The Aquabumps Icebergs Project comes alive!

Icebergs Installation

What the heck? Icebergs, Italia, helicopters? What’s going on I hear you say.
Yes, it’s true. We installed an enormous mack-daddy print of all prints in the Icebergs pool yesterday. It was 49 metres long by 13 metres wide. It took 3 utes to cart out to Bondi, 5 hours to install the 24 strips…all whilst Icebergs was having its pool cleaning day. Why? Why not. If you want to see the full story, watch this video now.
A huge thank you to Canon for making this dream project a reality. And special thanks to Santa Vittoria Mineral water for giving last night’s exhibition an Italian authentico.
Surf looks pretty small today with overcast skies. Chill.
Today we open the doors at our new gallery in The Rocks – 119 George Street – hooray!
:: uge

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Hello Icebergs, we have a little surprise for you today


Ciao amici! What a cracker of a day outside. It’s bringing out the best in Sydney. NE winds early with head high waves. Nothing to complain about there. Especially seeing the mercury is going to creep up to 31 degrees.
What a perfect day to launch something special at Icebergs. Yes friends, we’re up to something. A big day in the history of Aquabumps. You will see, you’ll all see if you live around here.
Hey… win a fancy bicycle with our new buddies at Santa Vittoria mineral water. Step 1) buy a Santa Vittoria mineral water at your local shop Step 2) – click here (repeat many many times)
Have a great day, :: uge

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Nice day!


We’re having a good run of weather and ocean conditions in Sydney. The mornings are worthy of an early shakedown. Loving the offshores.
Waves are small, 1-2 foot but still surfable and fun. Loads of people out early, a helmet wouldn’t be such a bad idea – loose surfboards in every direction. WOW.
Max 27 degrees again today.
:: uge

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Chris Little, doused in morning golden light on a perfect peeler


G’day. Nice morning. Really nice morning. One of those mornings that every says “Nice morning!”.
The light was golden and raw as there was a taste of Autumn in the air. It was by far the coolest morning in a long time – I wore a jumper.
There’s a neat little left at Bondi, peeling neatly across some decent sand. Small crowd, Mondays usually are.
Have a great week :: uge

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Bondi Beach, lit up today in full glory


70 x rip rescues (yes, 70!)
1 x random bashing with a spikey steel pole (who had $7,000 cash on him at the beach) – read
1 x spinal injury
1 x heart attack
1 x mermaid lost at sea…who’s now found.
100 x tattooed skaters (including Tony Hawk and Steve Caballero) here for the Bowl-a-rama
All this has gone down since we last talked yesterday. Sometimes I think this joint is just gonna explode. There is just SO much going on, everywhere I look. Bondi Rescue will have enough content from yesterday alone to run all season.
The rip at South Bondi is a corker. It will drag you out even if you’re firmly standing in the shallows. I have no idea why it’s so strong when the surf is only 1 foot, but the Bondi lifeguards had one of the busiest days of the year yesterday. Hectic.
Good luck to The Bondi Boardriders who are competing this weekend in the Newcastle Australian Boardriders Battle. Blitz ’em boiz.
:: uge

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Zee pinks, Bondi 6ish

Bondi Goodness

This morning, a whole lotta goodness going on down the beach. Sensational morning with warm water, air, and little wind. The only ingredient missing is yesterdays swell. It’s still surfable, grovellable, but definitely #notpumping.
Don’t take these days for granted. We’re lucky to be able to wake up to such an awesome place.
:: uge

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Bubba, rock hopping at Tamarama


Like Monday’s glory day, the winds kicked back to the beautifully grooming South-West. I reckon that’s the best wind for around here. It’s not only good for surfing conditions but also creates the best blues in the ocean.
The swell is not a patch on Super-Monday, but it’s still pretty damn fun.
Bondi looked ordinary but around the corner had a few delights.
Some of you have been reading my Aquabumps updates for 18 years. For that I thank you. You’re amazing. I hope you’ve got some amazing friends who’d enjoy my daily slice of the beach. Just sign them up here.
An entire South Bondi building is going to auction, a building that features in the backdrops of most of my images. I reckon one of my Bondi-loving-readers would really enjoy living there! I would!
:: uge

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Waves Music IV


It’s been so volatile lately. You just don’t know what is gonna happen next.
Today is very different to yesterday. It’s raining, it’s junkie and onshore. I sat on the sands of Bondi Beach for about 45 minutes and barely shot anyone riding a wave that wasn’t closing out. Nothing like the epic peaks of yesterday.
Happy Valentines Day! Hope you’ve all got something special sorted for tonight.
:: uge

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Tyson Millar, our gallery manager testing the waters


Ah heck. At sunrise, Bondi was looking mighty fine in the wave department. I am talking proper…proper. When I saw the winds kicking offshore overnight (SW), and all that new (SE) swell, I knew it was going to be on for the early. I have no idea why I booked a 7:30 am meeting! Nuts!
I shot these photos, salivating, knowing it’s only a small window before the winds go onshore. In fact, it’s junked up quite a bit right now already and it’s nowhere near as good. So, I reckon if you missed it, you’ve missed it. A morning to remember as conditions like these are rare around here.
Valentines Day is tomorrow, pop in Aquabumps and we’ll find your partner something. Aquabumps Gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW Telephone 02 9130 7788
:: uge

