Friday, September 30, 2005

Bondi 7am – shoulder high, not bad…not bad…Pretty hard to pick at the moment… Woke up expecting micro conditions, instead half decent bumps rockin’ into the bay. Bondye had a couple of distinct peaks working quite nicely amongst the summer loving morning crowd. Couple of sets up around head high, but mostly shoulder high. Good leftie bank. Swell has some east in it…so Bondi wouldn’t be pulling all the energy. Go for a drive outa town.

Glorious morning with baking sunshine and gentle NW offshore winds. Later today the wind will swing summer-standard NE and me thinks the swell will back off a little leaving scraps for the long weekend. So best get out for the early and enjoy some surfable waves. Low tide 12pm, high tide 6:26am. Max land temp 23 degrees but deluxe 25 tomorrow (BOM changed their mind from 28 – boo)
Having mixed blood origins has its benefits – eating a Whopper-a-day doesn’t seem to affect the waist line…can surf in Indo without a rashie in scorchin’ sun…but growing a MO ends up more like sporadic desert weed. If I could sport a Rodriguez Pro Model Moustache, I’d be joining Movember as a Mo Bro – a fund raiser for Prostate Cancer…1st event is down at the Beach Road Hotel, Bondi Monday 3rd October at 3pm for registration.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hola! With the recent NE winds, we’ve got some locally generated
wind swell from the north. Wind swell is typically weak and short
interval. Bit like frothing harbour chop really… best suited to
the beginners. Bondi is facing the wrong way today to attract any
sort of goodness. Best hunt around for something else facing east
or north east if you’re mega keen. It will only be around waist
to possibly chest high…winds will swing westerly and howl. Maximum
of 23 degrees, low tide 11:23am, high tide 5:50am. This weekend
we are going to be blessed with joy weather – freakin’ 28 degrees
on Saturday. Now ya torkin’.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bondi 7am – chest to head high, surfable, bit mankyIt’s always a nice surprise to wake up to some rideable waves when the radar hasn’t been forecasting a great deal. Or maybe the radar is just busted, like the speedo in the old beastie Holden. Regardless, if you were up real early, like 5:45am, there were some clean chest to head high sets down Bondee way. If you got down there a little later, like 7:30am, you’d find the same size, just not the quality. Moderate NE winds today and a top of 21 degrees (not 25). These swells ain’t hanging around for long, like 24 hours before fading into insignificance again. Thursday and Friday look flat as. Marky Mark from LA rolled up today…he’s changed…nice metallic gold wetsuit brotha. (Dorian special).

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thick grey skies and south winds combined with a small, weak south
swell. Wave height is around knee to waist high (may bigger sets)
– suitable for beginners (keen ones). Quite messy. Rain made it
pretty hard to get a shot…trying to stick ya lens out the car
window isn’t conducive to world class photography…here’s a few
shots from indo to get you frothn’.
Bet this rain is washing all the nasties off the roads
into the bay. Swimming with your mouth closed is recommended. Your
hair may go a lil’ Fluoro though. Max 19 degrees, showers
clearing. Light to moderate southwest to southeast winds, fresh
on the coast.
Nothing much to get excited about this week in the
surf department…can’t see any swells on the radar. 25 and
sunny tomorrow…RDO is calling.

Entries close for this year’s Surfshorts competition on 28th
November 2005. There is 10,000 prize money up for grabs. So crank
out a 7 minute vid and enter. more

If you know of approximately 40 sqm of available space, suitable
for a low usage workshop, somewhere close to Bondi, (15-20 mins
drive away is still cool – just not Parramatta) let us know.
Obviously cheap is the most important word in the description. Contact

