Plated in gold, North Bondi was a hive of activity

Bustling Bondi

Bondi was very active this morning. Everywhere I looked, lots of humans! Whilst waves are breaking, they’re of inferior quality and shape. Onshore, wrong tides (at sunrise) and a weak period made for a great day to swim – not surf. The water is unbelievably warm. Bondi Goss: I’m always around Bondi – people tell […]

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Not much light, 6:30am Bondi Beach today


After a warm night in Sydney (26 degrees @ midnight) we’ve woken to showers, greydom and 1-2 footers. The surf wasn’t too exciting; the incoming tide could bring more size. We have 19 knots of southerly, and the tide is still rising until 11:40 am. It looks very mushy. The beach was pretty quiet, many […]

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Jetty, all fired up this morning. Bondi 7:15am

Back in the hood!

Bondi’s an intense joint, so I love stepping away from it for a few weeks over the summer. I put the cameras & phones away and then focus on my forehand grinds (and family time). As of today – I AM BACK. Fresh eyes on a familiar subject, crazy Bondi. My 25th year. What a […]

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