Field of Light, by Bruce Munro - a must see at sunset

The Red Centre

One of the greatest natural wonders of the world, Uluru. Before my arrival, many told me it was a powerful place, and it really is – hard to explain why. It’s just so unbelievable, that in the middle of a desert, 450kms from the nearest town lies the largest monolith in the world – and […]

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Last light glows on Uluru


Something different today – not a wave or speck of beach sand in sight…we’ve arrived in the Red Centre. Thank you to the Anangu, the traditional landowners of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, for sharing their sacred land with us. Uluru is a special/powerful place, an Australian icon, an enormous monolith. Six hundred million years old […]

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Bronte chunks


These mornings are similar – Tongan pink glow at 6:15, clear skies and plenty of swell. A new easterly swell direction has fired up some spots and there’s a wave to be had. Bondi was chest high, clean whilst more exposed breaks around Bronte and Tama were well overhead high. What a beautiful day! It’s […]

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Da Bergs

Late sun

Lots of waiting around for the sun to rise at this time of year. You know I love it when the light strikes across the bay, turning everything into gold. The swell is dying, waist to should high waves this morning. It’s sunny clean and offshore (West). Glorious conditions if you don’t mind a chilly […]

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Thank you Tonga for the morning colours!

Winter solstice

Today is the winter solstice, also called the hibernal solstice, which occurs when either of Earth’s poles reaches its maximum tilt away from the Sun. This happens twice yearly, once in each hemisphere. So what? Basically, today is the shortest day of the year (9hrs 53min) and from here on the days get longer as […]

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Campbell Parade Blues, 7am this morning


This morning took a bit to get going… The waves were less than spectacular, limping and junkie – sometimes head high, not many out (which says it all). The sunrise had all the makings of a grand colour splash, but it didn’t happen in the end. It was warm, not like the previous chilly mornings, which […]

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Mini-caves, El Bondi 8am


At first glance, it looks good for surfers, but, after swimming out amongst it I’ve concluded it’s fools gold. Most waves closed out or fat burgers wobbling to the beach. I didn’t really see anyone get waves of substance. All the right ingredients are there, offshore, sun and consistent ground swell. The banks are letting […]

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Bronte antics

Constant Supply

The days are similar as sunshine prevails, clear skies for days and endless swells – how lucky are we! It’s a tad warmer this morning. Bronte and Bondi had 4 footers. It’s a constant ground swell and looked straight to me, hard to find an edge. Go drive, yee shall find. Totally random question – […]

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Thanks to Tonga, we have these beautiful sunrises at the moment


The sunrises and sunsets have been quite exquisite lately, don’t you agree? The skies are cloud-free, but aerosols in the atmosphere, 25 kilometres up are putting on a healthy “glow-show”. No, you haven’t been imagining it…it’s real. The aerosols originate from the plume of gas and ash that was ejected when the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai […]

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Those rights look doable. Bondi 7:20am this morning

Ocean Energy

It’s been the talk of the town over the long weekend – we’ve got an oversized, long-period ground swell pummelling our coastline at present. They even closed Bondi to the public over the weekend. Today it appears to be winding down, finally, after days of pounding. Combined with tonight’s super moon and super tides there’s […]

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The iconic Sydney Opera House

Sydney Shines

Vivid Sydney 2022 – the annual festival of light, music and ideas. Not the sunrise morning light I’m used to – but where the city of Sydney lights up, with music, creative activations, projections & performances for 23 days and nights. In 2019, 2.4 million people filled the streets of Sydney to watch it light […]

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Cold offshores and chunky waves, Bronte


It’s still big, just not as big. We’ve got a well positioned low hanging off our coastline, feeding Sydney with heaps of goodies. Ah winter swells, gotta love ’em. The 21-knot-bitterly-cold offshores will make you feel alive this morning. The water remains warm and double head high waves are frequently found. The crowds are minimal […]

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Frames, Bronte


Overnight the swell has spiked into some really chunky chunks. Most beaches are overloaded and a tad out of control – or just plain old closing out. Thankfully the sun was out and the skies were clear. The claws of winter are here and it’s frosty – even if you’re rugged up in the best […]

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Hi Wendy, I see you! South Bondi


Swimming with my camera is my favourite form of photography. It’s how Aquabumps began (1999) and something I think I will always do. Swimming on days like today is a real treat; even though the mercury on land is plummeting, it’s pretty fantastic underwater – hidden from the winter’s breeze. It’s all quiet underneath the […]

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Dribbles, limping into Bondi Bay

The Big Chill

It is nice to check the weather forecast and see days and days of sunshine. I don’t mind the polar temperatures, as long as we have solar. Waves have gone flat and surfing is off the cards. The water still remains warm but the dash up to the carpark will rattle you into gear. The […]

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Sunrises like this are rare in 2022. What a cracker this morning

Rivers of Colour

This morning was a wild ride with vividly painted skies. At 6:10 am the reds popped, then the pinks ensued, then it went boring grey, and THEN it blew up pinks again. Wow, so far 2022 has had few sunrises like this so this was a real treat. And the swell has leapt, like the […]

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Star dust, Bronte Reef


Grab the puffer before heading outside – it’s cold. Polar winds are chilling Sydney. We have a new swell in town, which seems to be growing – shame the banks at Bondi are straight and useless to us. Maybe a punchy swell will bite holes in the sand, creating better banks? Perhaps? We live in […]

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The french express, South Bondaka 8:20am

Extra Effort*

I hope you like today’s batch of photos. I put a lotta effort into ’em. Extra effort. In very chilly pre-sunrise conditions, I buzzed all the way to Maroubra on the scootie…eyes watering, knuckles numb (no medal required). I stopped at the usual spots – snapping away a few. Most locations were deserted due to […]

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