degrees. Perfectly fine weather for the weekend but this swell is fading fast!
Did you know that the first surfer in Bali was Robert Koke from Los Angeles in the 1930s? Koke and his wife set up the 1st hotel on Kuta called the Kuta Beach Hotel – back when Kuta was just thatch huts and palm trees. How things have changed since then. Have a great weekend ::uge

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