Clean lines of Bondi this morning 7:30am


How good is this weather! A shark parked itself underneath me yesterday whilst surfing South Bondi. The water was crystal clear I could see it clearly about a foot underneath me tootsies. A curious bugger – had a look at me and then glided on by out to sea. In all my time in the […]

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Boom. Just like that the sky caught on fire. Phase 2, circa 6:30am

Crop Dusting

Hi. Hello. How are you? Remember me? I know, I know. This ‘daily’ photo email thing seems to be a little erratic, a little irregular and a whole lot not daily. I can explain… As of today, I can officially pilot an under 25-kilo RPA (remotely piloted aircraft). It took me all week to get […]

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Where a city meets the ocean, Surfers Paradise, Queensland

Sunny Goldie

I spent the weekend chasing the sun up to The Gold Coast. Wow, it feels like summer up there, with temperatures reaching 24-25 in the day and everyone parading around in bathers. There wasn’t much swell on Saturday, so it was a blue lagoon. Sunday, a fresh south swell started to wrap into the points […]

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Clean roller, South Bondaka, 7:30am


The swell has subsided, and the new bank setup has been revealed. There’s a nice gutter towards the middle, but the rest looks straight. 2-3 foot waves, clean conditions with offshore winds. Small crowds due to cold conditions. Dark morning, overcast skies…tough shooting conditions! Have a great weekend. Big surf on Sunday! :: uge

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It's big today (and cold)


The swell has come right up, and the mercury right down. There are waves in the 6-8 foot range and only a hand full of crew braving the uncomfortable conditions. It was around 4 degrees before sunrise, and the wind chill bit deep. WNW winds at 10 knots are keeping it neat. It’s pretty mind-blowing […]

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Drainer at sunrise, Bondi

Frosty Drainers

Geez, it was a chilly start to the day (9), especially before sunrise (sub 9). At Bondi, you’d think it’s peak summer as a few guys paddle out in their boardies, chatting with me like it’s a balmy summer morning. At sunrise, chest-high waves and its offshore – onshore now with that annoying southerly blowing. […]

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The south swell is back! And so am I! Bondi 7am


After a massive span of clear skies and sunshine, we’re opening this week with a dark, drizzly morning and 2-3 footers. Six knots of NW wind is perfect for Bondi – so the waves are clean. Mondays are the best for crowds – combined with most parents returning to work after schoolies – and the […]

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14 July 2023, Creeping da nose. Cabarita

Coastal Warmth

I’m not much of a longboarder, but I love shooting pics of the legropeless maniacs. It’s graceful, slower and more predictable than short boarding – kinda like a dance. It also doesn’t matter if it’s 0.5ft or 10ft – they always catch waves. Far Northern NSW is a longboarders haven, with dribbly points spinning off […]

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Good to see more swell this morning.

The Points

The southerly is blowing up here (Far North NSW), so you’ll need to find a point for protection. There’s slightly more swell today, but it remains small and suitable for large surf craft. Waist to shoulder high. Yet another glorious winter sunny day with warm temps – lucky, aren’t we? Max 22. The waiting period […]

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North NSW/QLD has plenty of point lineups, like this.


I prefer north to south, particularly in winter when it’s warmer. Yesterday it was 24.5 degrees up here on the far north coast, and it felt like summer. The mornings are cool, but the middle of the day is glorious. We’ve left Port Mac and driven closer to the QLD border where the waves are […]

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20 wrecks off Tacking Point before this lighthouse was constructed


Sorry about the recent radio silence. You know it’s ’cause of school holidays…and nothing beats a road trip heading north to the warmer weather. I’ll confess – I’ve driven past the Port Macquarie turn-off on the A1 highway (many times) in a hurry to get to North-North-Bondi (Aka Byron Bay). I never knew Port Macquarie […]

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