Monday, October 31, 2005

"This fog is from the butcher smoking his
great hams," said one villager. "Can’t you smell
We woke to find ourselves shrouded in thick fog. So
thick you can barely see 10 metres in front of you. Difficult to
see out the back for sets…but I’m guessing it’s around knee to
waist high and requiring diet pills. You’d need to be desperate
to get out there.
Little bit muggy today, Max 23 degrees. NE winds later
today. Swell forecast – nothing decent for the next few days.
In the meantime work on those brownie points for the next swell.
At 5pm today the Aloha surfboard competition closes.
The winner will be announced in tomorrow’s Aquabumps report – to
enter, you just have to tell people about this website. Get busy.
(the leader doesn’t have as many as you think) More

How about that BRH Single Fin Classic held on
Saturday. A day of laughs. The outfits, nudity, smokin’ dance moves,
sensational weather and a small east swell pumping out a couple
waves in the south corner of Bondi. Congratulations to the winner
Ian Wallace. Check out the photo

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Friday, October 28, 2005

If you were sitting on a rock in the south corner of Bondi at 6am you would’ve seen weak 1-2 footers infrequently breaking right. Small crew scrappin’ around enjoying summer-like conditions. Good for beginners. Winds are offshore and the flies have thinned out. Low tide 10:28 am, High tide 5pm. I reckon the morning will be better than the afternoon….�Hope to see you all down Bondi� tomorrow (in ya 70s retro surf gear) at 7am for the Single Fin Classic…or the Beach Road Hotel at 7:30pm for the after party. Definitely Bondi beach weather tomorrow with 27 degrees and north winds. You’ll hear the DJ spinning the 70’s classics in the south corner.
Have a great weekend…::uge (south de border)

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hola. Another cracker
morning with sizzling sunshine. Yesterday’s chunky NE swell has
dropped considerably leaving 2-3 foot scraps at exposed beaches.
Bondi wasn’t drawing much at all…around 1- 2 foot and pretty weak.
Good for the beginners. Max 26 degrees today. SW winds early tending
NE this afternoon.
Damn flies out-a-control…billions
of them on our beaches going mental in this hot weather. Opted to
shoot in the water this morning to avoid the lil’ pests.

Yup it’s about to start again for another year down at the Beach
Road Hotel, Bondi. The castings have begun so chix if you’re keen
to enter, better call Camille 9368 7800 today.

This Saturday is the Single Fin Classic down at Bondi. Starts at
7am near the skate ramp. Everyone is welcome to either surf or just
laugh at us kooks in 70’s surf wear riding pre-1984 boards. Weather
is going to be a cooking 29 degrees – perfect beach day. So get
out the aviator sunnies, beaver tail wet suit, scooped boardies
with ya single fin and have a crack at winning some of the prizes.
form and hand it into Krack or BRH with $20 before

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hot. Cooking morning with a true summer style bake early in the day – BOM say we’re going to hit 32 today. Now that’s what I like to see. 1,000,000 up early enjoying this weather down at 6:30am.

Few waves around as well with a decent ENE swell rockin’ into Sydney at the moment. Bondi ain’t the pick of the spots that’s for sure… It’s south facing beach ignoring the inbound energy from the north. Was only around waist to shoulder high and inconsistent. A good idea to pack the car full of boards, crank some good tunes and bake it out of town to a beach facing the right direction. I think exposed beaches will be 4-5 foot today….or…just go for a swim.
Currently NW winds will swing again NE this afternoon. So morning is best. High tide 3pm, Low tide 8:36am. Water temp slightly up – 19. Have a goodie::uge

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Monday, October 24, 2005

The weekend’s north east swells continue to produce small but fun
waves this morning. With this swell direction it’s bypassing Bondi
and rockin’ into breaks such as the Bra. It’s a bit lumpy and not
really lining up that well (morning sickness)… best surf somewhere
with northern protection especially when the NE winds pick up in
the afternoon. High tide 12.52pm, Low tide 6:13am. Swell should
be slightly larger tomorrow…

