Oasis in the desert


The heat from the weekend was stifling – wasn’t it? Today’s cooling southerly is a pleasant sight. Saturday night was the hottest November evening on record – not dipping below 25. I would even say it was too hot to go to the beach on Saturday! What? Yeah, the early forties can make you very […]

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Icebergs was super busy this morning

Nero Friday

The clouds have dominated this morning as a cooling overnight southerly has come to town. There are remnants of swell, but the 7:14 am high tide has wholly engulfed it. Bondi has extremely fat, verging on unsurfable waist to chest high waves on offer.  The winds should ease then go north; the tide will drop […]

A favourite, Bronte Bogey Hole


A gloriously sunny morning to kick off a warm day. That 6:36am high tide flooded the tiny SE swell, making it hard to find surfable waves. Maybe better on lower tides during the day. 27 degrees forecast, only 5 days until it’s officially summer! Small surf conditions for days and days now. Good time to […]

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My new muse, Brock, inside shorey heaven

Punchy Nuggets

The Bondi shorey was on psycho mode this morning. The 6am high tide pushed it all right on the shoreline, creating some really punchy, meaty, nuggets – all in about a foot of water. Not the easiest of waves to ride, but, put yourself in the right spot and there’s some fun to be had. […]

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Those Vicco boys sure can punt. Brock, sky high, Bondi


I can’t believe it… there are surfable waves this morning down at Bondi. It’s onshore, mushy, junkie and random – but who cares, as water is moving and Lake Bondi is a fading recent nightmare. In a typical year, I would rate today’s surf @ 2/10 – but 2020 is anything but typical. I saw […]

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Be hard to find 30 seagulls today


noo-buh-luhs A very dark and gloomy morning to start the week. Bondi was pretty much flat, whilst other beaches had a grovelly knee capper not really worth getting out of bed for… At 6pm tonight a southerly will enter stage right, bringing swell and flanking onshores. Tomorrow should have a chop-hop, but that’s better than […]

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Light dance, North Bondi


By the look of it, all 42,000 readers of my daily email hit the beach this morning. I think at one stage I saw a couple of hundred swimmers crossing the bay – a big morning! I missed the 5:15 pink sky spray (still slappin’ myself as I type this). The surf is non-existent, like […]

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The view from Sydney Harbour Bridge

Coathanger Hangs

Once upon a time, I used to work in the city. I was a designer in a digital agency that chained me to a desk, 12 hours a day. The office was right next to the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, but back then, never took a photo of it. Skip forward a couple […]

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Early moments of light, North Bondi


If you ventured down the beach this morning in hopes of slaying some moving water, you were probably very disappointed. Last night’s spike in swell was a rare window, a one-hit-wonder…a flash in the pan. It’s gone from head high to ankle-biters – at best! Blink and you missed it! Sadly, I don’t think there […]

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Stampede, North Bondi

Onshore Galore

The soothing cool breeze is in town from the south. It’s such a contrast to yesterday, where we were tapping mid-thirties and no wind. It was getting up near 40 degrees out west. Wave riders : Bondi was not surfable this morning. Rarely do I say that. The high-tide-no-bank combo is a joy killer. Add […]

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The family dropping into my office this morning

Lake Bondi

Probably the first real summery vibing morning of the season – warm, muggy, waveless and a gang still partying from last night trying to swim in their jeans. Ah yes, the real Bondi silly season is back! What a cracker of a weekend huh? Spectacular weather. Bondi was virtually flat this morning. It’s gonna hit […]

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Dingy, North Bondi

True North

There are waves around head high, from the North – which is pretty much useless to us around here as we have no sand at beaches facing that way, and the high tide (7 am) was porking up anything worth slaying. South facing Bondi was tiny, muggy but good for a morning Friday swim. Forecast […]

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Elixir, Bondi Beach 11 November

Get Wet

Today’s the warmest day of the week with a muggy 28 degrees. It’s supposed to rain later tonight, but right now you’ve got an A-grade, superdeluxe morning for a swim, walk or even surf a 1 foot crumble on a mal. The combo of new north swell and high tide (H 6:29 am) hindered any […]

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Bombs away


Do you like an early Aquabumps post? (like this one) – before 9am? Or do you prefer it around 11 am, when you’re having your second coffee? The swell is on hold, as waves have dropped right back to the knee-high range. It’s not really surfable unless you’re floating on 40-50 litres of foam. Supposedly […]

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Another amazing morning, Bondi beach


It was forecast to be small, but we were treated with a new solid SE groundswell. I saw waves well over head high on sets at sunrise. It’s still very straight, but hey, it’s breaking… It was a busy Bondi morning with everybody into their regular morning rituals. I’m always amazed at how many people […]

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Pocket driver, Bondi


There’s some leftover swell from the weekend, it’s wobbling into South Bondi around chest to sometimes head high. Clean surfaces with little wind, not many crew around due to the cloudy skies and sunrise rain shower. South Bondi is trying to work, I swam against a strong rip down there that looks promising. We need […]

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Parramatta in the foreground, Sydney in the background


Quite a few things inhibited me from my regular morning shooting today. For starters, the frequent showers…they were a bit of a pain, but it seems to have cleared up nicely as I write this (2 pm). I was also running a TEDx Sydney workshop…and well, it looks very average with hell onshores and wild/messy […]

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Structure, Bondi


You’ve probably worked out that today is not a beach day. It’s windy now and going to get hell windy this afternoon with gusts up to 40 knots. Wow. Rain will douse Sydders – let’s call it 30mm today. All this wind will boost up the swell for tomorrow, I’m thinking bigger than initially anticipated, […]

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Nuggety wobble

Prodigal Bank

I’m not saying it’s completely back, but there’s some sand now at South Bondi. Well at least water is breaking there, and the gaping hole has been (kinda) filled in. Waves are around head high this morning. Clean conditions. Sunshine was out and we’re looking at a comfortable 22 degrees. Rain coming tomorrow, so enjoy […]

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Lifeguard, ex QS surfer - Blake Thornton


After days of onshore, it’s was clean this morning. As I write this post, the winds are swinging from the SW to the N. The beaches (all East beaches) were packed as everybody has been holed up at home, hiding from the rain. A cracker day ahead. 23 degrees. I like those digits. For the […]

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Smoothed out by a 50 second exposure


It’s stopped raining! Hoooray. It’s been a wet couple of weeks as Warragamba Dam (Sydney’s main water supply) is sitting at 97%. Keep in mind, at this time last year it was only 48%. The winds have kicked up a rogue, random swell. There are waves in the double head high range but it’s so […]

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