That's a big one fellas. Icebergs

Interminable precipitation

Do you know the best part of Sydney’s raining, erratic weather patterns? Apart from the salt constantly being hosed off your car, we get waves – fun waves! Typically in summer, we have long flat spells where I shoot letterboxes, seagulls and drunk people sleeping on the beach – not 2022. So this year is […]

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What? It cannot be - solar! Bondi this morning


Remember the movie Bladerunner? In every scene, it’s raining. A bit like Sydney. Everywhere I go, I’m wet – soggy. I’ve even stopped wearing shoes in big downpours – and just roll around bare feet. Fun, isn’t it? The postie rocked in with knee-high gumboots – that’s the ticket, clever. There’s a rumour people are […]

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Bronte pool, a hub for sunrise swimmers

Feb so far…

I saw the sun last night, around 7 pm. I swear. There’s proof of my Instagram stories. It was hot, clear(ish) and beach weather, for about 1 hour…blink and you missed it. #notfakenews When is the rain going to stop? Mid next week, hopefully. Until then, we’re in for a deluge. There are small waves, […]

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Today? You wish! Bondi.


I have no idea what’s going on today. One minute it’s hot and sunny, the next a typhoon from the north is lashing us. It’s like the stock market – all over the shop – super volatile. I can confirm there are waves suitable for board riding. I saw some head high sets and clean […]

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Bronte baths, since 1883 standing strong


22.2.2022 it’s a palindrome date today – lots of 2’s. Go for a surf at 2:22pm and magic will happen, waves will clean up and barrel, the sun will shine, 2-second tubes to the beach in 22-degree water – and 2 unicorns will wander down the prom. Right now – it sure is ugly down […]

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Chris always shows up at the right time. Bondi this morning was magnificent


The sunrise colours stole the show this morning. Wow, so intense, so bright. It started pink then shifted to deep golds—quite the spectacle. The waves were less impressive, knee caps to waists, peeling rights lacking grunt. Longboarding, beginners, kids – its your day. RAIN is coming and staying for most of this week. Tomorrow will […]

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A great week to photograph, today's pinks still going from Tonga's Volcanic Dust

25 IN – 25 OUT

The Tongan volcanic dust seems to be still illuminating our skies into shades of pink before the sun rises. It’s got such a nice glow to it at the moment. Wasn’t it meant to be raining? Things change – for the good as today’s another cracker to complete a week of crackers. In the water […]

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Bronte, a place to worship the sunrise

Cavo Paradiso

When I was a young fella, I had a windfall and decided to dash to Greek Islands to let loose and spend it all. Most nights were spent at Cavo Paradiso, an open-air, amphitheatre shaped eastern facing clifftop bar carved from stone. Its opening hours was like 1am to 10am and at 6:30 am, when the […]

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Early line up, Bondi


Today’s a beautiful day in Sydney. The water is an optimal 25 degrees, gentle NE winds are blowing as waves break in the knee-to-waist high mark. The sunshine is in abundance and the beach is soooooo inviting (it’s quite hard focussing on work, isn’t it?). Put the out of office on, spend the afternoon on […]

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Lilly, on the right. It was good for the longboards

Volcanic stratosphere

Have you been noticing the glorious light glows at sunset and sunrise? (last night was amazing) Wanna know why? In short, volcanic ash is high in the sky – from the Tonga volcanic eruptions. How high is this ash? 50kms high. That’s high…and in the golden hours of the day, it illuminates. Down the beach […]

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Mitch Reimer, covered. Bondi 7:30am


It had a lotta potential this morning; I felt the high tide (7:30am) was drowning it though. There’s plenty of wobble and backwash to contend with. Every now and then a little nugs will hit the bank correctly – making it fun. Thanks to Ex Cyclone Dovi – we’ve had a magnificent supply of swell […]

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Spin cycle, North Bondi last night


The storms are here, and Sydney has crawled back indoors. Earlier today, we had moments of sunshine, but now it’s set in and could dump 20mm of rain on us. The winds were south early, making for semi-clean cross shores at Bondi, but now it’s full onshore with more east in it. A small 1-2 […]

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Icebergs, 9am


No need to visit the Maldives or The Caribbean; it’s on your doorstep. There are so many good features of today – the windless turquoise oceans even had a head-high wave for you to slay. The water must be 24 degrees – leave the wetsuit at home and plunge yourself into this salubrious Thursday. It’s […]

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Blake ‘BT’ Thornton - charging this morning


In the words of Strider Wasilewski, said with the same enthusiasm, “It’s firing out there”. Well, it was firing this morning before the wind came up. After days of constant onshore breezes, we finally scored a diamond day, gentle offshores with 4-6 foot chunks and spitting barrels. I swam for hours as ferocious rips tried […]

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Battling for a wave, Bondi last Autumn


Good times are coming, I promise. Tomorrow the rain will finally clear (yay), and after 21 February, Australia (Sans W.A.) opens the doors to international tourism. Running a business that depends partly on new peeps from overseas has been tricky for the past two years. So yesterday’s announcement does feel like a breath of fresh […]

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Bondi Beach, 7am, onshore

The good, the bad, the ugly.

The Good.How good was Kelly at Pipeline in the first WSL event of the calendar? 5 days from turning 50, he takes out the event. Truly a freak of nature – just like the waves they’ve had in Hawaii recently – I’ve never seen such a good run of swell and I’ve sat on that […]

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Shorey curls, Bondi


After a very grey start, we now have clearer skies (10am) and howling onshore/cross-shore winds. It’s 25 knots of southerly! The swell has dropped a lot, and there’s a very lame grovel at Bondi on the nearing high tide (I wouldn’t get getting too excited about it). About three people are surfing it on the […]

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North Bondi Boat Ramp, a hive of dogs, bakers and boats


In stark contrast to yesterday, Sydney is now soaked with rain. Since sunrise, we’ve been lashed with constant showers and now 22 knots of SSE onshore winds. The beach is deserted, and everybody is back to school/work. The Beach party is over! Oh boy, it’s been busy on our beaches lately – here are some pics […]

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Tricky high tide reflections, Bondi Beach 7am

Hazy Doozie

These are the days – a complete doozie! I like many facets of today as the sun is out, the temps are up, a new east swell is rideable, and the winds are gentle—what a glorious beach morning. I hope you’re reading this update on your phone whilst lying on a beach towel. Bondi wave heights […]

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