Clean lines

Opening up…

Well, after so damn long, we finally have a timeframe for opening up. Alle-freaking-luia.  From 11th October, our salubrious Bondi establishment, inside an old mechanics yard with pretty beach artworks, will swing the doors open to the public – THE AQUABUMPS GALLERY WILL BE OPEN, yes, OPEN! After 4 months of hibernation, humans will roam our […]

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Kinetic, if only these were 4 foot bigger

Wednesday Catchup

It’s Wednesday, time for our catchup. A pictorial pick-me-up to connect you all to the ocean, even if you live further than five clicks away from the coast. Melbourne, oh boy, Melburnians, hang in there. What a crazy wild patch of events you’re in down there; protests, delta and now a flaming earthquake! You all know we’re […]

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10 years ago, when Gabriel Medina surfing Bondi one morning

Carissa + Gabs

Overnight, after a weird year on the WSL tour, we have two new world champions for 2021 – Carissa and Gabs. Both dominated the unusual tour stops in this difficult year. Running a world tour with a pandemic raging wouldn’t have been easy – well done WSL. I’ll never forget meeting Gabs at Bondi, 10 […]

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Does the surf pump with lockdowns?


Some things have boomed during Covid and the subsequent lockdowns – some expected, some bizarre. The property market has gone nuts, especially regional (and coastal) – well away from the spicy cough in the cities. We’re having a few more drinks earlier in the day – a direct byproduct of home-schooling. Many are adopting new […]

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Let's give that Delta the flick

Spring Optimism

G’day! Nail, hair salons, waxing centres and tanning places are closed – how are we all looking out there? Something outta the movie Castaway? How’s the homeschooling going? Are the kids compliant? I guess not. We all have a new respect for our glorious school teachers. We are very much looking forward to the return […]

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