Beam me up Scottie

Blue Light

Hmmn, an interesting morning. Really different. The light seemed to be blue. Everything had a cool kelvin temp.  It was sunny, then cloudy, then sunny (all in 1 hour). It even rained on me, whilst still being sunny. It was dead calm early then 10 minutes later howling. It’s cold, I am wearing a jumper […]

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Wowser, yesterday at Bondi was rammed


Well, that was a biggie. Yesterday was the perfect storm down at Bondi – Sculptures, 31 degrees and a Sunday. Huge crowd madness. Watch my little video if you don’t believe me. Today Bondi is pieced back together and all back to normal. Waves – 1 footers, not even. Winds are NNW (good for Bondi) but […]

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Linton Meagher's 'Look out for me' at Sculpture by the Sea

Surfable 300

I reckon Bondi is probably one of the most consistently surfable beaches in Australia – if not the world. Surfable doesn’t mean the best or pumping, just meaning you can paddle out, a wave will push you and maybe the opportunity to lay a hack will present itself. Bondi faces South, which is the dominant […]

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Ah yesterday, wasn't that a treat. Bondi Beach around 2pm


It is still surfable just not pleasurable. Take the mal for a spin as it’s dropped another gear overnight. Knee high waves were common, waist high sets rare. Clouds have crammed in over the bay and rain continues to threaten. Expect a few thunderstorms and rain overnight. It’s happening. The Bondi Single Fin Contest is […]

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Space to roam


Another cloudy warm morning down the beach. It’s still surfable, as Bondi always really is, but only knee to waist high. Really fun on the long board or just a splash on the shorey. Light winds all day, tending to NE later. It’s gonna get warm, like 28 warm. That’s decent. Break out the rig […]

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1st light peelers, Bondi Beach


Fantastic morning down the beach with plenty of sunshine, 2-3 footers and clean surfaces. The skies are cloudless and the water temp. has bumped back up (say 19-20?). I hope you got down there for a piece of the action. There was a fire blaze on Hall Street Bondi Beach last night. My sources tell […]

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The Bondi Skatepark with a new coat of paint! Fancy.

The Junkyard

There’s a little 2 foot, ok, maybe the odd 3-foot wave down at Bondi. The Sou-easterly winds are in early and corrupting wave quality. Onshore junk would be a good description. It’s surfable…and the sun has just come out properly. The waves are going to be small all week. The good thing is it’s gonna […]

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Red toke, Santa Monica, California


It hasn’t stopped raining since I woke. Sydney is getting a thorough rinsing today – thankfully. It’s been 72 days since we’ve had more than 2mm of rain. Our last day decent wet was June 10! Bring it on – my garden is loving it. We should receive between 15mm and 25mm today. The winds […]

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1st sparks, Bondi.


Nothing like jumpin’ in the ocean to wake you up after travel. Especially when the northerlies have been blowing in Sydney and the water temps have plummeted to a cool 16.5 degrees. Yes, I know my Kiwi cuzies, 16.5 is a summer’s day for you guys, but over here in Sydney, that’s cool. Waves? yeah…a surfable […]

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Bashing into the wind, Campsites, Oakura, Taranaki

The Surf Highway

State Highway 45 around Taranaki is dubbed ‘The Surf Highway’ due to the vast number of surf breaks wrapping this corner of the North Island. I can see that with the right conditions there is 100 km’s of coastline to surf…most probably on your own. I’ve got a nasty south-west gale terrorizing the area today, […]

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Ahu Ahu villas, tucked away on the end of Ahu Ahu Beach


Every year I fly over that little ditch to New Zealand. This year I’m in the Taranaki area, where the mountains meet the coast. (The wild west coast of the North Island). The area has two main attractions – Obviously Mt Taranaki, an enormous, stunningly symmetrical volcanic cone towering 2.5kms over the rogue coast. The 105-kilometre […]

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You think you're local beach is busy, come surf ours


Yesterday ended up being quite a special day down the beach with awesome colours. Don’t believe me? Watch this 1 min fly around Bondi…you’ll see. (around 30,000 have already watched this video our on social channels!) Not much happening down the beach this morning surfwise – 1footish. Sunshine was out earlier, clouding over now. A cooler […]

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Twin Peaks, sunny today? Really?


If you stood next to me this morning on the beach (in the rain)…and I told you it was going to be perfectly sunny and 27 degrees today, you’d think I was a can short of a six-pack. Well, it’s true (Sunshine, not that I’m a can short). It’s gonna happen. 10 am onwards is […]

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Take the mal for a spin this morning

Move along…

Some mornings just don’t offer much to shoot. Making something interesting from the mundane can be a real challenge. Today’s the well is dry! The beach was quite empty, the skies a shade of dark grey. The surf was a lacking 1 foot with some junk on it. Tough. We have  NE swell today which […]

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Drifters, Bondi Beach this morning


Obviously, you weren’t meant to receive 2 x Aquabumps daily emails in the one day! Oops! Yesterday’s daily post was stuck in the cogs of cyberspace overnight…and was just released before this one. I’ve put in a call to Gates and told him to sort his s@#$T out. Ok, now, where was I? Beach. Well, […]

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Empty rights, South Bondage


Hi, hello, hey, yo, how are you? Today we’ve been blessed with a solid SE swell. Bondi Beach is lighting up with 3-5.2 footers. It looked fun, but not proper cranking. Loads of wash throughs and closeouts to negotiate. After a rainy start, we look set to bake up to 29 salubrious degrees. Hit the […]

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