The best sunrise I shot this year, May 1, 2019


That’s a wrap for 2019 – the last Aquabumps post for this year. Oh boy, a big year of travel. I’ve seen (and shot) so much! Hawaii, Exmouth, Ningaloo, Margs, Denmark, Esperance, Mentawais, Telos, Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera, Koh Samui, Milos, Croatia, New Caledonia…and Bondi of course. Bushfire Smoke, Pumping Surf, Sharks, Leopard Seals, Team Waves, […]

The Big Smoke, Bondi 6:30am

The Big Smoke

I’m back in the Big Smoke after a whirlwind shoot-out in Margs. It really is the big SMOKE today, as bushfires pollute our great city. Such a sad reminder of what is going on in NSW. Waves – yes! There’s a small, 2 foot, clean left breaking at South. Big morning swim crowd up early […]

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The Keyhole - the only way out to Main Break


I’m over here in the West (Margaret River) for a real quick fly-through and it’s hoooooot (40 yesterday!). I forgot how dry and brutal the heat can get in West Oz. Perfect beach weather. The surf was 4 foot, cross-shore with a bit of southerly. 3 guys out at main break (wow) …so many beaches […]

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Uncle Joel, Liv, Charlotte - stretch

Team Waves

Not much chop down the beach this morning — onshore, cold (I wore a jumper) and dark with cloudy skies. The complete antithesis to the sunny skies and giant surf in Hawaii. Pipe is off today, and the Big Wave Comp is on at massive Jaws (Maui). From Our Gallery You’re probably frantically doing your […]

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Celeste Barber + Jessica Mauboy, celebrating 60 years of Vogue at Icebergs this morning

Flash Mob

The surf was disappointing this morning. Junkie 1-2 foot and onshore. It even rained a tiny bit which was positive. Pretty average conditions forecast for the next few days (surfwise). Vogue and Instafamous Celeste Barber hosted a flash mob at Icebergs this morning, celebrating 60 years of Australian Vogue. Always something crazy going on down […]

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Completion - next week. North Bondi

Clean Air

Breathe. Breathe. That thick smoke has finally blown out of Sydney with an overnight gusty southerly. You can go back outside now. The southerly also brought some little wind waves. It’s not much to write about. Surfable, 2 foot, messy with a very short period. Small, southerly conditions for the rest of the week. Dark […]

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Strange mornings, Bondi

Cheech and Chongs

Sydney is smothered in smoke. It’s everywhere you look/breathe this morning. Not complaining, as we’ve got it good. Those people out near the source of these fires would be living in such uncomfortable conditions. These NW winds are dragging it all down to Sydney from Gosford area. Pray for rain. Lots of it. Yesterday’s swell […]

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The lost card…

I’m embarrassed to admit, I lost one of my memory cards from this morning shoot. Somewhere between the beach, skatepark, Bondi Beach Primary there’s a 64 gig SanDisk card floating around with my morning surfing shots. I still have SOME photos from another body, but the main bulk of the morning’s shoot has gone walkies. […]

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Tama lap runner

Brown Town

It’s everywhere you look – brown smoke choking Sydney as 112 bushfires continue to rage around the state. Someone on TV last night said it was like smoking 40 winnie blues. Just imagine what it’s like if you were closer to the fires. There was chunks of ash in the water at Bondi today! Hats […]

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Getting lip, Bondi

Hump Day

Geez, it was nice down the beach this morning. Real purdy. The smoke had cleared a bit. The lack of wind created a nice, glassy surface. The swell has dropped a gear and 2 footers were pulsing into Bondi from the South. Crowds – yep, warm water and sunshine bring them out but it was […]

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The sky not looking quite right today

Solar Diffusion

Oh boy, it’s another smokey start to the day. The sun looked like a million degrees thru a veneer of bushfire smoke. Waves, si si! We have a dramatic increase in swell this morning and I found water breaking over head high. It’s clean with a gentle offshore feathering. The water has even bumped up […]

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A new UFO landing at South Bondi

Dutch Oven

It is the second day of summer and one of the coolest days in a while! Crazy. The smoke is back. You would’ve smelt it in the middle of the night and probably closed the windows. Really weird light and colours this morning as the atmosphere was filled with smoke. I didn’t quite know what […]

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