Hot off the ASP world tour, international surfing legends Andy Irons,
Sunny Garcia, Mark Occhilupo and Joel Parkinson visited New Zealand
over the weekend to take on four Kiwi top guns Daniel Kereopa, Maz
& Jay Quinn and Bobby Hansen. A massive crowd of 15,000 came
out to watch the showdown won by the Andy and his team. More

Don’t forget to enter the Beach Road Single Fin classic which
is on this Saturday down at Bondi. Click
to download an entry form and drop it off at BRH
or Krack on Campbell Parade with $20. Should be a heap of laughs….starts
at 7am Sat with the after party upstairs at BRH.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Pre-breakfast—–show-early one isn’t it? Swell has halved overnight, still leaving some fun ones with smooth surfaces. Loads of east origin in this swell, not best suiting Bondi, but a few sets over head high broke quite nicely in the south end (infrequent). I would head to a beach facing more east and surf early today incase the NE winds kick up. High tide 10.31am Low tide 5.15pm, Max 23 degrees today.

Grey skies continue today, no light for shooting decent shots – 15 year old Perth still manages to put on a show. Westerly change tonight allowing offshore W winds tomorrow morning before a Sat afternoon SE breeze. Swell may drop a little so expect 2-3 foot over the weekend. Sunday’s weather is going to be fine and 24…bring that orrn.
Beach Road Hotel Single Fin ClassicSaturday 29th October at Bondi, the Single Fin Classic is being held (starts 7am). I encourage you all to get involved; it’s going to be a classic day. Just download the entry form, fill it out, drop it into Krack surf shop (Campbell pde Bondi) with $20 or Beach Road Hotel and wax the old pre-1984 stick for a few waves. Even better…get dressed up for the occasion in your 70’s surf classics. I’ll be shooting pics and broadcasting them on Aquabumps, also a short vid is being made of the day. After party at Beach road kicking off at 7:30pm.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

La Bondhi be pretty ugly this morning with rain, NE winds, and a confused ocean. Swell is coming from the east and waves are breaking around the 3-5 foot range. It’s a lil’ inconsistent at Bondi – probably due to the fact that it’s facing the wrong way…but there’s a few waves to be had. Didn’t see many sets break neatly. Close out here there, fat sections here there. Thought it was going to be better. High tide 9:44am, low tide 16:22.

Those damn blue bottles are in town…and in the masses. Thousands litter Sydney’s beaches at the mo. Keep that mouth close when duck diving -�protection from�both blueys and the skanky water from this rain. Rain is going to drown Sydney until Sunday’s sunshine. Swell will start to decline today…
Yesterdays Irish shot from James Roy was taken at LAHINCH on Ireland’s rugged west coast.
Hope you’re all busy referring your mates to Aquabumps. Don’t forget the person that refers the most people will win a brand new custom made Aloha surfboard on Oct 31. If you don’t know what’ I’m torkin’ about click here to check it out.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Plenty of swell around the traps this morning.
Looks like its going to get bigger this afternoon as well. Nuisance
SE onshore winds were completely butchering it earlier today. With
forecasted NE winds tomorrow, best wait until then…
Today’s report comes from Manly, a beach normally
best suited to blustery South East winds and a decent swell. Cross
shore winds (bit of east in it) weren’t doing the surf any favors.
Still a few surfable peaks towards the southern end. Pretty junkie
stuff. Very few crew out. Waves were up around the 4-5 foot and
didn’t see much happening out at the Bower. High tide 9:10am, Low
tide 3:36pm. Max temp of 21 degrees today. Nice place that Manly…even
the attendant at the service station asked How I’m doing? with a
smile. Freaked me out.
Soul Riders: Combo Surf flicks are on tonight at the
North Bondi RSL, 7:30pm, "Shelter" +
"Change the Subject" for a Fiva.

