Double pools of Bondi's most famous swimming club

Recent Work

I’ve been waiting for a lame, grey, onshore day to show you a few pics from my recent adventures. In contrast to today’s bland flavour, recently, we’ve been blessed with epic ocean colours and endless beach weather. I didn’t shoot anything today, which is rare for me. It’s a great day to be inside and […]

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Bronte. This is how today begun

il Bronte

Bronte, that little cove bay around the corner where plenty amass before work. It’s always good when the southerly is howling, having a big protecting cliff face on the south side. Bogey Hole, the rock pool next to the ocean pool, is one of Sydney’s busiest little water patches. It’s always a good angle on […]

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Shredders heading north, Bondi

Late Riser

At 7:03 a.m., the sun is rising on Bondi. It’s late. Big crowds were early, though, awaiting a glimpse of how today would begin. It was onshore, and the tide was too low when I shot this morning. I rated it very poorly as it appeared opportunityless for surfers. Go for a swim, hula, medi or […]

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Light building wrap, Bondi

Autumn Light

Autumn light is a photographer’s delight! There’s something special about this time of year when the sun tucks around the back of Ben Buckler, the morning humid haze has gone, leaving crispy, clean, warm sun rays to illuminate my favourite subject—Bondi! There are waves, head high on sets, gentle NW winds and a clear sky […]

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It was dark for so long, then it ignited. Bondi 7am


As we shift deeper into autumn, most of the morning was covered in darkness. I waited around for sufficient light, looking forward to the time change. In the middle, Onewave celebrated its 11th Birthday – congrats, Grant and crew, for spreading the good vibes down at Bondi on Friday for so long! There are plenty […]

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A dark, stormy kinda morning. Chunky swell


It blew a gale all night as a cold front swept through Sydney. It’s calmed down a little now, but it’s still unpleasant down the beach. The wind was flanked with swell, double head high on sets. Only the Bondi Brothers out this morning, the rest of the beach was deserted. It was a great […]

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Dreamy mornings, south of Bondaka

Good thunder

Hanging at Bondi, I was having major FOMO with all this ENE swell town. It’s like when your neighbours are having a massive party, and you’re at home, watching Wozzle heat reruns, drifting off to sleep at 8pm. Basically, Bondi is facing the wrong way for the current swell setup. Go to a beach facing […]

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Looks inviting, doesn't it? Not today, Saturday


The weather has been patchy around here lately; today’s no different. I’m not quite sure if it’s gonna rain or not – but there are definitely some beach moments mixed in. It’s cooler as we transition into autumn. We’ve got a decent period south swell in town dumping on Bondi. It’s the same old usual […]

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North Curl Curl Rock Pool (last weekend)

Junky Mess

The predicted southerly is here, and the beach has been blown out. The surf was useless, a rare unsurfable day at Bondi. Go have a coffee. Overnight, we had a few MM of rain, but nothing substantial. The winds got some easterly in it and blew onshore all morning, narrowing the regular Friday masses to […]

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Go that inside bowl


It was a dreamy morning with solid wave options. A mixture of swells provided clean waves at most Sydney beaches – some sets in the 4-5ft range! It’s about to flip as the encroaching southerly makes its way up the coast to us…my prediction is that between 3-4 pm today, it will be all over […]

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Looks like everyone is heading south

Wednesday Folds

It was a pretty stock-standard Bondi morning with 2-3ft waves, shallow banks, decent rips, large crowds and patchy sunrise light. The tide is low around 5 am, making most waves break straight, opportunityless. Kinda frustrating to be honest. It looks like a light northerly is feathering but not having much impact on the surf quality. […]

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Camp Cove, looking like a greek island, just a couple of hours ago.


These are the days worth savouring. Today, Sydney has perfect conditions with little wind, endless warmth, and sublime brine. We even have a little east swell, which was not great at Bondi but better around the corner. (Probably head high on incoming tides) There is a helluva lot of ‘working from home’ going on. Even […]

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Ah the serenity of Bondi! 6:50am


I love this time of year; it’s such a good temperature in and out of the water. There’s also a great vibe, and many tourists enjoying our beaches. While the swell is predominantly east and not great on south-facing beaches, South Bondi was drip-fed a few little bumps (1-2ft), making it great for kids and […]

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Jacob Sheehan, blasting the tail out


Bondi is a crazy place, but it’s particularly crazy on a Friday around sunrise (6:30 a.m.). There was just so much activity down there this morning—keep in mind, it’s a small beach, only 900 metres long—so we’re packed in tight. 9am – a completely different story, and back to the quiet times – feels like […]

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Beautiful morning down at Bondi! Go swim, avoid the rip

The Early High

What a morning! Optimal temperatures in and out of the water, while the bay was glassy and windless—for a moment at sunrise. There was an enormous early morning crowd again. The lineup was jammed, ice bathers were packed, and Bergs was full as Bondi was in high gear. Did you miss it? It’s too late […]

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Bondi, 7am, shredding.


Yesterday wasn’t right, but it significantly improved today (at Sunrise). It’s calmed down a lot, and now we have some diamonds in the rough. Don’t be fooled—there are still plenty of closeouts—but one in six was running at sunrise, and you’ve got a nice little pocket to flaunt your skills in the golden light. As […]

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Bondi broken skies around 7am

Giant Folds

Big swells are wasted around here. We don’t have the proper infrastructure to make it break in a rideable fashion when it gets over head-high. Such a shame, ’cause there’s virtually NO wind and conditions are optimal. Somewhere with a reef would be cooking right now. It’s a dead south swell at 180 degrees, so […]

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Bondi Beach, peak summer

Birds Eye

It’s big and getting bigger. It’s windy – howling onshore!After a five-minute ride, I’ve concluded it’s not a beach day—a write-off, a day inside. Tomorrow will be triple head high, and winds will be variable, so I am sure some reefs down south will be cooking for the hell-riders. I hope this hefty swell pounds […]

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Hell yeah. A different kinda Sting Ray


There was so much going on at Bondi this morning. All the tourists are walking around thinking – why is everyone up so damn early! Aussies are weirdos. The waves were not very interesting, especially on the morning lower tides. Perhaps a log during higher tides (middle of the day). The skies are filled with […]

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