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Bondi 6:30am – tiny, weak, overcast, sloppy
What’s that…rain? Haven’t seen that stuff in a while. Hopefully
some of it is reaching our damns. Surf – what’s that? Haven’t seen
that in a while either… a dire week ahead with very little forecasted
in the surf department. You’d struggle to find a wave over your
knee…so best find something else to do this week – like kickin’
that tin can down the street. Wednesday and Friday should be fine
weather this week…showers for the other days. Twenty-5 & sunny
on Wednesday… beach day.
Couldn’t find anything of interest to shoot this morning
under grey skies – resorted to my bottomless pit of Indonesian gold
which should be more appealing.
The ASP tour is hitting France at the moment with
$270,000 up for grabs amongst the best 45 surfers in the world.
Kelly Slater is currently leading
the world tour closely followed by Andy Irons and then Mick Eugene
Have a great week…::uge

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Twenty five. Now that’s a solid number and that’s how hot is going to be today. Actually that’s about the highlight of today…as the surf is dismal. You could paddle after knee high north easter wind chop but surely you have something better to do. I’d say your 1st swim for the summer would be call of the day – however the water has a frosty bite to it. Some call it ‘invigorating’.

Instead of showing 5 photos of surfers tea-bagging down Bondi, searching the horizon with optimism amongst ripples, I thought some goodies from the recent boat trip to Indo was in order. Conditions will remain similar for a few days – so crank up the Grand Final tomorrow…
Arnette Pro Junior 2005 – ManlyThursday, 22 September 2005 to Sunday, 25 September 2005. The under 20 yr old groms will be tearing up Manly this weekend. Even if the surf is small, I bet they’re still be ripping.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Wal: “can ya smell it?” Uge: “Wot?” Wal:”Summer (insert dumb grin)”….
indeed amigos – its here. What a sensational morning down the beach.
The sun had that element of ‘bake’ to it. The waves unfortunately
have backed of somewhat from yesterday’s bag of goodies. Instead
of 5-6 foot range, we’re torkin’ 2-3 foot and a heap weaker. It’s
still surfable, but you won’t be hitting the office with recent
memories of ultra deep tubes, massacring some wally faces (time
to book another flight me thinks). It will be more like… take
off (with 2 guys droppin’ in)…mad pump it lookin’ for a bit of
lip to boff. Maybe one boff…twice if you play your cards right.

A left close the middle had something to offer on
the sets – but she’s on the decline. Tomorrow I wouldn’t expect
much at all. In fact your board probably won’t touch water until
mid next week. Today we’ll reach a deluxe 25 degrees, winds are
NW early then swinging NE. Water still chilly 18. Fine weather and
25 for the next 4 days…real nice. Maybe you can join the Page
boys in rubbing baby oil on each other.
The reports have been a little late – lately – indeed.
Our 100 person IT team is working on correctly this problem.
Tip: if you find these emails come
through without pics, or only now and then…or get stuck in junk
mail filters…try adding this email address to your address book.
Look..The boys from STAB have a newy out…and yes
a chopper is involved:

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Surprisingly the swell has come up overnight more than anticipated and is now producing some solid waves around 4-6 foot range down at Bondi. Biggest its been in some time now. Any beach facing south should attract the same size today. Even though the winds are offshore early (will swing SE onshore this afternoon) it was a little on the messy side…bits and pieces popping up all over the place and the larger sets shutting down. Most crew surfing towards the middle of the bay….quite a few out. Best get out there before the wind swings. I imagine loads of places would have waves today…so shop around and you’d score.

