South Manly, 5:45am


As predicted the south storm is here. Swell has come up but it’s howling onshore now. Bondi was a mess and the banks are completely non-existent, so I didn’t see anything surfable. Wait until this storm passes…pray for better banks! On this photogenically challenged day, I thought it would be grand to show you some […]

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Stampede, North Bondi

Swimmers Haven

Another morning of fantastic conditions down the beach – for a swim that is. Surfers you will need to look at NE exposed breaks like Maroubra, Tama (on the low tide) or Manly. Bondi continues to neglect the tiny bumps coming from the North. Enjoy today, as an aggressive 30 knot south change is arriving later […]

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Biggest waves you'll find today

Flat Summer

Call off the search; I’m back on the tools today.  Countless emails of “Has the internet broken? Where’s my Aquabumps update” or “You’ve removed me from your mailing list…what did I do wrong? I need a beach fix” Haha. It’s me, not you. I took a fair chunk of January off shooting/posting…to refresh the eyes […]

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No reef required, just an abrupt shorey at Bondi this a.m.


It’s 8:30 am and this could be the earliest Aquabumps daily email ever sent. I’ve already swam for 1.5 hours and shot plenty for you. Bondi has some today. The swell is still alive and kicking, Bondi was breaking far out the back but I was more focused on the violet, abrupt shorey opportunities. It was […]

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Crowd pleaser, Northern Beaches

Awayco + Ace + Darkside

Like to surf? Yeah? Well, the past 6 weeks have been flat as. Real frustrating summer dribbles for days on end. Today has broken that swell drought and we have great waves! World No. 16 Ace Buchan dropped by for some pre-tour warm-ups. It’s dropping fast, 4-5 foot, East winds now (was offshore earlier). Hate travelling […]

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Moody Bondi, 6:30am today


These chunky swells are a little frustrating around the eastern suburbs. Even though it’s dropped considerably overnight (still 4-6 foot), the wild oceans just don’t break how we want ’em until its smaller, cleaner. Sheltered nooks like Manly should have something to shred… I know a few places out of town that would be cooking […]

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Lots of swell today, heaps of water moving

Wild Child

Oh man, it’s been windy. Wind is good, wind creates waves. When this wind dissipates there will be decent (clean) surf for us to talk about. At the moment it’s very wild out there. So wild I reckon your board would blow clean out of your hands before it even got to the water. Sheltered beaches […]

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Will Smith popped into the gallery this weekend

The Fresh Prince

It’s true, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (A.K.A Will Smith) has been hanging around Bondi Beach over the weekend and loving it. The highly energised actor ran from Bronte to Bondi, enjoyed a meal at Porch then popped into the Aquabumps Gallery to check out our artworks. A very down to earth, positive human being… […]

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Rottnest Island, Basin, WA

Blotto @ Rotto

My fascination for the ocean begun in Perth, it’s where I was born. Rottnest Island is an island just offshore from Perth. It’s actually the main reason why Perth city doesn’t have great waves as it acts as a swell barrier for the city. This is why you need to drive down south (Margs) or […]

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