Embrace the heat! It’s glorious, it’s a fat 37 right now and it’s all about to change soon. Very soon.
Whilst you’re sweating, think of all the good stuff this heat brings:

Your garden is thriving especially your tropical plants. Our gallery garden is turning into a mini-Amazon, gonna take over the street.
A great day to wash all those sneakers as they’ll dry in minutes.
You’ll love it when the south change hits, this arvo.
And…and…it’s a top day for a swim. The water has chilled out, but it’s just perfect right now to duck under.

Waves are so lame, I’m not gonna talk about them.
Have a great day,:: uge

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Sarah and Charlotte, cooling off to start the week at Bondi


Dark start to the day down here at Bondi Beach – yes, I am back in town! Fog smothered the beach, you could barely see the south and north Bondi points. It’s all burnt off now and you have a 10 out of 10 beach day (A hot one with 33 degrees). Primo. Get down there.
Surfing – Bondi was pretty much waveless. I few frothers on foamies paddling for 6 – 12 inches, if you’re a beginner or 6 years old, it’s perfect.
The weekday photo updates will flow consistency from now. This is our 18th year in operation.
:: uge

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Bondi hues, summer style

T-Storms + South Swells

Hurro. How’s ya week been? Have you flicked back into work mode? Probably not. Summer is a good time to be unleashed from the cubicle…roaming our beaches.
There are some waves around this morning with a howling northerly. It doesn’t appear to be too interesting. Thunderstorms arriving later today. The weekend’s forecast has captured my interest. A thumping south swell should arrive into Sydney this afternoon…Saturday afternoon should be kinda solid at south facing beaches.
We want you…
I have great news, we’re opening another Aquabumps Gallery very soon and on the hunt for inspirational, motivated, exceptional staff. Interested? Read more
:: uge

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Electrifying! NSW country clarity


Yes…still away from Bondi. After documenting the same beach for 17 years it’s pretty important to get out on the open road. Australia is blessed with countless idyllic beaches where the sand is white and the oceans are crystal clear. Lucky, aren’t we?
Surfers – should be a trickle of small south swell all week, declining into Friday before getting quite solid on Sunday.
Wednesday is going to be a hot one, 36…so pencil in an R.D.O.
Have a great week.
:: uge

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Sails Up Sydney Opera House


Hi, hello, remember me? Mid vay-cay I thought I would post up a few shots, just to keep you in the loop. These posts are going to be a little sporadic this month. I’m recharging my¬†batteries and getting a few waves for myself.
A couple of weeks ago I did my usual fly over Sydney, looking for some unique angles. Been doing this style of photography for 10 years now. They’re not shot from a drone, just in case you were wondering. (Get asked a lot). All these images are captured in Hi-Res, suitable for huge enlargements, should you require anything for your blank walls.
We’re in for some very hot weather tomorrow…38. Wow.
Surf – very small NE windswells, nothing that exciting.
:: uge

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