This swell will only hang around for today…and start declining overnight. Should still see some fun ones lurking in the neighborhood tomoz.
Don’t forget Surf/Skate film night tonight at North Bondi RSL tonight. $10 entry at the door. "Stylemasters" and "Downhill Motion" is playing…get down there at 7:30pm.
If you haven’t already worked out, I like Indo. I-like-a lot. Everything from the perfect waves to the smiling people. It’s an incredible place to hang, surf in boardies and float around underwater observing the thrashing above. Our recent trip was pure gold. Bullion in fact. Perfect weather most days, clear water and consistent surf. (disclaimer: ain’t always like that). I’m planning a few more tours to other destinations, but I hope this online photo gallery keeps ya frothn’ in between sets.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bondi 7am – shoulder high, sometimes bigger…bit messyMight be a few kids late for work today as we’ve still got small (but good) waves this morning. Nice offshore conditions with a gentle SW breeze under clear skies. Most waves were breaking around shoulder high… a few sets out the back managed to get up over head height. Big rip in the middle. Size should increase as the day progresses – but an onshore SE afternoon wind will deteriorate surface quality. Swell should hang around Wed/Thursday this week before fading away into mini bumps. High tide 9:40am and low 3:50pm. Have a great day…

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Monday, September 19, 2005

After being spoilt with perfection in Indo it can take a while to adjust to our beachies. Some of the good days are shadowed by distant holiday memories of long workable walls, warm water, pure glass and the odd tube.

This morning, however, was quite impressive down at Bondi around 7am. The onshore winds of yesterday have now swung offshore (NW) allowing south facing magnets to produce some good little waves. It not much more than shoulder high… breaking quite nicely on a couple of sand banks. The usual demolition crew were smashing it up…
The sun is shining, water still bit frosty and Bondi’s summer silly-season of chronic activity has begun. Early morning sunshine seems to be motivating many to do some form of exercise. It’s going to be 21 degrees today and mostly sunny. Winds will swing around to the NE this afternoon. High tide 8:55am, Low tide 3pm. The start of this week looks more promising than the tail end. Best days: Monday / Tuesday Worst days: Friday / Thursday
StylemastersAustralian Premiere of "Style Masters" is screening on Wednesday Sept 21st at the North Bondi RSL at 7:30pm. Cost is $10 (just rock up). This flick is shot in the late 70s on Hawaii’s North Shore which includes the Gods of surfing : Lopez, Rabbit, Richards, Carroll, Buttons and other hot doggers. The second film for the night is "Downhill Motion" – a vintage classic skatey flick. Get down there.

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Friday, September 16, 2005

We’re back and the land seems to be still rockin’ like the boat…Looks like I haven’t been missing action in my absence (surfwise). Today is no exception as it’s pretty much flat in Sydney – unsurfable. Instead of running 5 shots of pond like conditions under overcast skies…I thought I would run a few from recent Indo trip. Love that place.

Got a lot of emails whilst away about my photos. Just to clarify I don’t use filters and I don’t add colour to my shots. The water is just perfect over there – blue like never seen before…and scored some great weather and awesome light which is quite rare for Indo.
The weekend is looking a little more optimistic with a few waves expected on Saturday afternoon (be tiny in the morning – don’t be fooled) and Sunday should have a few 3 footers floating around. The small swell will be more pronounced at south facing beaches – exposed to the weekend’s energy. Weather will be quite chilly over the weekend (19 degrees) with fresh to strong W/SW winds. Rain on Sat morning and then becoming fine for the duration of the weekend.
Have a great weekend ::black.uge

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

10 days, 9 surfers and a 120 schooner drifting around some of the
worlds best waves…it’s been so good – one of the best
trips. We finished up on a perfect 3-foot right before starting
the long 13 hour boat ride back to Padang. We are all surfed out.
Consistent swell for most of the trip…perfect weather..super clear
water…Couldn’t ask for anything more…well…the Roxy surf
team did rock up today much to the fellas delight…(not kiddin’).