Get out the aviator sunnies, the scooped boardies, and the beaver
tail wet suit – it’s the inaugural Beach Road Hotel Single
Fin Classic! Open to surfers from all beaches, ages, and
sexes, although your board must be pre-1984… single-fins will
be available on the day if you don’t have one, but we encourage
you to bring your own, especially since there is prizes for best
single fin, best outfit, and best dance. First prize is a custom
Will Webber fish, plus there will be prizes from Otis sunglasses
and Creatures of Leisure accessories. There’ll be DJ’s spinning
70’s classics all day, and the party and preso will be upstairs
at the Beach Road Hotel featuring ‘The Porkers’.
Heats are strictly limited, so get your registration
form into Krack Surf and Skate, or The Beach Road Hotel – $20 entry
includes t-shirt and lunch. Event starts at 7am next to the Skate
Board ramp, Saturday October 29.There
will also be an expression session event for juniors with an Eddie
Scott surfboard first prize. email

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

South East wind is howling early this morning – pretty much mashin’ up anything surfable down at Bondee. Swell has come up as anticipated and still has quite a bit of east direction in it. Manly perhaps? Need something with serious protection from 20 knot onshores. It’s currently 3-4 foot and will increase to 5-6 foot as the day progresses. Tomorrow will see SE onshores continue in the morning and may swing E/NE in the afternoon. Thursday and Friday NE winds…so I reckon sit tight and wait for the wind to swing.

Well look at that – these emails get around the place…"To AquaBumps – I am the American Great Grandmother who wrote to you a couple of years ago to join up! and you have given me such pleasure with the daily messages and pictures. Thank you so much. I am hoping that my Great Grand children who live in Bondi will be active surfers when they grow up a bit more!! You give so many people such pleasure with your great photographs and comments on your surfing at Bondi and on your trips to such fantastic places. Thank you."Mary, Yarmouth Port,Massachusetts, USA

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Always hard to get outa bed on a Monday morning…especially when it’s raining and the surf is crummy. If you did venture down to Bondi this morning you would have seen knee high weak dribbles under thick overcast skies and a light ENE wind. Geez it’s been pretty ordinary on the surf front lately…

The good news is that this looks like its all going to change with a decent swell increase this afternoon from the ESE. Winds will blow SSE this arvo and swing more southerly tomorrow. Only 20 degrees today, high tide 7:45am, Low tide 1:57pm. Fair bit of rain this week – that’s ok as long as this low brings waves.
Started raining half way through talking the daily shots…thought you’d appreciate some old gold instead.
How good would a new custom Aloha surfboard be? Well don’t forget you can win one this month by spreading the Aquabumps gospel around the world. Just click here to find out more. Comp ends 31st Oct and Trent Mellier is currently in the lead closely followed by Cathal Buchanan.

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Well Bondi wasn’t exactly the land of excitement
this morning. (Surf wise). Yesterday’s strong north easterly winds
kicked up some locally generated north swell which totally bypasses
Bondi. Bondi had knee high infrequent sets. Surf a beach facing
the opposite direction and I think you’ll find the occasional waist
to chest high wave. It’s lacking grunt being not much more than
wind swells. A SE wind will hit with some force disrupting any quality
around 10am today. Surf early or forget it. Best conserve your energy
for next week – some swell heading our way for Monday.
conference starts today at Luna Park. It runs for two days and tickets
are still available.
that title would get your attention. You can never have too many
boards. I reckon there are 9 in my shed and I love em all…. Orkay
– to the point, we’ve got a custom made Aloha surfboard
up for grabs this month. Yup. All you have to do is tell people
about this site. Click
to refer mates, they get 1 invite email to join
the mailing list, if they join your chances of winning a new stick
increases. On 31st Oct the mofo with the most mates
on bumps scores. Easy…

