Mahon Pool, first light

Happy Ending

That’s how I like to finish a week – on a high. After weeks of volatile La Nina weather, we’ve got clear skies, 24-degree water and a small east swell on decent banks. Bingo! You know it’s a good morning when I’ve shot in the water, on land with sticks and filled up all my […]

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Ty Sorati the IT geek from the WSL

Fine Fettle

For a morning forecast to rain, it was looking mighty fine. Glassy conditions, bath-like warm water and a colour spray sunrise to boot. Too good. I was a little surprised to see waves sometimes break above head high. Pretty sure it was meant to be dropping. The early high tide was definitely porking up rideable […]

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It's been a while since I've shot Pama Davies on a nice wave


It has been raining quite consistently since last night, much like the rest of the summer so far. My apps are saying it will clear mid-morning, before raining a lot tonight and tomorrow – I’m a lil’ sceptical. The sky looks very dark to me as I type this. Today’s images were shot last Friday, […]

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Rain at Icebergs

Onshore Greys

The weatherman actually got it right today – heavy onshores with grey skies. Much cooler temps after a hot, beachy Monday. Onshore Bondi looks ugly but can be entertaining as 3-4 footers broke in the middle with some sufficiently clean faces to dance on. The best bit, the crowd – barely anyone out or on […]

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Tyson Millar, throwing the big frame around at South

Dawn Currents

Our constant supply of East swell got a spruce up this morning. I saw waves over head high at Bondi, but around the corner at exposed beaches will be much, much bigger. Nice! I choose to swim with my camera, which proved difficult as the rip currents were on turbo, not allowing me to connect […]

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Draining hard, Bondi


Don’t worry; your invaluable Bondi news website is still here today and posting. We struck a six-pack deal with Google and Zuckerburger, so you’ll be up to date with (sometimes) accurate information from our coast.  Jokes aside, I’ve always told frothers to subscribe to Aquabumps, via the daily photo email (like you good people reading […]

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For a week with rain forecasted for days, I'm seeing plenty of sunshine

Nemesis East Breeze

If there’s one wind that frustrates me, it’s the East wind. It’s such a kill-joy. It’s the one wind direction that makes a mess of everywhere, no matter which way your beach faces. Today we have strong East winds, straight up. Bondi was a grovelly head high mess at sunrise. The nemesis east winds also […]

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Da Bergs!


There’s actually plenty of swell but the flanking onshore wind wasn’t being kind. I saw waves above head high, junkie ones. There were a few waves that ran well on the bank, not all. It’s a bit of a lucky draw. This onshore pattern will continue for days and days, insert yawn…just like the on […]

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One way to wake up, a splash at Icebergs


I was just about to write “An abundance of sunshine this morning – how good – as the forecast was for rain rain rain” – and then, it poured. Bucketed. Only for a minute. Enough for you to rethink your outdoor plan for today. It’s going to be a fickle week, mostly wet and onshore. […]

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Northern Beaches, yesterday

North Vs East

Which do you prefer – Northern Beaches or our Eastern Suburbs Beaches? People in Sydney have very definitive views on this hot topic. There’s a harbour between us – and they’re close together – yet very different. The insular peninsular is very quiet, has bright orange coarse sand and a huge array of beaches and […]

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South Bondi, early rocks

Postcard Tones

What another one? Yeah, that’s right… the third morning this week with postcard tones at sunrise Bondi. That’s rare. Let’s put it this way, I’ve been doing this now for 22 years (ok, a week shy of 22 years)…and I’ve seen more sunrises than a crusty Mykonos DJ. To get three bangers in a week […]

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Bash! South Bondaka


It was one of those fine, Sydney, summery mornings. A doozy…a windless, warm, salubrious morning for a dunk in the ocean. I hope you got down there. It was worth it. Waves. Oh yeah, it’s breaking. Enormous crowd fighting over any scrap though. Waves are in the 2-foot, sometimes 3-foot range. The 9am high tide […]

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Striking North, last month's amazing sunrise


Pulchritudinous, yes, that’s actually a word. Its means, beautiful or good looking, a decent word to describe today. Another magnificent sunrise this morning – I’m having a good run. Typically Feb isn’t a great time of year to shoot sunrise, but this year is different in many ways: less haze, cooler, more southerlies, more rain…La […]

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Full Bloom


Mornings like these are a pleasure to document through my photography. Everything looked good this morning, so I just had to point N shoot in all directions. First up, the sunrise bloomed into a deep-sky of pinks—a real rare crazy morning. It stopped people in their tracks. It was so intensely pink; I’ve even toned […]

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Bondi Icebergs, since 1922

24 Hours

Today’s images span the past 24 hours around Bondi Beach. We’ve had a cracker beach day yesterday and a much cooler, yet aesthetically pleasing (brief) sunrise today. Last night some waves from the ENE were kicked up, but the onshore flow from the SSE was spoiling the fun at sunrise. A few guys were out […]

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Uncle Joel, 1st light carves


Spending time down the beach at the moment is a blissful experience. The water is so warm; it’s like a bath. Ok, let’s ignore the plague of Bluebottles for a moment. If you haven’t done so yet – go swim. Tomorrow we’ve got rain… The new ENE swell was meant to increase overnight, looks like […]

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Dan Lacaze at South

Gravy Train

To be honest, it’s been a fantastic week for surfers in Sydney, and we’re only just getting warmed up. From tomorrow there’s a 4-5 day window of solid east-nor-east swell headed our way – thanks to TC Ana and TC Lucas. That should feed all the beaches in our city with something fun to ride. […]

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North Bondi - hazy light!

Choppy Bumps

There’s waves this morning, some good ones. I saw sets over head-high, but there’s plenty of junk on it from a 11 kn SSW wind. Hopefully, it will settle. At 6am we had a rain squall pass by – but that’s its for the day. You will have a full day of sunshine to enjoy today […]

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Gunning it, Bondi shorey last night


Last night was the go, much better than this morning. This morning it was raining and messy – not good. Today’s pics are from last night. The sunshine will return and swell pick up – I’m sure all the “working-from-homies” will have eyes on it. It’ll be head high tonight. Tides: L 6:11 AM H […]

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This is Bondi!


I’m back on. No more lazy sleep-ins, no more arvo naps, no more 4 hours surfs (ok, maybe if it pumps). It’s good to be back in the ‘hood and shooting again. It’s been great to have a reset and come back with fresh eyes on a subject I know all too well. Bondi this […]

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