After a month of waves, time to chill on a beach like this


“Aman” means “peace” in Sanskrit, and “Pulo” means “island” in Filipino /Tagalog – a perfect description of this heavenly island in the Palawan Province of the Philippines. Amanpulo, a world away from the hustle and bustle of Manila, south of the capital, is one of the planet’s most exquisite beach paradise islands. The sea’s colour is […]

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Como Cocoa, every island needs a 500m sand spit

Como Cocoa

Chapter 3: We’ve switched islands to the tiny Como Cocoa, a stone’s throw from one of Maldives’ surfing jewels, Kandooma. Cocoa is an island so small that you can kick a football across the middle of it…or a lilo circumnavigational will take you around half an hour. At low tide, a 500-metre sand spit emerges […]

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Quite a bit going on underneath the surface!


In the Maldives, the working week is Sunday to Thursday, and Friday & Saturday is the weekend! The waves are still ripable here on Kandooma, and there is not much over head high (perfect for the tykes). Their surf season is May to September, which is good as it is the opposite of the general […]

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Welcome back to the Maldives, chapter 2 of my overseas winter odyssey, where I am hunting warm water, waves, and idyllic beaches. After surfing left in the Mentawais for two weeks, it’s time to go right on one of the Maldivian jewels—Kandooma. I’ve been to the Maldives six times and have never scored decent waves […]

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