Built in the 1930's Mahon is all action with a bit of swell


For something different, I ventured south today to Maroubra. The waves were smaller as it’s very south and missing the bay, but Mahon Pool at the North End was a buzz with morning swimmers. Mahon Pool was originally a naturally formed rock pool along the cliffs to Coogee. During the Great Depression, the public requested […]

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With the beach so straight, is this a good thing?


It’s oh so damn straight at Bondi; I can’t help but think the current beach of machines rearranging the sand has got to be a good thing, right? It can’t get any worse…so the dozer was tearing up South Bondi this morning, pushing sand into the water. Fingers crossed, it forms in 4-5 superbanks for winter swells.  […]

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Morning slide in the golden glitter at South Bondi

Back to work

Today it’s looking pretty good! There are waves around shoulder to head high, and barely anyone around (odd). Winds are light, and surfaces are optimal. The cold weather and late sunrises de-motivated many. Not enough time to surf before work as many finally return to the office. (WFH party is over). It will be sunny all […]

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Young Tommy Mackay tail burn 7:00am

Bondi Bowls

I’m back in Bondi and acclimatising to the cold. Brisk. Hard to believe it will top 23 degrees today after such a chilly start. Bondi had a little left, bowling on the rip. It was empty too, which is rare for here, so the groms took it on. Today is your last day to support […]

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Endless beaches with no names and no people.


The indigenous inhabitants of this region – the Mentawai people – are known for their intricate tattoo art. Tattooing holds immense cultural significance for the Mentawai people, representing various aspects of their identity, such as age, social status, postcode and spiritual beliefs. They live in harmony with the lush rainforests of each island – mainly […]

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70 islands in Mentawai in it's 150 km stretch

Bon Voyage

As our trip comes close to an end, we make our way back to the central part of the island chain, where crossing overnight to Padang is easier. There are endless breaks along the way, so we drop anchor at many, hopefully timing it with the right tides, winds and crowds. It’s been days of […]

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Swell magnets have been busy!


It’s been a different trip to the Mentawai’s this year: we’re trying a new boat, small swells, heaps of sunshine and large crowds. Everyone is travelling madly after missing two seasons during the pandemic. I would say 50% would be from Australia and the other half Brazilian—the odd American, British, and Italian at some reefs. […]

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Anchoring off my favourite right


Selamat Pagi! Indonesia is good to surf as it’s near the equator, and the winds are generally light whilst attracting raw southern swells from The Roaring Forties in the Indian Ocean. The islands are a myriad of nooks and crannies for these consistent swells to break on, creating hundreds of surf breaks each with their […]

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Italo drops in to say G'day (Former world champ)

1hr with Italo

I know, I know, it’s been a while. Welcome to the Aquabumps offshore edition, where we broadcast from the wave-rich Mecca of Mentawai – a very remote part of the world that I visit annually. Yesterday was a classic; whilst farming a nuggety left, filling our wave quotas, a blue catamaran sped into the line-up. […]

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it's still big, rogue and wild (and cold)


It’s still big and unappealing for surfers. Rogue sets are breaking in the 2-3 times head-high range. While smaller than yesterday, it’s still wild to ride. The icy west offshore winds are not helping either…hard to get out of bed today. Maybe tomorrow, but it will be surfable/enjoyable mostly Thursday and Friday. My family and […]

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Ben Buckler - BOOM! Around 7:30am

Mental Monday

Everybody loves these mental days when the waves are gigantic and wild. I get asked how big – gosh, I saw sets in the 12ft+ range. The entire bay sometimes closed out as water ran up and hit the ramps. Icebergs was inundated whilst spray at Ben Buckler was at least 4 storeys. Is it […]

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Wilbur pocket driving whilst Mr. GoPro shuts down the section (argh)

Fresh Batch

Last night we were gifted a brand new, clean south swell. It’s fun-sized, head high and occasionally;y bigger. The NNW winds are offshore and keeping it neat — plenty of waves, lots of close outs and the odd nugget. Winds should remain north and clean at south-facing beaches like Bondaka. I say this every day […]

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75 years of Defender

Defender 75

On our recent Easter break to country NSW, the family got to test out the robust Defender, a dreamy off-roader in a unique Grassmere green with matching rims, paying homage to its 75-year origins. Naturally, as we’re all beach freaks, the Defender spent more time on the sand than on the bitumen – searching for […]

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Send it!


The waves are plentiful, and the sunshine delightful. It was the first morning you needed to rug up – (around 12 degrees at sunrise). The water, however, remains ridiculously warm, and some are still surfing in boardies! The best (and biggest) waves are at beaches that face east. Bondi still attracted some swell in the […]

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Man hacks in the north - waves good today!


No, I am not selling Prime drinks on the black market like the kids – it’s a PRIME day – primo – cracker – epic!@# Why? It’s perfectly west offshore and a bit chilly, but the conditions are clean, and the skies have cleared. The ENE swell is peaking, and I saw waves in the […]

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