Special thanks to Telstra, especially Marc Tan, Reiny
Gajewski and Simon Longes for helping me out with a satellite hook
up to send these reports. Pretty amazing really…in the middle
of nowhere…being able to broadcast to thousands.
Hope these pics keep you going in between swells…

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Greetings from paradise. Our 120 foot schooner hasn’t moved
and we continue to surf the same world class left hander. We’re
all surfed out. Paddling is torturous and you start surfing pretty
lame due to tiredness and complacency.
Waves were smaller today…around chest high with
the odd head high set. Massive lulls. If these conditions were back
in Sydney you’d call it “going off”…but I think
we’ve all got our wave quota for the year. Instead we held
the annual backgammon world championships…and let’s just
say I’m a rich man.
Blood count – 1 – yup – Jamie Mann is getting stitches
to his head after an altercation with his fins (inevitable)…plus
a bung knee on Luke Wyllie.
If you’ve emailed Aquabumps or ordered a tee/print
in the last week – the Bumps HQ is empty…so we’ll
get back to you upon our return. Sorry for the inconvenience.
The 35 shots that made tracks
– Photographic Exhibition on now
Tracks Mag is holding a photographic exhibition to celebrate its
35th birthday featuring 35 hot shots that made Tracks what it is
today. It’s being held at the Antonio Ruggerino Gallery,
121 Curlewis Street Bondi. Exhibition runs until this Thursday.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

<Start Indo Satellite transmission>
Waves have been as good as waves get. We’ve spent
the last 3 days anchored at the best right in the area, and then
the best left. These waves would have to be the most photographed
waves in the world (outside Hawaii)…as they consistently work
like a machine. You’d recognize them in most surf flicks nowadays.
Waves aren’t big (like 3 foot), but pretty perfectly shaped and
loads of fun. Wind has been pretty much non-existent and as always
the water is balmy all day long. Water clarity has been incredible.
Stoked – have loads of cool underwater shots. Have absolutely no
idea what the conditions are like back in Sydney. Actually have
no idea at all what has been happening in Australia for that matter.
Not much contact with the outside world here. It’s sooo remote.
Had intentions of writing some amazing facts of Mentawai…but my
batteries have fallen out. <End Indo Satellite
Later ::Ugios

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hola! The Mentawai Islands turned it on again for another day. Swell
was slightly larger than yesterday, but cleaner. We surfed 4-5 foot
cranking left all day. Bit of morning sickness on it early, but
it cleaned up to pure silk by the afternoon. Crowds – large.
This break (not naming) has some of the clearest water I’ve
ever seen – and apparently it gets better. Spent 11 hours
in the ocean torn between surfing and shooting. Most of the time
was spent below the surface laying on my back to the reef checking
it all out…some incredible things happen down there…just gotta
remember to come up for air….a silent world of buckling water
mounds as surfers mutilate the silk surfaces.
Enough ramble. Hope work is good.
Adios, ::Uge (5,000 kms north of
the bondi border)

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Waves were pumping today. Shacks all round. Swell has come up and
loads of breaks are lighting up – plenty to go around for all. We
surfed mostly 4-5 footers with light winds for most of the day…
until 5pm where a 45 knot squall struck in a matter of seconds causing
havoc at an exposed left hander (which was previously pure glass).
Boats flying everywhere, 1 metre visibility in torrential rain proving
hard work to get all the crew out of the water. No one lost – but
think a fair bit of stuff blew off the boat.
Today got a chance to get out there with the new Aquatech
water housing with a fisheye. Suits these super sucky reefs perfectly.
Anchoring tonight on a hot left which is renowned for its water
The word on the boats is that the Cameron Diaz/Jack
Johnson tour is a pork pie – these boatie mofos drink to much an
hallucinate me thinks. Indies 4 is carrying Laird, Malloy’s and
Machado somewhere deep south of the archipelago. Hope you’re scoring
a few in Bondee…Later::uge

