Slotted, Indonesia

Shower time

It’s raining in Bondi, and we’d better get used to it – with another wet warm season heading our way. Not the most inspiring day in Bondi, with tiny surf, no light and intermittent showers. Rain will flow into tomorrow before clearing for most of the weekend. I’m still sifting through my shots from the […]

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Bondi, middles, frothers, happy


A neat little (surprise) bounce in south swell this morning has provided hungry frothers with a lil’ something to muck around on. I saw sets touch the head-high mark…clean too. Huge pack on the middle bank – pretty hectic out there – a lawless peak out back, but everybody seemed happy. It’s really a mal […]

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Yesterday, Bondi looking the goods


How good was yesterday? One of the finest! Grooming offshores illuminated the ocean blues whilst warmed land temperatures drove the masses to the coast for a Sunday hang. It was packed everywhere I looked. Packed! Traffic jams locked up Bondi as spinning rims and reflecto sunnies made their way down Bondi Road. Good to see […]

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Bondi, not a quiet place, especially on Fridays

Like Summer*

After a night of rain, we’ve got a glamour, 10-outa-10 day. Feels like summer as Bondi fills up – the beach, right now (2pm) looks like January. Believe it or not, the weather is going to be good for a few days now – I would maximise this opportunity, as you know it can default […]

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Icebergs morning rituals, this morning 6:15am


An excellent supply of fresh southerly lines was creeping into the bay at sunrise. Fortunately, the sun was out, a bonus, as we look to be slipping into our third La Nina wet season. Winds are currently from the East, 6 knots. Surface quality seems to be holding up. This afternoon this swell will peak, […]

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Gold plated South Bondi and the girls getting into it


The rain has been on and off all morning, the winds are twenty knots of dead south, and the water is a cool 18. The head-high surf looked pretty junkie and uninviting – but empty. Very few people down the beach as the forecast was for rain. A great day to be productive! :: uge

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Good weather and kites = very busy Bondi!

Festival of the winds

Bondi was in full swing on the weekend with the annual “Festival of the winds” and clear skies – it was crazy! It has been years since Bondi has been that busy due to our Covid problem – so good to see the traffic jams again (never thought I would say that). The local businesses […]

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Paradise found, Mentawais a couple of days ago


The beach wasn’t looking that inviting this morning: rain, dark clouds and heavy jetlag. At a glance, I saw the odd 3-footer with north winds – the groms having a blast on several banks. I’ve opted to show you some more salubrious imagery from my recent excursion to the Indo islands. The good news: The […]

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Big sets, but not much joy

Summer Winds

Can you feel that? Yep – north winds and solid SSE swells….feels like spring to me! Such a warm morning to return to Sydney – everyone’s been telling me how cold it has been. Bondi had waves in the 3-4 foot vicinity. North winds are welcome here, and North Bondi looks very inviting for a […]

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Tim Scott, digging in to find he pocket, Mentawais


This is our final episode from the Indonesian island paradise (sigh of relief from some of you). We’re heading home, sore, battered from reefs, sunkissed, and memories of tubular perfection. This trip was quite different to my 16 other voyages – lousy weather, funky winds, random spikes of swell from 3ft to 10ft in 24 hours. […]

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Mentawai line up - Indonesia

The Mentawai Regency

The Mentawais are a chain of 70 islands off Sumatra, Indonesia. It’s about a 150 km area that hosts dozens of surf breaks, mostly only accessible by boat. It’s remote out here; there’s not a lot of infrastructure and a whole heap of jungle. When I first visited, logging used to be a big industry […]

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