Finding a wave at Bondi is a competitive activity


After so much rain it’s nice to see a bright sunny morning down at Bondi. These mornings are a rarity this year, it’s been a shocker. Unfortunately, this glorious weather will be short-lived, as there’s a chance of rain and thunderstorms later tonight. So – live the now and go for a swim – it’s […]

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Darren behind bars and finding his morning left, Bondi 7am


The swell has dropped a couple of gears and finally, waves are surfable and not closing out straight. I saw bumps breaking in the waist to chest high range – clean too, as there was barely a breath of wind. No sunrise colours today, just a bit of rain and Turneresque cloudy skies. We’re heading […]

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Bondi - breaking straight and shutting you out


When it comes to closing out, section-less waves – you won’t find better than Bondi. So when Bondi is straight it’s pretty much unsurfable – you won’t even have time to get to your feet (as many found out this morning).  There’s a decent supply of 2-4 foot South swell, you need to go for […]

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The Pass lines...Byron Bay

The Northern Rivers Magic

Sorry about the recent radio silence. You’ve probably worked out that school holidays mean I’m outta town and wrestling with two young tykes that wanna surf 6 hours a day. The regular programming for Aquabumps resumes tomorrow, Wednesday. Promise. For the last couple of months, we’ve been out on the open roads, exploring NSW in partnership […]

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Waves buckled concrete at North Bondi last weekend


It was awesome to get a gap between heavy rainstorms to run around and shoot my morning rituals. It was short-lived but appreciated, ending with a mad dash for cover. It’s completely onshore mush. I saw high head waves in the south that were fat and burgerish, three surfers on it. Beach was very quiet […]

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Big boys rolling into the bay at sunset. Bondi

Monster Chunx

Photos of the beach today aren’t gonna do it – it’s an ugly day. The winds are up, the rain interminable and flooding has returned. My shoes have been soggy wet for days. (Life tip get a shoe drying rack for your dryer) For entertainment purposes, I’m showcasing images shot on “Super Saturday” – the […]

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A little afternoon visit to the city this week

City + Waves

Unbelievably it’s pouring with rain, again. The kind of rain you normally only see in the tropics – it’s torrential. Let’s just hope those saturated low areas don’t get inundated. 6:00am Bondi Carpark I saw small 1-2 footers with a constant easterly onshore. It was very junkie. One of my kids surfed it and said […]

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Me mate Kirk from Cronulla, blowing up in the right spot of light


Now we’re talking – finally, those glamour autumn days where everything is just right. The water is a comfortable 23, winds zero, sunshine is a 12 outa 10 and the waves were shoulder to head high on sets! Bingo! A huge crowd frothing over the early autumn delights – a bit too busy for my […]

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Sizeable chunks off Deadmans, Manly on Saturday


Well, it’s been a rather exciting couple of days. I am not sure where to begin. We’ve gone from dull rainy days to non-stop action in the ocean. It all began late Friday when a gale force wind hit Sydney. It rattled my house all night, and on Saturday, we woke to an enormous, unprecedented, […]

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