Sleds ready for riding

Black Friday

It’s black Friday. I bet you’re hoping we’re offering storewide discounts of 95% off, free shipping and a set of steak knives. Nah, sorry, not today. We’re predominantly a made-to-order business so we’ll leave those dramatic sale emails to the other retailers. My inbox is full of them! It was dark down the beach though. […]

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Baby Oil

Ah yes, a salubrious beach day. Can you smell the baby oil? If you’re at your desk reading my daily ramble, you’re in the wrong place. You need to go for a swim, ’cause it’s a bewty outside – max. 27 degrees. Waves – yeah yeah, so so. Dropped off heaps from yesterday. Dribbly 1ish, […]

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Breaking news, Icebergs is a crime scene

The Keg Thief

The Icebergs was shut down this morning. It’s a crime scene, apparently, there was a break-in at 3 am last night – I was hoping they ran off with that freshly built ugly addition to the entrance! No luck there. Maybe just a few a kegs for thirsty backpackers? Who knows. Everyone was a little […]

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All this smoke in the atmosphere sure does stir up a decent sunrise


After a night of thunderstorms and a tiny bit of rain, it’s all cleared up and a great morning for a swim. It will heat up to 31 degrees today, a hot one. Tonight let’s hope those rumbling thunderstorms actually bring a decent night of rain to help with our hazardous dry conditions. Swell is […]

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Rob Norman, nose rides

Monday Bumps

Mondays are always so much quieter down the beach. Even though it was a perfect morning, there weren’t many people about. Swell looks more NE than from the South, and there’s a high tide dribble chugging into Bondi at sunrise. Logs, mini-mals, foamies would be the weapon of choice. Leave the short boards at home. […]

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Morning of the earth


The smoke was still lingering at sunrise, but a fresh southerly came up and is currently it blowing it away. No talk of sharks, like yesterday. Me mate Andrej even saw one at 7pm last night so I think all that fish in the bay are bringing them in close. I have some very exciting […]

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"How wide maaaate?""Thiiiiss biig" - shiiiza

Smokey Sharks

A thick smoke screen has smothered Sydney again this morning. I can’t imagine what it would be like up North where you’re actually IN the fires. This smoke is coming from a fire in the Hawkesbury region. Shark alarms were echoing in the bay at Bondi around 6:20am. Two dudes said they saw a 2-metre […]

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Bronte Beach, UFO and all

Coastal People

It’s a much cooler day after the Southerly kicked in last night. The sky is full of clouds, but no sign of rain. No sign of smoke either. The water is a chilly 18 degrees and the waves are a messy waist-high. I didn’t see much quality around da ‘hood. If you’re reading Aquabumps I […]

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Ben Buckler through the smokey haze


A smokey blanket is suffocating Sydney today. It’s pretty bad. A bit like smoking a pack of durries before breakky. yuk! Yesterday, westerly winds blew the smoke into Sydney from a 140,000-hectare fire in the Hawkesbury region. The smoke was trapped around town overnight, as some weirdo inversion thingie between cold air and warm air. […]

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Not talking, Bondi


Plagued by an early morning low tide, a Sou-Sou-East swell is still kicking into Bondi. I saw closeouts around 3 foot at sunrise. 1 pm is high tide, as it fills up there should be some waves around (yep, just looked across the road from AB headquarters, there are waves 10:59 am). Head high too! […]

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Taking a chip off the top, Tamarama


Offshore – tick.Swell – tick. Plenty.Sunshine – plenty, but could do with some rain. (possible on Sunday)Banks – cross. No good. Really appealing conditions this morning. So many of the important ingredients to make Sydney crank. The banks seem to be a bit weird, Bondi was mostly closing out – Tama too. Bronte didn’t have […]

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Bondi from the brine


The suns out, the water is cool and the wind was a tad chilly – but it’s a good looking day in Sydney. A South swell is producing head high set waves, the early morning low tide seemed to hinder the sets. Incoming tides will flourish – I think. Have you seen URBN Surf‘s brand-spankin’ […]

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Sir Richard Branson is in Bondi today!

Sir Branson

You know it, always something going on down Bondi beach and this morning was no exception. Sir Richard Branson visited our shores at sunrise this morning. The last time I shot Sir Branson at Bondi was in 2004 when he was dangling out of a helicopter! (see AB post) Today was a lot more subdued […]

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On your marks, get set, hit it!


You can smell the smoke in the air today. I’ve never been so disappointed to wake up to a hot, summery day in Sydney. You all know it, we’re on catastrophic fire danger alert for the state. Catastrophic is the highest level of bush fire danger. With high temps, 600 schools closed and windy conditions […]

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South Corner pinks, 5:24am


Nice little south swell supplying the bay with head high waves this morning. Plenty of bumps, just not a lot of good ones! It seemed very hit and miss down there. Nice sunny day, but I really would love to see rain, soon. I was up North on the weekend and could see huge amounts […]

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Bondi swim herd


It’s a warm one, again. Clear skies, gentles breezes and slightly more swell. Cooling change is arriving this weekend – phew – those fires up north need a reprieve. Hopefully, some rain will cool it all down. Bondi was fun this morning, oh so many people popping down for a swim. Waves should improve, a […]

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Inland dust has blown to the coast, creating the haze. Bondi 6am

Dust Haze

This morning Sydney was engulfed by dusty haze. Yesterday’s strong winds kicked up the dust inland of Sydney, then a weather trough dragged the dust east to the coast, just in time for our sunrise. It’s a little different to our recent smoke screens, and you may get a few respiratory problems! Waves – what […]

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Little waves through bin keyholes, South Bondi


Here’s a ‘summery’ of things you need to know about today: The day kicked off a little chilly, but it will beef up to a salubrious 26 degrees today. How do you like those apples? Even better, tomorrow will be another beach day with 28 degrees. Crank the baby oil. We have waves from the […]

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Boardwalk, Bondi


It’s getting warmer and the beach is starting to get busy in the mornings. It’s amazing a what difference the seasons make. Winds were SW early, hopefully the water will warm up with the southerly – wow – it was cold over the weekend and I am just thawing out. Waves were tiny and dribbly. […]

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New Caledonia Movie


That’s a wrap on our New Caledonia trip, I’m back in Bondi today. If you’re chasing blue water, damn, it’s Fluro blue in New Caledonia. I thought that colour water only existed in the Maldives. New Cal is much closer (2hrs40mins to be exact)! Watch this video summary of our time there… Watch New Cal […]