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

There are waves. Little ones. Perfect for beginners. It’s cleaner than yesterday. Weaker. knee to waist high. It’s cloudy with NE winds. Winds will be quite strong this afternoon creating some choppy weak wind swell for tomorrow. Only 23 degrees today…

Tomorrow a southern cold front will rock into town bringing rain and hopefully some small waves for Saturday morning. Can’t see anything substantial on the radar for the weekend so it may be a good option to check out RPRSNT at Luna Park – a creative conference. 2 days. 18 artists. 5 Countries. Luna Park. Sydney 14 -15th October 2005. Featuring visual innovators from around the world including LEE, Supreme, Umeric and Mister Cartoon. Starts tomorrow so you’ll need to get on it! Seeya there…more
Funny email from my high school english teacher (16 yrs ago!)�with reference to my comment yesterday:Uge:"Thanks for all the emails correcting my spelling yesterday. Not a big strength of mine. I can see my high school English teacher, Mr Whitla, shaking his head as he reads my daily misspelt rambles." Whitla: No way Uge, I’m definitely not shaking my head! I’m proud of you! Those people who are correcting your spelling need to get over themselves…They should just be appreciating the time and effort you put into the site and enjoying the fantastic pics.
In all seriousness, love the feedback from everyone. At least I know you’re reading it�and not just looking at the pretty pics.
Today’s�broadcast is a little late… The Aquabumps team of 100 are working on getting it out earlier…

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

contrast to yesterday’s mighty fine conditions. Bit ugly out there
this morning. We’ve got random, onshore, overcast mushy waves this
morning. It’s only waist high (some bigger) and a bit all over the
place. You’d really want to be keen to get out there…or bored.
In saying all this, you’re probably looking at the 1st shot in today’s
report wondering how anyone pulls off an air in such dismal conditions.
A very good question…
The outlook for the next few days is looking pretty
bad. Surf is getting smaller and not much will break over your knee
caps this week. Better weather tomorrow with NE winds…
Thanks for all the emails correctly my spelling yesterday.
Not a big strength of mine. I can see my high school English teacher,
Mr Whitla, shaking his head as he reads my daily misspelt rambles.

Part-surfer, total musician…CLICK
to check out Tristan Prettyman’s debut album TWENTYTHREE…Out
now…performing LIVE at The Basement (Sydney)
Oct 12 and Central Club Hotel (Melbourne) Oct 15

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

at 7am it’s offshore making for clean surf conditions (NE later)
the sun is baking, no clouds and its going to be max 25 degrees. Summer is eminent.
there’s a few waves around – 1-3 foot at south facing beaches (smaller than yesterday – but still fun)
the water is cool, not freezing and yet not too warm (like indo). Just enough to jolt you into top gear for the day
no telemarketers have called me from India trying to sell me a new credit card
& it was an all star cast down Bondee this a.m….Kong, also known as Wildman Gary Elkerton was out at Bondi and was great to watch. Kong is a power munga from the old skool, every turn igniting a juicy fan of spray. The 40 year old NSW born surf legend has a professional surfing career littered with success from a Hawaiian Triple Crown in 1987 and 1989 to a world title in 2000 in the 35-42 year age division. It’s said the flamboyant Kong spends a good deal of time residing in Bondi with his exotic French wife model named Pascale. He even rocked up to one of the Wonderland parties on the Bondi roof some time ago…

Later, ::Uge

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Monday, October 10, 2005

If you were down the beach yesterday,
you would have seen conditions resembling a lake and probably doubtful
of any sort of wave to start this week. Fortunately a nice little
ground swell from south kicked up…producing waves at south facing
beaches around 3-4 foot this morning. Offshore winds were keeping
it neat early, before swinging around 10am into slight NE breezes
making it a bit messy. So there’s waves around…was better earlier…but
still some sloppy fun. High tide 1pm, low tide 8am. Max 23 degrees,
but tomorrow will be deluxe 27 degrees with northerly winds and
small but surfable waves for most of the day. South change later
Tuesday night.
Taj Burrow was lurking in the
southern corner today bashing weak right reforms. Taj, aged 27 and
currently ranked 6th on the tour can generate impressive speed off
nothing more than a bit of chop. Loads of groms out…school holidays…
Have a great week.

