The dark contrast of Bondi Beach this morning


Moody kinda morning down there today. Dark, then spurts of bright light. Made for some different kind of morning shots. Wind is light onshore. Swell from the East. Junkie and uninviting (yet still surfable) conditions. Contestable conditions? …not really. Swell is coming up this afternoon but the winds are no good (onshore). Good to practice […]

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Single Fin Classic on tomorrow at Bondi (these are the prizes)

Single Fin

No waves, today, just yet. NE swell coming with some fresh NE winds today. Maybe later. Sun poked out for a bit. The Bondi Single Fin Classic is on tomorrow. At the time of writing, there are 4 spots left in the opens and 5 spots in the grand masters (over 50s). The master’s division […]

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North Bondi, session finished

Summer Lake

The waves are tiny, Bondi is doing it’s best impersonation of a lake. Is it surfable, kinda…on a mal. Swimmable – very. It’s a mighty fine day – but it will change later.  Around 4 pm the clouds will increase and Thursday and Friday are rainy days. This new storm should shake up some NE […]

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Rough smooth - Cloey

Bullet points

What-a-day! Magic. Deluxe. Exquisite. Waves – nah. 6 things random things about your ‘hood: After years and years of rumours, Justin Hemmes of Merivale has officially purchased the Royal Hotel in Bondi (Cnr of Bondi Road and Denham). He paid nearly 30 mil for the joint – the deal is done. The Royal has been there since 1904 and […]

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Teneal really enjoying her morning swim today at South Bondi!

Weed Monster

Let’s get on the weed today!  Overnight, seaweed has taken over Bondi. In the South end I reckon it was actually acting like a bank and making a left form. Bondi is surfable – but not great. 1-2 footers, with 1 freak tube ridden by Mr. Weetman. The water is warm and relatively uncrowded. 41 […]

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Cute couple. North Bondi yesterday

Beach Dayz

The weather is warming up and Bondi is a hive of activity from 5:30 am. The weekend was perfect for a visit and the sands were packed. How good has the surf been lately? 6 days in a row of good conditions. Today slots into the ‘surfable’ category…like a lot of days down here that are […]

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Pacifico + Pav


Best morning of the week so far. The weather was deluxe, water warm, waves small but piping… I swam for 1’n’half hours with my camera in hand. I do love my job. Feel alive today. Recently I’ve been commenting on those new rent-a-bikes. Just to clarify, I am ALL FOR bike sharing 100% (I ride a […]

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'Bergs reflection time


Conditions are looking so much better than yesterday. There is still plenty of swell, I am talking 3-4 with the odd bigger set. The sun is out and it’s shaping up to be a cracker. Swell is from the South and the wind has gone Nor-East (grooming). Nor-easter will make it dribble, and weaker (I surfed […]

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Only a few weeks old, but heavily used skate park


Looks real bad for surfers out at Bondi. Windblown trash really at 3-4 foot. ESE winds are terrible in Sydney, they seem to affect most beaches. It’s a shame as most people were nursing their Melbourne Cup hangovers and you’d score the line up empty – well if it was surfable that is. It’s true, “Bondi […]

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