It was one of THOSE mornings where I’m sitting in the car watching the windscreen wipers beat side to side.
It’s raining and 1/2 foot. Lake Bondi is like a ghost town.
What to shoot? What am I doing with my life? Shall I go back to bed? Maybe I need to fly somewhere…
Then I see 2012 World Champ Joel Parkinson walking along the beach checking the surf (Yes…at Bondi). He’d heard about our amazing sand banks and came to see what all the action was about. Pity he’s a day late – all the swell has dissipated. I asked him “Been drinking?” (Responsibly of course).
If you’re looking for a pad in Bondi, lookie here.
:: u g e

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The forecast was for decent waves this morning (4ft+). Last night it started to kick. At 4am I was getting a little excited at the thought of shooting waves over head high and waited for light. In the dark I checked Coastalwatch’s up-to-date take on conditions and it said 32 foot and offshore. Wow…even more exciting…so I broke the sound barrier getting to the shoreline only to find 2 footers…sometimes 3 footers and a very, very hectic morning crowd.
I’m guessing the work experience kid at Coastalwatch got the sack this morning…
Nice warm water, cloudless skies and a small bump to be had. What a cracker day outside!
Here’s 2 things you need to know:

These guys are working on a “Don’t eat me!” shark-deterrent wetsuit. It’s a good idea.
If you want to live on one of the best streets in Bondi, click here

Later :: uge

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I am back in Bondi after a short stint out of town. Wasn’t that one hell of a good week to take off? Watch this video from The Bird…and you’ll see what I mean.
The weather is all grey and there is a small shorey worth surfing. Good to have some decent banks back at Bondi.
The swell will come up this afternoon and tomorrow is looking good. I’d say most of this week should be very surfable.
Enjoy :: uge

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Cape Fear

Howdy. Plenty of SE swell around Sydney this morning. Good week huh?
Went for a drive this morning to The Cape…was ok, bit small and the high tide ruined all the fun but there was the odd nugget. The Bird came along as well to shed a new angle on the most feared wave. Water does some weird things there…
Happy Easter. You will find waves all the way through the break. I gotta say … Saturday is looking amazing. You’ll score where ever you are!
The Aquabumps Gallery Easter Trading hours are:

Good Friday 18th April – CLOSED
Saturday 19th April – OPEN 10am to 6pm
Sunday 20th April – OPEN 10am to 6pm
Easter Monday 21st – CLOSED

I’m gonna take a few days off now, put the cameras down and score some waves for myself out of town.
Adios ::ugios

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Bogey Hole

I shot at Bronte this morning. It seemed like the only option today with this wild, wonky swell. Somewhere else is cranking today though…you just have to do a lot of driving to find it (and it would have to be tucked away from the winds). I saw some sets in the 4-5 foot range…mostly 3-4 foot. Winds are currently SSW so Bondi looked real junkie.
Easter is shaping up to be a cracker. It’s gonna pump for pretty much the whole break. I’m excited. The Aquabumps Gallery will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday – but open Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6pm.
Good time of year for surfing – 3 swells this week! The waiting period has kicked off at Bells, Tour stop number 3.

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With all the recent agitation in the ocean it is looking a little wonky out there. You will need to seek sheltered corners to find rideable waves. Bondi looked pretty random…but at least it’s uncrowded.
The surf forecast looks healthy for the rest of the week. A new swell on Thursday and something really good for Easter Saturday. So if you’re going away – it’ll be awesome pretty much anywhere on the NSW coastline.
If you are keen to get away to Bali try looking at Nusa Lembongan Island, just a 30 minute boat ride from Bali. I love it there and the waves are super fun. See
Have a great day :: uge

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After a rather stormy weekend with huge swell it seems to be calming down. Well at least it has stopped raining but the wind is howling.
I didn’t really see any significant surfing going down at beach this morning. The sheltered northern beaches would have better waves than around here.
The Spartan Bourez won the Margaret River Pro yesterday over Kerzy. Maaan…that Tahitian can throw out some heat on those man turns. More
My research shows that good weather will hit around Thursday/Friday. Oh and an exciting new swell should be here Thursday as well (hopefully not flanked with too much wind).
Seeya ::uge

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There is a little bump in the corner at Bondi this morning. It looks fun, crowded and not over shoulder high.
After perusing the swell charts there is plenty of swell coming…Sunday should be 4 foot later in the day. How good is that?
3 things you need to know today:

The Drugaware Margaret River Pro is on today with Round 4. Amazing news – they are moving the comp from the fickle Margaret River Main break to The Box from Round 5! That’s like moving from Rocky Point to Pipeline. I’m excited…it’s only across the channel…but today The Box is pumping! Forget work and hit the live telecast right now.
We now have space age parking meters in our Bondi Beach car park to replace Big Dave. I have to say, I much rather Big Dave’s smiling face every morning rather than these solar powered space junks. So now you have to get your ticket to hit the beach and face the world’s most ruthless, best resourced army – The Waverley Council Parking Meter Rangers. I’m scared already.
Tonight (10th April at 7pm) I reckon you should go to The Randwick Ritz to catch THUNDERCLOUD…a new surf movie. From what I’ve heard it’s epic. It’s a feature on Cloud Break in Fiji on one of those big, magic, once in a lifetime days. More info

Out :: uge

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Did you know that Maroubra is a local aboriginal word for “Place of Thunder”? Presume they’re talking about the crashing waves found there.
When the swell has a bit of east or north in it – Maroubra using has some fun waves. Today we have a SE swell which is lighting up many beaches along the east. Tamarama, Bondi + Bronte all had some joy.
Waves are around shoulder to head high. Winds are perfectly offshore. I’d hit it on the low tide if I could unshackle from this computer. Please note – low tide is right now, 10am.
Waves were really good yesterday afternoon – I even broke a board at Bondi, thought that wasn’t possible with the soft fluff we normally get.
Have a great day!

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After all that recent wind the ocean is pretty unsettled. The good news is that there is swell, SE, head high, sometimes a tad bigger. The winds are offshore finally (NW) so hopefully the surf will get better as the day progresses.
This morning I followed local lifeguard and pro surfer Blake Thornton around…searching for anything barrelling. Not really much on offer other than this little slab.
Cloudy for most of this week. Surf forecast looks like fun small waves all week.
Enjoy :: oggie

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For a brief moment there I thought the clouds were going to clear…about half-an-hour later it rained. I think it’s going to be a lil’ volatile today.
I saw waves though. 3 feet and onshore – Bondi’s finest. The line-up was deserted, it always is when there are clouds in the sky. Especially on a Monday.
Carissa Moore won the ladies at Margies over the weekend. The men are on hold today. Wouldn’t they just love a clean day over there…that southerly is wreaking havoc. Watch

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After a week of perfect weather it has finally changed. Today is dark and gloomy with rain. You could barely see anything at 7am it was so dark.
Great news, the waves have picked up and I saw chest high sets. Sure it’s onshore and messy, but after a week of 1 foot it’s a welcome sight.
The Margie’s Pro, now a WCT event, has been running for a few days. Tomorrow is looking dam fine. Watch the latest
If you have a house full of white walls we need to talk. Our Aquabumps Gallery is full of artworks ready for you to hang…come by on the weekend 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach (Lost?) Telephone 02 9130 77888.

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If I had a dollar for everyone that said this to me today…
“I had to come for a swim today after seeing your photos yesterday
…I’d be rich. Filthy.
Everyone was down there this morning enjoy the salubrious water conditions we have at the moment.
This pretty picture will all end shortly though…storm and rain coming tonight.
Swell went from tiny to really small. (1ft)
The swell shall return tomorrow with this south change.
Another fatal shark attack yesterday on the NSW south coast this morning. Read
Go outside now, work later when the weather changes.

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It’s hard to believe that Bondi is only 8 kilometres from a major city and has such clear water (sometimes). Definitely not all the time. This is the same beach that was famous for an untreated sewage outlet which was closed in the mid-1990s. Can you believe that?
Well…today Bondi’s got her best duds on…crystal, clear blue water which is also 22 degrees…I spent the whole morning submerged. If you’re not swimming today you should forward these pics onto someone – rubbing it in. We are very lucky to live around here.
See you down there. Chuck the out of office notification on and tools down. You can leave the board at home as it’s tiny.
Did you hear the news that Kelly Slater has split from Quiksilver after 23 years? He’s starting a new sustainable brand with Kerring Group (think Volcom, Gucci etc). Read Slater’s post
:: uge

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Just right…

If I could bottled up a morning like today and save it for later, I would.
The water was an incredible 22 degrees. It felt like a bath tub. There was zero wind so the surfaces were silky. Water clarity was off the hook and the waves were small (waist-chest), but I found a nice tidy right in the corner.
Oh boy, these are the dayz. The dayz where we should all be down the beach and not in the office. See you down there? C’mon…winter is coming…
Support local Bondi businesses…Hung Racks (Born in Bondi) can make riding your scooter a hell of a lot easier when carting your board. I’ve been going Bali style (semi-illegal sitting on board) for years and have just converted to using a rack. Get one

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