Sleds ready for riding

Black Friday

It’s black Friday. I bet you’re hoping we’re offering storewide discounts of 95% off, free shipping and a set of steak knives. Nah, sorry, not today. We’re predominantly a made-to-order business so we’ll leave those dramatic sale emails to the other retailers. My inbox is full of them! It was dark down the beach though. […]

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Angles, foam, light. Bondi

Yeah nah?

To go or not to go? Whilst the surf has tapered off, the winds are not blowing and there’s a clean head high wave on offer. With morning higher tides it definitely got some wonk on it. Surf now or on the lower tides? Will the wind come in? Dunno. I do know there’s a larger, […]

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So, you like surfing…the peace and quiet of being out the back waiting for a set wave…the wind in your hair and salt on the skin. (insert scratching record needle sound) Well…today is not for you. It was a crazy full house down there this morning. Loose boards, big crowds, strong rips and not enough […]

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Hola. Since we last spoke there’s been a few lil’ surprises down the beach. Yesterday afternoon the swell kicked and 4 footers were on offer at Bondi. So good, especially without the crowd. This morning was only forecasted for small 1-2 footers but it’s breaking head high. The sun has come back and it’s another […]

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