Pacifico + Pav


Best morning of the week so far. The weather was deluxe, water warm, waves small but piping… I swam for 1’n’half hours with my camera in hand. I do love my job. Feel alive today. Recently I’ve been commenting on those new rent-a-bikes. Just to clarify, I am ALL FOR bike sharing 100% (I ride a […]

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Looks like the pot of gold is at the Aquabumps Gallery

El Junkie

Edition 4,656 of Aquabumps morning glory. Bondi Beach, 2-3 foot and a tad on the junkie side. Surfable yes, awesome, not really. Today started with some light rain. That didn’t discourage a few thousand people from hitting Bondi at sunrise. Fitness classes everywhere, walkers, talkers and mad keen surfers buzzing around. Tomorrow morning will be […]

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