12,000 people will be dancing here this Saturday

Beach Party

12,000 crew will party this Saturday from 3pm to 10pm on Bondi Beach in the name of Sydney Pride Week (tickets sold out). It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a large structure on the beach, perhaps since the Volleyball Stadium for the Olympics in 2000? Or how about Stranger Thing’s massive portal rift […]

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Pink tints on a late sunrise


It’s not pretty out there. If you rummage around, you might get lucky with a wedge; otherwise, it was mainly wind-affected, choppy, random 2-foot. The waves on the weekend were much better! I surfed 4 times. Small conditions are expected this week – Thursday probably being your best chance of a wave. Chance of rain […]

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Bondi 7am, finally the sun broke through


Some thick horizon clouds delayed the sunrise. I hear it’s been stormy (I was in Perth), and it’s starting to fine up for my return which pleases me. I watched/shot the surf for about 30 minutes and concluded there wasn’t much opportunity. It looks very random, a bit junkie and small. Quite unimpressive. The ice […]

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Indiana Tearooms, Cottesloe Beach, WA

One Day in W.A.

G’day from W.A. I’ve timed my 24-hour jaunt to sunny Perth well, as Bondi is smothered with southerlies and storms. Perth is known for its sunny weather and enjoys an average of 8 hours of sunshine daily throughout the year, one of Australia’s highest. The average temperature in summer is around 30°C! Thankfully the cooling […]

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"Like-a-tiiiiiiiiiger" by Mr. Peter Strain

Onya Molly

A perfect morning for a swim at sunrise – warm, windless, waveless and balmy 24 degrees in the brine. Yes, 24. That’s about as warm as Sydney gets in summer in the water. It’s like a bath. The sunrise is much later as we exit summer – so a late wake-up will still see the […]

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Good morning Bondi!


Minuscule surf today, pretty much a shorey @ 9:04 am high tide. NE winds are blowing, typical of a hot summer’s day. It’s going to get hot (30), and the beach looks busy (11:30 am). Put the boards away for a couple of days until a new south swell arrives late Wednesday (flanked by onshore […]

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Ali Cotton, shorey navigation, Ramp 2, Bondi

Good Friday

This morning, on my way to school drop off (via scooter) a crazy driver in a big Lexus tried to nudge me off the road. They could barely see over the wheel, being a menace swerving across lanes recklessly – probably listening to full-bore Chilli peppers – without a care in the world. Kinda felt […]

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Busy times on Ramp 2


The weather has turned on and small, clean fun waves are on offer. The crowds have been hectic though – so many crew! Be careful out there – I saw so many near misses. We’ve got a few more days of good weather and small surf. Enjoy. :: uge

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Race! Bondi 7am today

Settle down

Finally, it’s settled down out front and the waves are looking fun. The Gabs Cyclonic swell is on the decline and surfaces look smoother. Did you get a wave in? As you read this riveting editorial the tide is going low, I prefer the higher tides for a slay. The banks look to have survived […]

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Icebergs being bombarded by the east cyclone swell

Grumpy Gabs

Cyclone Gabs, sitting off our north coast is pushing down some meaty East swell. Whilst that may sound exciting for ocean enthusiasts, it’s actually not lining up that great with plenty of junk in the trunk. Bondi had surfers tucked up in the northern corner, nothing special. Middles occasionally had a left, typical of a […]

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Bondi Icebergs Swim Club


Today’s not idyllic, not a beach day…do some work. It’s horribly onshore, wild and grey/spitting. Swell from northern cyclone Gabrielle is in town, and waves can be considerable – especially at East facing beaches (unlike Bondi). However, last Saturday was a full-tilt, glamourous Sydney cracker worthy of shooting. Sit tight, and wait for these unsettled […]

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It took a while, but the sun did break thru, Bondi 7:30am

All Clear

After a day of storms, we’ve returned to our glorious summer sunny days. Quite incredible how different today is to yesterday. There are waves around shoulder to head high, it looks to be declining and was bigger at sunrise. With very gentle breezes and 29 degrees forecasted, call it quits and hit the beach. You […]

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4th Feb, 2023 Coogee Pride last summer


I’ll ‘fess up, I didn’t shoot this morning. Instead, I was on the sofa with the monsters watching The Pipeline Masters finals. Go Robbo! Looking at the beach now, I haven’t missed much – a very dreary unphotogenic morning with dark skies, rain, thunderstorms and lightning. We have had a dream run of weather lately, […]

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Christian Louboutin's pop up on Bondi Beach today

Loubi’s on Bondi

The French designer Christian Louboutin needs no introduction – famous for his red sole shoes. He’s landed in Bondi, in the way of a pop up – to celebrate what Australia is famous for – our long hot Summer with ‘Loubi’s on the beach’. From today until the 19th of February. My take on Loubi’s – […]

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Ibiza beach dance party? Nah, just Bondi at 6am


There are many benefits to waking early; research from the University of Toronto found that people who wake up earlier are generally happier and have a better outlook on life. Mix that wake-up with a morning swim, surf, or run on a warm summer’s morning – and you’re set for the day! Today we have […]

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Gordon's Bay, Saturday, looking more like Mallorca than Sydney


As far as the weekend’s go, the past two days have been epic. Not too hot, not too cool, and not too muggy, with no wind, NO WIND, fun waves and no gridlock (but still fairly busy). What a treat! On Saturday, the all-day westerlies revealed unbelievable watercolours – you rarely see that deep turquoise in […]

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6am this morning, the goods


The sunrise was colourful, warm, and decent little waves running – but the enormous, dangerous crowds weren’t my cuppa. It’s hectic out there – I witnessed a full-blown head-on where either party wouldn’t give way (even got a photo – scroll down). Three banks had waves, and the shoreys were fully operational as the tide […]

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Wilbur Ryall tucking inside, South Bondi 7am

High Tide Nugs

The 7 am high tide was pushing up on the shores, occasionally spitting out a little hollow section for the groms. If you’re circa 30 k-gees, you’d be stoked. Out the back, the longboarders were partying, with crumbly, fat, lengthy rides. A big crew on ramp 2, creating a bit of chaos at sunrise. Be […]

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A colony of Penguins, Bondi 7am


The sunshine is in abundance, and it’s a semi-decent beach day! I hope you caught a swim or surf before work when it was briefly offshore. The southerly is blowing, warm, and less humid than earlier in the week. (25) If I weren’t working today, I’d head to Manly – where it would be super […]

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