Interminable precipitation

Do you know the best part of Sydney’s raining, erratic weather patterns? Apart from the salt constantly being hosed off your car, we get waves – fun waves!

Typically in summer, we have long flat spells where I shoot letterboxes, seagulls and drunk people sleeping on the beach – not 2022. So this year is very different.

Most days, I can see waves breaking at Bondi, not always perfect with brown water spewing out the stormwater drains into the line-up – but there’s fun out there. Like today, under a dark stormy morning, I found some chest to head high waves limping into the bay fighting a high tide (7:12 am was the peak of high). Only a few hardened surf warriors came out to play – hell, even I got wet (surfing, that is, not just walking down the road).

This rain is interminable yet has benefits.

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