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Friday, October 07, 2005

Few fun lil’ waves around this morning down @ Bondi – shoulder high sets working on a couple of banks in the south end. At 6am it was closing out pretty straight, 7am better, 8am not bad rights and lefts – few bowly bits. Winds were offshore early (SW) and will swing onshore this afternoon (SE). The morning’s sunshine will fade into encroaching cloud cover and produce a top of 23 degrees today. High tide 10:13am, Low tide 4:45pm The weekend is looking good on the surf-front with favorable winds for south facing beaches that attract the most of this swell. Expect head high sets tomorrow, similar Sundee.
Today we had a special guest down at Bondi, Taj Burrow, whose currently ranked 6th on the ASP world tour. Pretty amazing what an electric surfer can make of small Bondi inside knee dribbles.
Have a good weekend…Yooj

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

A temporary drop in swell overnight has left us with knee high dribbly
bits this morning. Not much to shoot this a.m. under overcast skies
and onshore winds. It’s only a short intermission before picking
up again tomorrow afternoon…max head high forecasted. Could be
SE onshores with tomorrow’s increase, but Saturday has W/NW
wind pattern, making south facing beaches look like fun. Summary,
today work, tomorrow arvo surf onshore if keen, Sat – good.
Sunday, fun 3 footers at south facing beaches with SW winds. High
tide 9:42am, Low tide 4pm.

Bondi’s own young hot rod Perth Standlick
won Rip Curl’s Grom Search Comp on the weekend at Newcastle
for under 16’s. Nice one. More

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hard to get work done on dayz like
theze. The surf looked fun this morning, around waist to shoulder
high & clean (early). Post 8am the NE winds played havoc and
a 9am high tide contributed to wave weirdness. At 7am it was working
on 3 banks…fat then sucky, then fat. NE winds aren’t too bad down
Bondye, kinda bumpy on the faces but surfable. It’s going to be
a cracking 29 degrees today…sacrilege to be deskbound today.
Big crowds down the beach this morning. 100 in the
water, 10,000 on the beach running, skipping, meditating, baking
in the morning sunshine. Big summer ahead. Bondi is going to be
bursting at the seams.
The facts:: 9am high tide, 3:22pm low tide, south
swell 2-3 ft, water – warmer but still bit stiff, NE winds of 10
knots. Good week of surfing with the exception of tomorrow. Thursday
and Friday should be good with healthy dead south swell on its way…

Thomas Campbell’s surf flick “Seedling” and a super
exclusive Burton’s “The White Album” is featuring
at North Bondi RSL tonight at 7:30pm. It’s a big $5-iva to get in,
just pay at the door, drink beer, hoot, eat a 7 buck pasta…not
ideal first date material.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

How good was the weather on the weekend? Cookin’ beach day yesterday. Barely a ripple to speak of over the weekend. This week is looking promising with an overnight south change kickin’ up some swell for Bondi this morning. It’s really bumpy and all over the place, but at least it’s not flat. Waves were around shoulder to head high in the southern corner this morning… SE winds still blowing onshore – mashing up the quality. Tomorrow will be smaller yet much cleaner under northerly winds (and 29 degrees -yeeow) with the outlook into the weekend looking the goods with more south swells. So I think today would be the dud day out of this week. Surf only if mega keen.
Acid Drop : Check the shots of Taj jumping out of a chopper on to a few sets at Changgu, Bali. Check the latest STAB mag for the full story.
Andy Irons won the Quiksilver Pro France contest in Hossegor holding back Slater’s opportunity to take a 7th world title crowning. Could be another Pipe Masters show down this year if Irons succeeds in Brazil.

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