Gorillas in the mist, Bronte

Good on Paper

Today looks great on paper, offshore SSW winds with 4-6 foot south swell. Call me fussy…something is missing. The swell lines appear broken and random. The morning high tides are putting plenty of wobble in the faces and I didn’t see anyone catch fun waves. Maybe when the tide drops out, it will improve. I do know, somewhere, along our coastline, today, will have super fun ones. Just need to hunt.
Over the weekend the swell will drop back to a small 2-3 foot. Sunday will be bigger than Saturday – but could be more onshore than Saturday.
Things you may like to know:

Good drone footage of sharks browsing through bait balls at Fingal. Watch
Next decent swell is mid next week. (Dead South Swell)
Our Aquabumps Gallery in the Rocks is at 119 George Street, The Rocks. Right here

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The Big Boys

Right on time. The south swell machine has kicked up a few gears and is now producing 4-6 foot chunks. Bondi looked wild! Too much hard work paddling around on the high tide. There’s lots of water moving.
Bronte seemed a little bit more in control, 4-5 guys out, but didn’t see anyone surf good ones. I think a combo of lower tides and let this new swell calm down, and you will score, for sure.
Or, drive out of town right now.
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Coogee baths, sunrise this morning


Well, well…I’m back in town, and the incredible Autumn conditions prevail. How nice! We’re talking perfect NW offshores, building east swells and glorious sunshine.
This morning I left the postcode to wander through 2034 and 2035, (that’s Coogee and Maroubra’s postcode). Everyone is up early and enjoy the good run of warm weather and water. Maroubra had some waves – but the morning high tide was killing it. By the time you read this, closer to the 2 pm low tide, I would expect it to be pumping.
Tomorrow the swell will go south and pick up to a solid 6 foot. Bondi will be closing out I am guessing. It is forecasted to go offshore SW – so somewhere out of town will be cooking.
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The lone peak before a storm


Something is missing in your life. Your morning rituals have been disrupted. Where has your daily morning Aquabumps photo slice gone?
One word – schoolies.
Now that we’ve got a school kid we’re conforming to the regular term breaks to spend time with our tykes. It’s been awesome! How good are the weather and waves? After weeks and weeks of crappy storms, it’s finally come good – big time. I trust you all have sore shoulders, red eyes from salt exposure and good memories of Easters pumping swells. The NSW coast just lit up.
Nah, these photos are not from Bondi…but from somewhere between Adelaide and Noosa. Our Australian coastline is amazing, we are so lucky.
Next week the regular Sydney updates will resume. Breathe easy.
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Pama Davies, fly boy

Rip Bowls

Oh man, what a morning huh? If I had a button that would make this day the default settings…and replay it over and over…I would.
What’s not to like….?
Sunshine – plenty.  Heading to 23 degrees
Waves – superb rip bowls out front of skate ramps. Hours of fun!
Winds – none really.
Water – like a bath tub. So so perfect.
Water Clarity – bloody good (out the back away from the waves)
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Max Coleman, dusting off


It’s offshore and the crowd goes wild! Everyone has hit the beach this morning to get involved. I drove past most of the beaches in the East, and there was a pack of wolves, hunting the morning swells. I hope you got some.
Summary – it’s 3-4 foot, swell direction is ESE so plenty of bays attracting swell, WNW winds, light at 6 knots.
Forecast, similar size tomorrow but onshore (and light in the morning).
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DK, reef huggers


It was so good to see some sunshine this morning. Celebrate it! It wasn’t so good to have onshore SSE winds. The 4-5 footers are looking pretty rough, windblown, and random. At 4 am tomorrow it will swing offshore to SW though…now that’s exciting, I would expect tomorrow to be fun.
Bondi SurfAid Cup
On June 2, SurfAid will be hosting their tag fundraising event at Bondi Beach. Last year was a blast…good waves too! Why don’t you get a few work colleagues together and enter? You don’t have to rip to compete, all teams are allocated a big name pro surfer to help with points…and it’s tag, so it’s more strategy than reos. Reos help, though. Do it. Raise money for the exceptionally poor people of Indonesia…and have a good day out of the office, surfing Bondi with no one in the lineup! More Info
Have a great day, :: uge

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North Bondi sleds


It’s pretty wild and wedgey out there at Bondi Beach. There are some chunks breaking above your head and you’ve got the entire paddock to yourself. Hell, even the sun has busted out this morning after a night of rain – toot toot!
Do you remember Mr. Beautiful (Beautiful All is his official name in his passport but born Barry Donald John McGrath)? He lived around Bondi in the early 2000s. He was an icon down the beach. He’d set up his beach stall with signs “NOTHING FOR SALE” “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL”…he’d be bellowing compliments to everyone that walked past. Every day he would make me laugh with his cheeky compliments. Sadly Mr. Beautiful has recently been diagnosed with Cancer. We don’t know how long he has left on this earth. On 30th April at the Byron Bay Surf Club (he moved up to the Bay) they’re hosting a gathering for this true Aussie character. 1 pm to 6 pm. Onya Mr. Beautiful. Watch video
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Matty Gilsenan frontside tweaks


With an early SW wind, the beaches cleaned up a little. Not a bad morning to surf. The forecasted SE winds will return early, though…and corrupt the goodness.
Rain. Well, still raining. Dum de dum. I reckon it bucketed on me multiple times this morning whilst I was trying to nail some sort of a shot. I would love to shoot these pics in some crisp autumn light. Wouldn’t that be nice?
The rest of today’s post was shot on Boxing Day just gone…to remind you of a Sydney summer.
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