• The Basin, Rottnest Island, where I learnt to swim

    The Basin

    Rottnest Island, WA
  • Everyone's dream, sleeping above rays and sharks


    Moorea, Tahiti
  • Best beach umbrella I've seen by far. Moorea, Tahiti

    Beach Umbrella

  • At Moorea be prepared to swim around 6-7 hours a day

    Hotel Corridors

    Moorea, Tahiti
  • Go on, jump right in

    Jump Right In

    Moorea, Tahiti
  • Full of life above and below the surface, Moorea Sunset Beach

    Lagoon life

  • Moorea black tips, curious little buggers

    Moorea Black Tip

    Moorea, Tahiti
  • Moorea, paradise

    Moorea Paradise

  • The Hilton Moorea...pretty special

    Swim Decks

    Moorea, Tahiti
  • Aquatic playgrounds for miles and miles

    Tahitian Playground

  • Island Time

  • Maldivian Bliss

  • Blueys

    Blueys Beach
  • Dozens of bays like these, good spot to shack up for the day

    Hidden Gem

    Jervis Bay, NSW
  • Yes, this place exists. Jervis Bay 3 hours south of Sydney

    Jervis Bay

    Jervis Bay, NSW
  • Guinness Book of Records reports Hyams Beach as having the whitest sand in the world.

    A Couples Paradise

    Hyams Beach, NSW
  • Hyams Beach.

    Pristine Hyams

    Hyams Beach, NSW
  • Hyams colour patches

    The Colours of Hyams

    Hyams Beach, NSW
  • Girl Surfacing Aquabumps 2t1w2380

    Girl Surfacing

    Phi Phi Island, Thailand
  • Jervis greens

    Jervis Greens

    Jervis Bay, NSW
  • So Cal Perfection cf007742

    So Cal Perfection

    Santa Monica, California
  • K-Bay cf007426


    Mackenzies Bay, NSW
  • Blue Rotto Aquabumps 2t1w0841

    Blue Rotto

    Rottnest Island, WA
  • Haven Rotto Aquabumps 2t1w0900

    Haven Rotto

    Rottnest Island, WA