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Shred in front of da Bergs. Bondi 7am


Ah yes, these mornings are to be celebrated. They are special. They make you feel unreal. The water is balmy, the waves are rideable and Bondi has a pile of energy about it. It’s pumping! And this weekend looks HOT HOT HOT so we’re in for a huge one.
I swam for around 1.5 hours this morning. It was just spot on. I was pleased to see the swell hasn’t all dissipated and still throwing out the odd chest high set.
I need something from you. Yes you. I know you’ve got a pile of mates that would love to receive our daily photo emails like this? Yar? Point ’em to this form and sign them up! 
Another local announcement, the Bondi Boardriders AGM and registration for 2017 is tonight, 10 Feb from 5pm at the BUCKETLIST on Bondi Beach. $80 to surf 8 contest. That means surfing Bondi Beach, with 3 others on a Sunday. How good would that be?
:: uge

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Morning light cracking open a new day


We’ve got a fresh pulse of SE swell and it’s delightful! By the look of the huge morning crowds, you’re pretty excited also. Such a treat to have head high waves today. Even if they’re a little junkie…
The swell will taper off from here – but – what – there is a new booming south swell early next week – YES!
Good looking day outside. Put the out of office on.
:: uge

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Dad's Army, returning from battle

Mellow Yellow

After last night’s storms lashed Sydney with heavy rain we’ve woken up to a junkie, quiet Bondi Beach. It’s onshore, mushy, random but who cares! There are waves that are breaking above head high. We haven’t had swell is ages so it was a pleasant sight. Love a bit of chunk to the bump.
As the morning clouds dissipated around 6:45am the light was really, well, golden/yellow. Something very different about it. I liked it nonetheless.
Valentines Day is 14th Feb (next Tuesday). I know you all know the Aquabumps Gallery has plenty of romantic gift ideas for your better half…so I am gonna talk about something else. FLOREAT FLORAL DESIGN. Order your little lady a bunch online now, get em’ delivered on the big day. You’ll be in for sure. Brownie points galore. Get in early, order this bunch now
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Cliff hangers, Tamarama


Today is not a beach day. Full stop.
New line.
It’s better suited to the indoor activities. As I write this, rain is pelting our gallery tin roof – I can’t even hear my phone ring (Kinda like it). Imagine how good this is for your garden huh?
I have a confession, I slept in. Well until 7am. I knew it was going to be a washout and luckily shot a heap of beach stuff on the weekend when it was all glorious.
Enjoy the storm, she’s a bewty. The gallery is leaking.
If you want to see these pics BIG, you need to log onto our new website for maximum reader enjoyment.
:: uge

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Bronte Pool, Saturday 4th Feb

2 Percent

Well, wasn’t that a busy beach weekend with hot weather, small waves and little wind. Such steamy days…best enjoyed hugging the coastline. Bondi was rammed yesterday. Tamarama and Bronte same same. People visit Bondi and must think it’s always like that – absolute chaos. The amazing thing is those busy days are about 2 percent of the time. Yes, Bondi is not always jammed and parkingless. It’s only cranking when the perfect beach weather collides on a weekend, especially a Sunday. Lucky the swell was small – or it would have been rescue central.
I bring good news. That weak South front hit and kicked up a small swell. Bondi had the odd shoulder high wave this morning. It’s pretty straight though, the banks could do with a bit of work and a nice rip to sculpt some odd shapes.
Embrace the heat, summer and big crowds. It is going to be quite a hot week. I made a short film of sunset at Ben Buckler on Saturday. It was just such a nice evening, had to. Watch it now 
Adios :: ugios

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Dodging the morning flopsam and jetsam


Some days it all comes together, some days it just doesn’t… It’s been a terrible week of swell and today is no different. Today we have 1-2 footers of the weak/sloppy variety. The crowds were huge and to top it off the Blue Bottles were raiding. FOMO levels were low as I sat on the shore picking off a few shots in between rain showers.
Sunday evening should be OK for surfers. Swell is returning then.
Over the weekend, pop in and see us at The Aquabumps Gallery, 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach Telephone 02 9130 7788.
Ciao, uge

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Joe Dirt frames up as Perth Standlick soars


Good morning! Wasn’t it a humid one? It’s typical of this time of year, warm starts with cloudy skies. Makes for a good morning swim.
Waves – yeah, there were a few. It is still on the small side, 1 to 2 foot. I have good news, though, I reckon we will get a small pump up in swell this arvo. Before you get too excited it will only be waist to chest high so ride plenty of foam. The southerly will howl at 25 knots though in the middle of the day. Bondi is kinda protected from that direction, so there should be something to play with.
Longer term outlook for surfers – Sunday afternoon or Monday look fun.
Have you purchased a copy of our new book? I’m super proud of it. It’s a lot smaller than our other 2 books and it’s JUST Bondi and JUST $50 bucks! Buy
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Blueys have been around. Bondi 6:30am today

Drizzle Dizzle

Relief is here…it’s much cooler today. Yesterday’s south change has brought rain, greydom and onshore winds. It’s a very different kinda day.
There are waves that are surfable, it’s only 1-2 foot and messy so the excitement levels are low. Needless to say, people are out there.
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