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bit of a lazy day…waves weren’t as good as yesterday so we all
kicked around the boat walking in circles for most of it. An early
wind played havoc with most breaks so instead of perfection we surfed
near perfection. There is always something around the corner that’s
offshore – being and archipelago every optimum angle is covered.
Around 5pm the swell kicked up…talking double head high stuff
+ and it’s only going to get bigger – we think. Remember we’re in
the middle of nowhere, so swell charts are pretty hard to find out
here. No internet (apart from Satelite…thanks telstra), no mobiles reception, no land lines… pretty
much dozens of palm tree lined islands surrounded by razor sharp
coral reefs. The Mentawaian people are happy as Larry with pretty
much no possessions living in thatch huts on some of the world’s
most beautiful beaches. They have their own dialect which varies
from island to island. Hard to believe only 45 years ago they were
Other info – no Mannie hasn’t hurt himself (yet) but
he’s burnt to a crisp from sunburn. The chief from the local village
is still looking for our board thief who grabbed a stray board yesterday
after a leggie snapage. Indies 4 has a all star cast up here…Cameron
Diaz (what tha? will try for swimmercam if I see her), Jack Johnson
and Laird Hamilton all drifting around the south end of the islands…
Yesterday at sunrise, 140 miles away, we saw Kurinc
Volcano (3805m) erupting. Check out the shot taken by our skipper
Ashton Robinson at 6am. This area is precariously balanced on moving tectonic
plates….sooo vunerable as we saw in last December’s tsunami devastation (which is only down the road)
::Uge (typing on a rocking
boat ain’t the best)

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Monday, 5th September 2005

Selmat Pagi! We’ve now made it to the Indonesian islands after 3
flights, nearly losing one of the gang in Bali at Double6, a whole
lot of dithering and then a 13 hour boat trip. We’re currently floating
100 kilometres off Sumatra’s coast line along side a thumping tubular
right hander. 9 surfers on board this 120 foot schooner in search
of some Mentawaian delights. Swell is looking very healthy for our
trip…so expect some spectacular shots. Laird Hamilton is sniffing
around here on Indies 4 in search of giants (um….he ain’t where
we’ll be surfing that’s for sure). Dan Merkel is here too, probably
filming Laird’s new film.
Interesting day today…it started with a volcanic
eruption in the distance amongst a inferno sunrise. Hope no earth
quake/tsnumai going down out there – as we can’t feel it on the
1 hour into today’s session on a 4-5 foot right, Preston
broke a leggie and his board drifted into the palm tree lined beach.
Cheeky lil’ villager runs out from behind a bush and dashes off
with his board never to be seen again! Ha!
The waves…well I’ll let the pictures do the talking…it’s
a good size and the sun is shining. All too good…Hope you’re scoring
a few in Sydney. From memory there’s a bit of east swell around
the place today.
Krack Surf and Skate has now moved!
Tim and Shannon from Crack Surf and Skate have moved to a new flash
premises right on Campbell parade. To celebrate, they’re holding
a party at the Beach Road Hotel on Saturday 10th September. All

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Hola! The long trek to the Mentawai Islands begins. 1st stop Bali for few a warm up sessions. How goooood is this place…swell came up today and we scored a meaty 4-6 foot solid freight training left. Massive longs rides, about 200-300 metres if you connected one all the way through. Think I did 1 turn (nothing new there) for the whole day (it was that quick) racing it all the way before pulling out on an inside coral chunk waiting to impale the greedy mofos. Sun is shining…strong offshore and yup – surfing in boardies. Yeeow.Crew is full on here…peak season…I reckon half or Italy and Brazil are here at the moment. Unruly lineup today…anything goes…bit like Bondi really.

Looks like small East swell is stilling hitting Sydney today. Exposed beaches probably (totally guessing) 1-2 foot with offshores early before swinging onshore SE. Monday to Wednesday next week you’ve got swell – from the south, which is great for the good old Bondage.
If you don’t already know, Aquabumps reports will be broadcast from a very remote part of Indonesia (Mentawai Archipelago) from 3rd Sept to 15th Sept. Thanks to Telstra and a satellite gizmo, you’ll see pics of the most consistent waves on the planet. Swell is on the up and we’re expecting some spectacular sessions…however the reports may come in at odd times…
Seeeyouuuuseee::uge (way north of the bondee border this time)

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