Icebergs launch


Today is a celebration of the immaculate conditions underneath the waves. Super warm water. Impeccable water clarity. Blaring morning sunshine. Today is not a celebration of incredible waves! It’s tiny, but swell coming tonight. Hang in there. :: uge

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I reckon you’ve got about one month left of our current salubrious conditions before it shifts. April 7 daylight savings will end, the water will cool down…the humid mornings will have a chilly bite and you’ll have to dust off the wettie. Enjoy the now. It’s so good. Even without waves, a morning swim will […]

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Little Leo navigating through the underwater turbulence


What a top morning. In fact, what an epic beach weekend. You all look a little browner and more relaxed than you did on Friday. I hope you spent the whole weekend down the beach! I did. This week looks like another good beach week with a twist. There’s a big mutha cyclone swell lurking […]

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Outback, Bondi Beach

Morning Salt

Good morning. It really was a good morning down the beach, earlier, but cloudy now. A small shorey had some pockets on it – I’d surf it – but there was a big crowd up early. Yesterdays shortlived 3-4 footers have faded, as we wait for the next swell  – due tonight. (yes, bonus!) My mate […]

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Legs Eleven. Bondi doing a nice impersonation of the Bahamas

City Salt

I can remember when I started shooting Bondi daily (nearly 20 years ago), people would go “Why would you want to shoot Bondi every day…?” Take a look at the clarity of the water in the above shot, the colour of water…that’s why and it’s so close to an urban centre. How could I not? […]

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I see the light, Bondi


On paper today had all the makings of a great surf day for Bondi. At first dawn inspection, it looked great. But the reality was something else. I blame the high tide of 5:33 am which put heaps of backwash and wonk into it. Most waves shut down, but there are still plenty of overhead […]

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Moorea black tips, curious little buggers


Maeva to Moorea. This mind-blowing aquatic paradise is a short 30-minute ferry ride from the Tahitian capital of Papeete. The colours are crazy. You’d really like it here. The water is warm, clear, and ultra inviting. The vibe extremely mellow. The scenery is truly amazing with huge volcanic peaks towering over the beaches. It’s only […]

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Beginning of a new week, North Bondi

Deep Blue

The ocean was very blue this morning. Clarity was good, but the water temp. = exceptional. The waves weren’t so fantastic at Bondi (would be much better at beaches with sandbanks and more east exposure). I didn’t really see anything worth surfing at all even though we had clean calm conditions. Tomorrow arvo the swell […]

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Weeties, nasally, middles


Warning: these photos may make you ditch work, strip down and float around North Bondi for the rest of the day. It is currently a whoppin’ 38 degrees outside. That’s hot and muggy in Sydney. I’m sure one of those cooling changes won’t be far away – so what are you waiting for? It’s the […]

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1st sparks, Bondi.


Nothing like jumpin’ in the ocean to wake you up after travel. Especially when the northerlies have been blowing in Sydney and the water temps have plummeted to a cool 16.5 degrees. Yes, I know my Kiwi cuzies, 16.5 is a summer’s day for you guys, but over here in Sydney, that’s cool. Waves? yeah…a surfable […]

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Twinkle toes with Livvy Phyland, Bondi 7:30am

Shorey Frolic

I’m back in Bondi today after my brief fling with W.A. Damn the weather is mighty fine back here. It may be a little chilly in the wind and shade, but the water is amazing. We’re lucky to be swimming at this time of year. The waves are not so fortunate. It’s tiny and slapping […]

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Andrew Weetman, bottom arcs, Bondi Beach


It might be cold out, but it’s very warm in. You should get wet. The swell has come to the party, and we now have waves around head high. Winds are SW, that’s offshore – which is great. But I reckon by the time you read this email it will swing around to the SSE […]

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Embrace the heat! It’s glorious, it’s a fat 37 right now and it’s all about to change soon. Very soon. Whilst you’re sweating, think of all the good stuff this heat brings: Your garden is thriving especially your tropical plants. Our gallery garden is turning into a mini-Amazon, gonna take over the street. A great […]

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